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Most likely, the eelectrical solenoid that releases the door's latch has failed. The control board may be the fault. The solenoid is in the door and in many models the board is too. If you wish to inspect either component, do it safely by insuring the power is disconnected. Some troubleshooting requires the power to be on. If you're comfortable working with live circuits, practice the utmost in safety. Let us know...

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Did you try turning off the power and then connecting it again?
If still problem is there open the door. Press the following sequence of buttons HI Temp Scrub, Energy Saver Dry,HI Temp Scrub, Energy Saver Dry. Now close the dishwasher door and latch it too and press the cancel button. This must reset the dishwasher.

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I went out on a service call for this dishwasher yesterday. The complaint was that the door latch was broken and the child lock light was lit. I temporarily rigged the latch to work until the replacement part came in but that left me with the problem of the child lock still engaged. The mini-manual for this dishwasher is located behind the kick plate. The mini-manual revealed that the child lock (called a control lock in the manual) can be disengaged by pressing and holding the air dry button for four seconds. So now the customer can run the dishwasher with the rigged door latch until I can properly repair it later this week.Hope this works

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Hello, sos I was trying to help you out here. I was going back to some customers that asked questions in the past and it appeared that no one answered them, so I thought I would take some of my personal time to see if I can help. Even though this site may not have your exact model or brand, This link will help you tons. Here is a link to about everything you want to know about your dishwasher, from repair to trouble shooting it,pictures, video's. Just scroll around and you will see tons of information to almost any question you might have on your dishwasher. If you go to this link and click around, I am sure you will find out so much about your dishwasher, you will know more that the company that made it. Here Is the link for you to click on>> http://home.howstuffworks.com/dishwasher.htm Please if this helped you at all, if you can find the time to rate my help and some kind words written would be appreciated for my free help , I would appreciate it. Here is also my direct link to my own pages of other areas of my expertise for other problems you might have in Automotive,Appliance, and Electronics. Drop In anytime for my help. Thanks,Mike http://beta.fixya.com/users/mc1bean

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I want to do this! What's This?

A Dishwasher is a high quality product that focuses on energy efficiency. In addition to saving money on electrical use over other machines, they use less water than the average dishwasher. When your Dishwasher is not filling with water properly, before you call for a service appointment, check the components yourself.

    instruction below.
  1. Check to see if the water source to your dishwasher is turned on and not blocked or clogged. Also make sure the water line between the dishwasher and water source is connected and free from blockage. The door has to be closed properly as well.
    If your water pressure is low, you can adjust the water intake value on the dishwasher to allow more water to flow through.
    There is an overflow detection device on the dishwasher, so if the machine detected that, it will shut down the intake pump and open the drain pump. If this is the case, you will need to call for service because if there is water in the machine it will have to be cleaned out.
  2. Remember to turn off the water source to prevent further damage


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Hi, I have an older dishwasher also and recently my wife alsocomplained about it not cleaning right... so me being the man I am tried invain to clean the things... Bought new spray arms online and installed them inminutes...now the thing works like new... However I have also found that if theheating element goes bad then that also can mess things up bad... So I wouldbuy new spray arms, and also check out the heating element to make sure it isworking... Here is a tip that will help you with the online buying...
Dishwasher Spray Arms not Spinning

How to Buy Appliance Parts Online

A bad heating element causes many problems in dishwashers...

Dishwasher Problems The Heating Element not Working

Dishwasher Maintenance


Asker's Testimonial " explanation very clear. will give it a go and seehowsimple it was. thanks Ronnie " - ronnieshomes

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Below is a link showing how to clean out the sump area below the spray arms. If you want to clean the top filter when taking it apart, vinegar works to dissolve a lot of the deposits.

Sump Clean out

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look under unit for the book it wil tell you how to get it out of this mode

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The drain hose can cause the dishwasher to fail to drain properly. The recirculation hose can be responsible for problems with poor rinsing of dishes.
To access the drain hose remove the lower panel located beneath the door. The panel is usually held in place with two screws either above or below the panel. It may be necessary to first open the door to the dishwasher to reach the screws over the panel, then close the door to remove the panel.
The drain hose connects to the pump and runs to the sink drain (or to the air gap on top of the sink). The pump has a second hose that recirculates the water back into the dishwasher. The drain hose is roughly 1 1/2 inches in diameter. While inspecting the drain hose, check the recirculation hose as well.
If checking for leaks, feel the hoses where they connect to the pump, for wetness and check the ground right under the connections. If they are wet, it may be a loose or improperly mounted clamp, a damaged pump housing or a leak in the hose itself.
If checking for blockages, disconnect the drain hose from the pump, pinch the wire clamp with pliers and slide it up the hose. Place a shallow pan beneath the pump to catch any spillage. Remove the hose from the pump; wiggling the hose may help to loosen it.
Check the hose and nipple to the pump for any debris. The only way to be certain the drain hose is completely clear is to disconnect it from the sink and run water through (such as spraying a garden hose through it at full pressure). Disconnect the recirculation hose and check it in the same way.
Reconnect the hoses and replace the clamps. Replace the lower panel and restore electricity to the dishwasher.
Thank you!

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It sounds like you lost power during a cycle. It is most likely the thermal fuse.

Take a look at this link I put together it will explain the places you can loose power to a dishwasher but on this model I would suspect the thermal fuse. If your model is KUDU02FR the part number for this fuse is W10258275, it looks like a small cylinder with two wires attached, it is on the control board in the upper door, removing the screws from the inner door will let you take the front panel off and expose the control.


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Most likely the "food grinder" screen is clogged, which limits the flow throught the pump, leaving thehigher dishes unwashed. It's flaw inthe design of whirlpool/kitchenaides. Not only does the screen clog but the teeth on the "grinder" wear down, the girneder does no grinding, and the food particles build up onthe screen, clogging the water flow. Open up the collector, pul out he choer/grinder and clean the screen. Check the teeth on it and if worn, repalce the chopper/grinder. If it happens again , then the choper/grinder driving mechanism is basd -- replace the pump/motor assembly.

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in your onwer mannual there is a number call kitchen aid they will walk you through the steps to reset your unit

KitchenAid 24... • Answered on Apr 24, 2010

almost 100% positive its going to be the pump and power pack assembly very expensive repair

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What is the model number of the unit in question please?

KitchenAid 24... • Answered on Mar 20, 2010

You may have simply tripped a breaker, but if not it may be this.
This may be a faulty door switch. If you look into the door locking mechanism carefully, you can see a small plastic bulb located either to the right or left of the locking Jaw. Sometimes this switch arcs out if it is opened under load. Sometimes it just wears out or bends back if the latch is pulled too hard. Disconnect the power, unscrew the front panel of the Dishwasher, avoiding the fiberglass padding. Look near the locking jaw for 2 wires going to a switch.

Use your own judgment here now.

If you are comfortable with electricity and experienced enough, use a low amperage automotive fuse (the plastic type) 5 amps should be enough.
Slide the clips onto the fuse, then tape the exposed parts with electrical tape, and try latching the door.
If you can choose a cycle and the lights come on, you have found your problem. If not, you will likely need a technician to diagnose for you since this sounds like an electronically controlled model.

KitchenAid 24... • Answered on Mar 05, 2010

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