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Does the unit work other, than the leaking?If it does you need to install a square seal between the ac unit and the roof.You can either buy the seal from Ebay or I would recomend an Rv Repair place.(They Might even be able to install it where the Rv Sits)

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If it's leaking inside where filter cover is, then real good chance the drains being plugged is the only problem. If water (condensation) not running off roof when operating in cool mode, then I'd bet drains, which are located under unit on roof, and you should see them sticking down like buttons. They have a hole in side that needs cleaning with a pipe cleaner or similar to open them up. If need be, shut off power to unit and remove top cover on roof unit and look for the drain holes in base, and clean them out. If water comes in while raining, but AC not running, then it's gasket. That is remedied by removing ceiling assembly (just screws) and 4 bolts that pull/hold the upper and lower assemblies together, unplug wiring to upper unit, and simply lift it off, change gasket and re-install. Tighten those 4 bolts equally when gasket is aligned properly over hole, only until gasket is approx 1/2, original thickness. Plug harness back in and your done. (about an hours work.) Only other thing that may be wrong is styrofoam drip tray for cooling unit, under cover on roof may have a crack , allowing condensation to leak in. If that 's the case, you can try to find a sealant compatible with styrofoam to seal those cracks.

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In my own oppinion I would if it is available, as you do not know if something shorted out..also note that you may have too as updates are constantly done in the RV bussiness..I worked at 2 RV dealerships and there were constant updates especialy Dometic refrigerator and cooling units. Stop at the local Rv shop and see what they have or they may order it for you.

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Normally, the condensate will drain out of the unit onto the roof and off the edge to the ground. Remove your cover inside (probably 2 screws) and tighten the 4 bolts you will find inside. If they are tight, go to your RV supply place and get new roof gasket. Remove the AC and insert the new gasket and resecure the AC to your roof.

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red and white are positive and neg 12v
green is low fan
grey is high fan
yellow is cooling
blue is neg 12v(marked B-)

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Mold can make you very ill depending on which type of mold it is. Mold forms in dark, wet environments and can be hard to get rid of. Your a/c unit needs taken apart and each piece that has mold will need to be cleaned thoroughly and carefully before re-installation.

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I'm assuming when you say 'doesn't work' you mean 'nothing comes on,' i.e. the fan or the compressor.

If that's the case I would check for the AC breaker to see if it's tripped. Usually a 'tripped' breaker will look half on and half off, but sometimes it will be completely in the off positiion. Either way - it's usually because of a malfunction of the AC unit, so if that's the problem I would moniter it closely to see if it trips again. If it trips again in the immediate future I would then want to investigate the AC unit for the cause.

Also, some RV's have fuses in the AC circuit - so you could check and see if you have any fuses labled AC or AC control voltage. If so - you can usually - tell by looking whether they are bad or not. If that's not possible try replacing your 'AC labled fuse' with a new one of the same size.

I would also check your power supply (where the power cord to your RV plugs into) to make sure it is providing the proper voltage to your RV. Note: They also have breakers out on the box that you can reset. If they (breakers) appear ok - and you are at a RV park you could have the Park personel - check and to be sure the proper voltage is availible to your RV.

good luck!

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need to see if drain pan stopped up or fan blowing water off coil

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Unsure if that is a refrigerator or an Air Conditioner.

Please add information to your question as to the model, or whatever you can tell.

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First replaced the thermostat then check on condenser unit that's outside .make sure the fan is running when compressor runs .if not there is your issue .If fan runs and compressor keep shutting off you might have a dirty coil so clean it out with water or you might have a leak in the system causing unit to shut off on low pressure .if this is the case you need to call a service technician .
Try simple things first like clean coil ,capicator and fan operation.

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Don't really understand what you mean by roof top duct unit .if it's a roof top unit and water is leaking down your vent then you have a clogged drain line .

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Replace the thermostat it ain't no good no more

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You can use Dometic Brisk Air II model for your RV. It has 13,500 BTU capacity. I used this air conditioning unit for last 2 years on my RV truck. If you want to know more about this unit, you can check this link.

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You need to get a different can change an analog thermostat to digital, but you have to replace the motherboard with a digital compliant one. You can't just change the thermostat. Your best bet is to put back the old thermostat or upgrade to a different compatable thermostat

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Go to your heater and locate the circuit board inside. There is a 3 amp fuse that protects the board and it is a regular auto fuse and isn't made for any surges in the system. When you turned your generator on with the system on, chances are you surged the system and that fuse went. Breakers allow for surges where fuses don't

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sounds like it is miswired. actually try fan on with the heat on and see if the fan works.

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I think you checked voltage across the run capacitor, the brown and white wires. The voltage to the motor would be on the black and white wires And inside the motor, a thermal protection device opens the black wire, leaving no potential voltage to the other voltage line nor capacitor line ( brown and white are the same line).
The solution, varify that the motor is wired correctly, then that the capacitor value is correct, not weakened, that the motor vent holes are not blocked or obstructed, that the motor amps are not exceeded, that the motor bearings have no side play and not worn.
Before replacing the motor, make sure the wiring is correct, the motor and capacitor are not good.

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could be motor, could be the wheel. probably needs a new wheel anyways. replace both.

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possibly your fresh air intake from outside, what is stored or going on outside or on the roof??

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Possibly needs a capacitor. Are you talking about the indoor or outdoor fan?

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