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I need a new front element for a tokina 12-24mm, where can I get one from and can I do the repair myself?

Do you have a lens collimator and other equipment needed to ensure proper alignment of the element? If you don't, send the lens back to Tokina and have them replace the element.
2/26/2014 5:31:19 PM • Tokina 12-24mm... • Answered on Feb 26, 2014

Tokina AF 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 owners manual

What about it, and why do you want it ? It is simplicity itself - attach the lens to the camera, switch on the camera, frame the subject and shoot.
8/29/2017 8:22:17 AM • Tokina Cameras • Answered on Aug 29, 2017

How can I disassemble Tokina 80-400mm AT-X Af Lens for cleaning haze from elements

7/3/2016 2:43:21 AM • Tokina Cameras • Answered on Jul 03, 2016

I have a Nikon D90 and I purchased a Tokina AT-X 24-200 a couple of weeks ago and the combo has been working great. However, today when i went to take some photos the shutter release would not work. U

What does the FEE or error message displayed on an SLR camera mean... The link is to a Nikon error page which explains what could cause this error. Is the lens set to the smallest aperture? If not this would cause this error.
10/22/2014 3:27:28 PM • Tokina Cameras • Answered on Oct 22, 2014

I have a tokina 500mm f8 lens with a P/K mount

This will depend on the lens you have now.

Some Tokina lenses have a universal fitting, with a separate adaptor mount for each camera body they fit. Its usually the last 5 - 10mm of the mount, and its identifiable by a second release button, which allows the specific fitting to be changed. If you have one of those, you just need the Nikon fitting.

If the P/K mount is an integral part of the lens, you have a couple of choices.
(1) You could get an engineering shop to alter the mount. This costs a lot and probably isn't worth the hassle. (It might be better to sell your lens and buy the nikon equivalent).
(2) You could use an adaptor. These are readily available on eBay.
For example:

Note that just because it has the right (i.e. Nikon) fitting, it doesn't mean that it will necessarily have full functionality on the body you intend to use with it.

Some Nikon bodies are "extremely fussy" about which lenses they can use, and it might be worth evaluating whether your proposed solution would work with the camera body you have in mind before committing to any sort of expenditure.
9/24/2012 5:40:55 PM • Tokina Cameras • Answered on Sep 24, 2012

I have a 12-24mm tokina

Err99 is very difficult to diagnose without having the camera/lens looked at by a good reapirer who can actually extract more detailed error messages from within the camera itself that are more helpful than just the "Err99" message that shows on screen. Err99 could mean 100 different problems as it is a global Canon code error... Some of the causes could be:

  • Lens/camera electrical contact failure
  • Lens circuit (AF or IS) failure
  • Camera electronic circuit failure (see below)
  • Battery or Grip problems
  • Broken or stuck lens aperture diaphragm – Note: this most often happens only when the lens is completely stopped down. If you have questions about the lens, shoot it both wide open and stopped down. If ERR99 appears when stopped down, its an aperture issue.
  • Older third-party lens with incompatible electronics
  • Jammed or damaged camera shutter curtain
  • Mis-formatted or damaged card
  • Damaged or corroded cell within camera battery
  • Failure of the sequence motor—according to precision this is unusual, but does occur, especially in older cameras that have been through a shutter replacement.
  • Corroded battery or camera contacts
  • Incorrectly mounted battery grip, particularly if it’s too loose
  • Camera/hot shoe electrical contact failure
  • Moisture condensation within camera or lens (or corrosion occurring days or weeks after moisture exposure)

  • If none of the above seem to fix the problem, your next best shot is to seek repair (if it is worth doing so).
    2/9/2010 5:32:31 AM • Tokina Cameras • Answered on Feb 09, 2010

    When turned on, the camera is displaying "reinsert the memory card " and playing an alarm.

    When you took out the memory card; did you see anything on the contacts that could be keeping it from resetting. Try a pencil eraser lightly over the contacts, clean and try it again.
    3/26/2023 5:37:37 PM • Cameras • Answered 24 hours ago

    When the printer is turned on, date editing appears, but it does not complete.

    Printer or camera ...........................
    3/25/2023 7:49:54 AM • Cameras • Answered 2 days ago

    Visucam 224: When taking picture, no flash and a black box comes up. Any ideas?

    If you are experiencing an issue with the Visucam 224 camera where the flash is not activating and a black box appears instead of the picture, there could be a few potential causes. One possibility is that there is a software issue with the camera system. Rebooting the camera resolves the issue temporarily, but it may continue to occur intermittently. In this case, it may be worth checking for any software updates or contacting the manufacturer for assistance. Another potential cause could be a problem with the flash itself. It could be a damaged or faulty flash unit that is causing the issue. In this case, you may need to have the camera serviced or the flash unit replaced. It is also possible that the issue is related to the camera's hardware or firmware. It could be worth contacting the manufacturer for assistance or having the camera serviced to diagnose and resolve the issue.
    3/23/2023 10:33:55 PM • Cameras • Answered 3 days ago

    I need a Winait camera manual please?

    Question edited for clarity. No model number given, so generic guesswork, plus a link to the maker. http://www.winait.com/sdp/316052/4/pd-1265240/12676298-2946016/18MP_digital_camera_with_2_7_tft_display_4_x_dig.html

    Digital Camera Owner Manual

    mypni.eu https://www.mypni.eu > download > manuals PDF This camera supports any compatible SD memory card up to 32GB. Limited internal memory is only for you to take test photo, these photo will be lost when you ...

    18MP digital camera with 2.7'' tft display 4 x digital zoom ...

    Winait http://www.winait.com > ... > Digital Camera DC-530I winait China, Main Feature 18/16.0Mega pixel Anti-Shake 2.7" TFT LCD Face ... Accessories USB cable ,hand strap, pouch,user manual,Li-ion battery,CD ...

    Winait Instant Film Camera,Manual Control Kids Old ...

    Alibaba https://www.alibaba.com > ... > Digital Camera 1:100% hand-powered instant camera. Taking instant photos without batteries needed. 2:100% Analogue. 3:100% Manual Control. 4:An unprecedented instant ... Type: Still Camera Sensor Element Type: CMOS Special Feature: Cheap Camera Optical Zoom: Fixed Focus Rating: 4 · ‎Review by anonymous · ‎US$29.99 · ‎In stock ..
    3/23/2023 5:23:13 PM • Cameras • Answered 3 days ago
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