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Here are some instructions relayed from someone who was able to fix a similar problme with help from Samson tech support:

The C01U is a WAV device. Therefore, adjusting the slider for your default MIC input level on the volume control applet does not adjust the gain on the C01U. You access the actual volume control for the C01U as follows:

Start, Settings, Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices
Click on Audio tab.

Under "Sound Recording", insure that Default Device is selected as Samson C01U.

Once Samson C01U is selected as Default Recording Device, click on the Volume button just below the name. A new window will pop up, with a vertical slider. This window will be labelled "WAVE IN", however it actually does control the MIC volume for the C01U.

The key here seems to be that the USB device that represents the Microphone input (as far as Windows is concerned) is not a traditional microphone, but (as mentioned above) a WAV-IN device.

Samson C01U... | Answered on Aug 28, 2018

Sorry this isn't a solution but just letting you know I'm having the same trouble, the funny thing is mine was working a couple of months back and now its not, it's driving me crazy.

Samson C01U... | Answered on Jul 04, 2016


How to increase recording level for Samson C01U microphone

If your recordings are too quiet, increase the gain of the microphone. In Windows:

  1. Open Recording devices (easiest way to get there is right-click on the speaker icon near the clock and select "Recording devices")
  2. Plug in USB mic It will appear by name under the Recording tab, with a level meter next to it.
  3. Right-click on that microphone (not the Realtek/etc. built-in sound card) and click Properties
  4. In the Microphone Properties window (not Speakers Properties), go to the Levels tab. The slider that says "Microphone" next to it adjusts the internal gain of the mic.
  5. Make sure the speaker next to it is un-muted.
  6. Talk or play into the microphone at a loud volume.
  7. While watching the level meter in the other window, move the slider to the right, until the level meter is almost reaching the top.
  8. Press Ok
  9. Tap lightly on the mic, the Recording devices level meter should be lighting up almost to the top.

You can also adjust the level directly from some audio software. In Audacity, for example:

  1. Run Audacity
  2. Click Edit menu ? Preferences...
  3. Click Devices
  4. In the Recording box, there's a drop-down menu, click it and select the USB microphone as the recording device.
  5. Press Ok
  6. To see Audacity's level meter without recording, press Pause http://www.fixya.comwrite_tip-d0vcjmxs03lzv3cifcn42mqj-1-5.png and then Record http://www.fixya.comwrite_tip-d0vcjmxs03lzv3cifcn42mqj-1-9.png
  7. Talk or play into the microphone at a loud volume.
  8. While watching the level meter, adjust the Recording Volume slider until it almost reaches the top
  9. Un-press Pause to start recording.

on Jul 04, 2016 | Samson C01U Consumer Microphone

I found three posts to assist you.

1. http://samsontech.com/products

2. http://download.cnet.com/Samson-C01U/3000-18493_4-84344.html

3. http://www.samsontech.com/usb_mics/driver_update/

Samson C01U... | Answered on Jul 04, 2016

1. Did you select Left channel only in Audacity for the track you're recording?
2. Maybe it's a defective mic. Try it on another computer/software/USB cable/USB port and if it still doesn't work get Samson to replace it.

Samson C01U... | Answered on Aug 03, 2014

Sounds like a defective mic. Test it on another computer, with another USB cable, and if it still doesn't work, call customer service and they'll send a replacement.

Samson C01U... | Answered on Aug 03, 2014

The thing is that the Samson C01U was not designed for live applications. Your solution, if you like delayed sound, is to use Virtual Audio Cable. Otherwise, I would get either a Samson GTrack, or invest in a cheap but functional mixer with a good mic. If you want to record however, you go into your audio recording settings and select the C01U as the recording mic. If you record and hear little sound, go into sound manager... Click on properties and select on Samson C01U. A one channel volume control will pop out. change the volume and record. BTW, a good audio program is Audacity... It's free. I hope that I have helped you...

Samson C01U... | Answered on Aug 03, 2014

i found the problem i also fixed the ******* problem in windows 7 theway to fix is that go to recording devices in the volume mixer (i mean in the taskbar the speaker icon right click it recording devices and it will show your mic if ya hav been pluged it) the after going to recording devices then double click the mic u are using then an windows will appear . go to enahcement tab untick "dc offset cancellation". thats it

Samson C01U... | Answered on Aug 03, 2014

1. Does one of your friends or family have a computer with a cd drive? And a USB jump drive? Have them move the files from the cd to the USB stick and insert the USB stick into the computer and install from there.
2. Buy an external cd drive from Best Buy or Frys.

Samson C01U... | Answered on Dec 22, 2012

Some users have reported problems with this microphone not working properly with Windows Vista operating system but it is fine with XP and Windows 7. Some MAC & Linux users have also encountered installation problems.
All condenser microphones require a power source to make them work. In the case of USB mics they take their operating power from the computers USB port. If you have a lot of other USB devices connected then there may not be enough power available to run them all at the same time. Disconnect any devices that you do not need.
First step would be to make sure that you connect to a main USB port (not a separate hub). If you are using a desktop or tower computer use the USB ports on the rear of the computer, which are mounted directly on the motherboard. Front panel USB ports are normally on a hub and may therefore prove unreliable with some devices..
Next try to diagnose the problem by process of systematic elimination
  1. Test your sound-card - does it work okay with other sound sources such as a microphone plugged into the normal microphone input (red socket) on the sound-card or on your front panel.
  2. Do you have another USB sound source that you can plug in to make sure that your computer will accept sound from that route?
  3. Now check the microphone for faults. Is the LED on the microphone coming on to indicate it is getting power?
  4. If no the microphone itself, or the cable, may be faulty. Try plugging it in to a different computer, games console, stereo or audio device with a USB input to see if it will work there (note not all audio devices will have sufficient power on the USB socket so this test may not be conclusive)
  5. Is the computer operating system actually recognising the presence of the microphone in the first place?
  6. Does a little balloon pop up to say a device has been plugged in - and does it correctly identify what that device is by telling you it's name?
  7. If the system recognises the device but doesn't correctly identify then you may need to install a driver for the microphone.
  8. From the windows start menu go to CONTROL PANEL.
  9. Click on SYSTEM, then HARDWARE, followed by DEVICE MANAGER
  10. Scroll down to SOUND VIDEO & GAME CONTROLLERS. Does the microphone appear here? If yes does it have a little yellow asterisk next to it? If so it is a driver issue.
  11. Sometimes a USB driver issue can be resolved by uninstalling the USB controllers and reinstalling them. Scroll down the list of devices in DEVICE MANAGER until you get to UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS CONTROLLERS. Systematically uninstall every device listed here. To do this RIGHT CLICK on each device and then click UNINSTALL. Then on the TOOL BAR click CHECK FOR SYSTEM CHANGES. this will reinstall all USB devices and controllers.
  12. If that does not solve the USB problem go to your computer manufacturers website and download the latest USB drivers for your machine.
  13. Assuming you have overcome the USB issue (or if this was not the problem anyway) you now need to check that the microphone is selected as your default audio device.
  14. To do this go back to CONTROL PANEL, followed by SOUND & AUDIO DEVICES
  15. Click on AUDIO and, under the SOUND RECORDING tab select your microphone from the drop down list.
  16. Then click the VOLUME button which will open a window called RECORDING CONTROL
  17. Make sure there is a tick (check mark) against microphone and that the slider is up at the top of the scale.
  18. If everything is okay up to this point the problem may well lie in the settings for the audio / recording program that you are using. Most programs have some sort of wizard for testing audio settings, which you will need to work through.

Samson C01U... | Answered on Jun 05, 2012

The quick, easy solution is to change your microphone to mono recording. In the attached YouTube clip, I'll show you how to do that.

The short and simple is to go to your Mac HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Audio MIDI Setup. Select your C01U USB device, and set it to 1ch 16bit. This will set the microphone to record in mono, equally over both speakers.

Samson C01U... | Answered on May 10, 2012

this problem need to be fixed, your microphone need to unlock it, and see if there is any piece in a wrong position, try to isolate each piece, without cutting any wires, it seems like a hard process but its not that hard, and remember you should do this unless you are sure that there is no shallow problem like the wire that is plugged onto the computer, see if its appropriately inserted id not do the process yourself.

Samson C01U... | Answered on Mar 30, 2011

hmm that is strange, are you seleting the mic as an input in the source for audio? the software works on win 7. have you tried other mics in the input on your sound card?

Samson C01U... | Answered on Mar 20, 2011

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