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You probably will find the cost to repair exceeds the cost to replace.

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I believe that means you have a shorted keyboard. You will have to replace the keyboard/control console assembly.

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Press the Settings or Options button. Each time you press it, you will get a different option (beep tones, 12/24 hour clock, and somewhere in there, language). Look for something that looks like language and select English (or Ingles). Then press Start or Stop or Cancel.

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There may be a weakened connection around the main power supply 'Transformer'. Sometimes the connections can overheat but if they are removed and replaced it may again make contact. I've had a similar problem and found parts from similar brands to replace the connecting/wiring parts. I soon realized that I could have removed the extra pieces around the wires without causing any electrical problems. That is the minor repair. The major repair would be to replace one of the main features (large or small) which assist the transformer in power functions. Take your time examining the tiniest parts and pieces.

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Is there a turntable button on your control console? If so, press it! If not, then you probably have a bad turntable motor or else a bad (broken) shaft coupler.

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You know how when you turn on a regular light bulb and it burns out with a bright flash? What happens is that when the filament burns out, it breaks and bounces back and hits the other electrical post and basically shorts out causing that bright flash. Sometimes, when the light bulb in the microwave burned out, it shorted out, and caused the circuit-board trace to burn up. (This is not just conjecture; I've seen it.) If that's the case, then you would have to replace the main control circuit board. Unfortunately, a rather expensive repair for no lights. (Although the circuit board trace can usually be repaired by direct-soldering a wire to replace the burned trace. Sears repairmen won't do this, but an independent electronic technician could do it.

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You have to take the cover shell off and locate the fuse.. Its a main power fuse.. will be near where the power cord comes into the microwave.. while you are there look for burnt spots around the board and wires and door switches.. some thing made the fuse blow.. I had this problem a couple of microwaves ago.. it would happen every 3 months.. i bought a pack of fuses and taped them inside the shell so i would not have to go to radio shack everytime i needed one..I never did find what ws blowing the fuzes.. possibly the inverter??

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Unplug till fixed ! Replace the 2/3 door switch's inside near where the two locking arms go inside the microwave. get the right ones you can do it.

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The microwave screen should be reset if possible. I would disconnect. open up. and run a metal screwdriver across the circuit board in order to draw any latent static from the resistors or circuits. It is worth a try.

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It may be a blown fuse or a bad thermostat / TCO on the oven cavity or above or on the microwave.
Yours should have a "mini-manual" (technical sheet) hidden either behind the grille or control panel. It is very helpful in locating and testing components.
There is a video here showing how to remove a typical over the range control panel assembly in under 5 minutes.
Accessing some components (especially the oven cavity thermostat) for testing and possible replacement will require you to remove the oven from the wall and take off the outer cover.

If so, the installation instructions are very handy, and it's best to have two people since the microwave can be heavy and awkward.
You can download Kenmore manuals and installation instructions at by clicking the Manuals link near the top center of the page. Then enter your full model number from the tag on the oven on the next page.
A full Sears/Kenmore model number has 3 digits, a dot, then 8 more digits, such as ###.########

You can order parts and find helpful exploded views at the Sears Parts Direct Web site .

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When you hit "Start" to microwave, do the inside light, cooling fan, and turntable all come on?

Any unusual noises? Is it louder or quieter than usual?

We have a sound clip of what a microwave should sound like when the cooling fan and high voltage section are operating here.

Post a new help request with the answers to these questions as well as the full model number from the tag on or in the unit.

A full Sears/Kenmore model number has 3 digits, a dot, then 8 more digits, such as ###.########

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That's a problem on the circuit board which can be repaired simply and inexpensively.

A YouTube video showing how to remove a typical over the range control panel assembly in under 5 minutes, is here.

We're happy to help you with free advice and we'd appreciate your thoughtful rating of our answer.

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72189655 is the model number

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I have a similar unit and I removed the outside of the door by loosening two flat head screws on the narrow where the handle is located. There are several screws yet holding the outside plastic housing too. Once these are removed the plastic door will come off. Then the handle will be accessible.
The same issue started with my oven too and I replaced the original handle with larger screws and using a high quality plastic glue.
This held for a while. The plastic door cover seemed to have changed dimensions during its life and warped. I ordered a new door and it lasted a short while. I then asked for a new door under warranty.
Bottom line they wouldn't sent a new cover but they returned my money. Apparently the doors all had crappy plastic issues. Currently we are using the microwave with out the door front. It still works like new after 10 years though.

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It shows that is there is some direct short circuit in the product if you are technical person then only check one by one HT diode,HT capacitor and finally HT transformer & megnatron.

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Make sure that the program controller is working if not check power - step down supply, the pads are responding- if not faulty pads- or the door switches, if the switch contact are not good then it will not trigger the processor to switch on the waveguides. If the lights or fan work without any display or action of program being triggered to start then it can be a possible fault on the main board or the processor. Sometimes insect secretion can short the board and display panel and so the processor can work in such an erratic manner. If so clean, solder and reset the board. Now identify the parts by clicking this link:

If there is no heating please do not switch on unless you have confirmed the fault. It is possible that the Magnetron is faulty, the temperature cut off is faulty or the main capacitor is short. It is also quite possible that insect can get into the oven and create soft spots. When you switch on these will create a short and make the voltage jump and in the long run damage the magnetron. Check this link to know how a microwave works:

So Remove cover after disconnecting , check for dirt/moisture in the cabin, if so wipe clean and dry, check the magnetron and area clean and use an jet air to clean off. Check the wave guide covers, if food had deposited
then it must be checked or replaced. See link:

Now keeping clear of the microwave, switch on; use a cup of water inside to test.
If you notice any sparks shut off as the magnetron or the main HT capacitor can be faulty. replace with same type.
If there is heating without any issues, you can use the microwave safely

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Usually some disassembly is required to replace the lamp

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If the microwave still works I would not worry about, it is a lot easier to fix when it breaks down.

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