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If you can take a sharp picture of the circuit board and send it [email protected] I might be able to help you.
P.S. Make sure all wires and circuit board are clear.

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The component that will most likely turn off the iron will be a thermister- usually a round, coin-shaped device that opens up when the iron gets to a certain temperature. This is the part you should jumper if you want to disable this function.
If you can't locate it easily, we can only take an educated guess at the wiring, without the schematic diagram to identify them. We can assume red to be the hot wire, black to be the ground, and blue could be the output of the thermister. Without seeing it, I can't be sure.
If you're going to jumper any of the wires, you can try to jumper red to blue, or blue to black, but NOT red to black Any of these combinations coud result in the breaker tripping, so use caution and don't contact the device while powering it up.
Very few people work on irons, since they're generally considered to be "throwaway" items, but someone may be able to give you a more definitive answer.
Good luck, though, and hope this helps.

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If you are having problems, you must first figure out if it is bad water causing the steam iron to leak the water .But if you have a leak internally then internal leaks are not repairable. They are often caused by a combination of poor water quality and not drying the iron properly before storage. Either of these can cause internal corrosion and lead to leakage.However it is suggested to contact the dealer or the customer support,as it is dangerous to handle electric equipment that is leakin water,which may cause fire hazards.

Please get back to us if you have further query else please accept the suggestion.

Thank you for contacting

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Usually the cord at the base breaks off, because of tension from too much moving and pulling!

If thats problem u could cut the appropriate length and screw again the end of the cord!

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Sounds like your flex is damaged. You need to get it professionally changed.

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You likely have a short in the power circuit or the insulation has failed, or both. It is not safe to continue using.
Sadly, an iron will nearly always cost a great deal more to repair than to replace, but if you are lucky enough to live near an old time small appliance repair shop it is worth investigating.
Farmerbear at

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I have a DE-05 that needs a new cord and cleaning of steam discharge holes. I'll be gald to take photos and send them to you if you'll share your source for parts and method of disassembly. Contact me at, just replace the AT with @.

Chuck Jones

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Here is a tip that will help you with that problem...

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Rowenta... | Answered on Jul 15, 2010 | 217 views

Try using different water...

Here is a tip that will help you with that problem...

My Steam Iron is Leaking Water


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Here is a tip that will help you to troubleshoot your iron and figure out what is wrong with it.

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don;t open vido in real player

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Time to change the cord!! And stop pulling it out of the socket by the cord, pull it out by the plug itself

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Buy a new one , the tank seals have gone and it is not worth repairing it.

Cost of parts plus cost of fitting = new iron with a 12 months warranty

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I went to the ACE Hardware and bought a T-20 Torx security nutdriver attachment and it worked perfectly.

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lancell - you're an idiot...of course he understands - that is why he is asking!

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This happens due to limescale and / or build ups of mineral deposits such as iron in the water. You will need to use a kettle descaling solution or an iron descaling solution available from most supermarkets or home appliiance stores and clean out the debris in the iron. It happens to most if not all irons and cleaning on a regular basis is the only answer or use very expensive 'iron water'

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probably cheaper in the long run to buy a new one. Wallmart have a range of irons under $10.00

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This is a problem with a lot of Rowenta irons. It is the auto shut off that is not working properly and the only way to fix it is to have it disassembled and the switch hardwired to be on whenever the iron it plugged in. It is a thermal metal switch and it just stops working and then the iron will not turn on and the yellow light blinks.

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