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The Bosch Dryer has a temperature probe in the heater exit and in the exhaust area visible when you open the door. If the temperature difference between the two gets to high, the lint filter is assumed to be plugged and the alarm goes off.

It seems that the temperature probe at the heater, can end up with a faulty connection to the control panel over time due to corroded contacts or lint build up. When this happens the control panel thinks the filter is clogged and it may also not turn on the heating elements properly. Remove the back cover over the heating element (12 screws) and then remove the one screw holding the red wiring connection to the dryer body. You can then wiggle out the wiring connection and clean / unplug and replug in the connector for the sensor. (plug with two small wires only). A little hard feeding the connector back through the hole so take your time and don't damage the wires). Should all work again. May want to inspect inside the heater at same time and make sure the overheating switch is not tripped. ( press in the red button).

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i take it you have cleaned the lint filter if so then it has a bad sensor reader in the filter system

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A friend of ours has a bosch gas dryer and she had the same problem. She called the Bosch repairman and he sprayed the lint filter with Greased Lightning to clean out the tiny holes in it. He charged $100 and left. He said it would take care of the problem. Has not had any problems since. http://www.greased-lightning.com/ It is worth a try. Good luck.

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check for clogging or clogged vent

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I know this is an old question, but I was having the same problem recently and finally figured it out the issue. Posting this in case anyone else has this issue in the future! I searched the web high and low, watched videos, read chats and forums. I even read the machine's manual, cover to cover. I tried everything. I cleaned the lint basket, the heat exchanger, and the moisture sensors. Etc. etc. The solution I discovered is so simple... but it works for me. I discovered that, in my case, the issue is how long I hold my finger on the start button. If you tap it quickly, nothing happens at all. If you hold your finger on the button for too long, it beeps twice and the machine won't start. You have to press the button for just the right amount of time (about 1 second), and then it will start. So frustrating! Hope this is info is helpful for someone.

Bosch Dryers | Answered on Oct 07, 2020

Presumably an induction motor rather than a series wound brush type motor?

A single phase induction motor needs help to get started - without help it will just buzz, though it can be started in either direction by manually giving the shaft a vigorous twist...

The starting help is provided by an extra winding (start winding) that provides a phase shift to give the rotor a "kick" in the right direction and then is taken out of circuit. In the early days this was accomplished manually by a switch but later motors incorporated a centrifugal switch on the rotor shaft usually in series with a capacitor.
Lots of modern motors just have the capacitor in series with the start winding resulting in a lighter, cheaper and more compact unit though the capacitor is more highly stressed and fails much more often.

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Electric dryer no start does nothing

Check dryer Terminal block prongs both outside prongs should give combined 220, and 110 each if u check 1 outside & 1 center (ground) prong. Also check house electrical outlet for full voltage.


NEXT Test the PUSH start switch with meter for OHMS. Should show OHMS when pushed in or on start, and no ohms or infinity when in off position.

If you hear a humming/clicking sound from motor area you more than likely have a bad motor.
Try this test out to see if u have weak windings or relay/capacitor on motor.
Open the dryer door and turn by hand the drum while machine is onONposition. And you or someone else presses the door engagement switch in. If it starts up then u have bad windings

Another thing to check is the belt safety switch. With a multi meter.
Especially if u just replaced the belt.The belt safety switch is attached to theTensionerand motor. IT LOOKS LIKE A DOOR SWITCH SOMEWHAT a little black pc of plastic with 2 prongs going into it. Sits at bottom of motor. Under theTensioner. Attach meter clips to the 2 prongs on switch, Then when the little white push button is pressed in it should show continuity and none when released.

Lastly checkurDOOR SWITCH ?for continuity with a meter when the button is pushed in the (on/Door closed position,) it may have gone bad.





cord dryer_terminal_block-undefined-undefined-0.jpg

bypass-lid-switch-unplug - 5-undefined-undefined-2.jpg

fuses dryercyclingfuse-undefined-undefined-5_0.jpg

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Well I would recheck the water reservoir is fully inserted ....the door has no debris inside the lock....the bottom filter is cleaned not just the door filter.if this still not fixes then try a reset by switching off at socket then whilst holding start button without releasing for at least five seconds turn on power and listen for a click.sometimes a sensor is stuck and not relaying proper status.

Bosch Dryers | Answered on Jul 24, 2019

Consult owners manual for how to deactivate lock.

Bosch Dryers | Answered on Jul 08, 2019

I had exactly the same problem and got it fixed by the Bosch repair service today.
The culprit is that in certain areas there may be algae in the air that thrive to grow in the main water reservoir and clog up the water pump that fills the condensation compartment.
(note: There are two water tanks in the Ecologixx 7 - one user serviceable condenser tank up top and the non-user serviceable main water reservoir sealed inside the machine)
This is main water reservoir is located sealed under the water pump under the tumble dryer drum.
Dismantling instructions: 1. remove the top of the tumble dryer first (two screws at the back 2. remove the right side panel with another few screws (looking from the front) 3. disengage the multi-tooth elastic band by twisting the spring loaded roller at the bottom).
After this you have access to the water pump and the Styrofoam float that triggers the empty condenser tank warning.
If the pump is entirely clogged you might need to replace it and the float.
Then clean the bottom water reservoir from the algae infested water with a pump+hose and a bottle washing brush and circulate clean water through the machine (re-engage the elastic band before running the engine) with the Warm-program.
To kill the algae you need to run about 250ml of clear raw vinegar through the pump system by running the machine in the Warm program for 10min and then rinse the excess vinegar out by putting about half a condenser tank of warm water into the machine and running the Warm-programme for 30min. (this will release the clean water into the condenser unit for the self-cleaning function and then pump it back up into the condenser water tank and dilute and circulate the raw vinegar out of the machine).
You should also do a vinegar sanitization run before all extended periods of disuse of the machine by pouring 250ml of vinegar into the large round hole under the top condenser tank (this is where the condensed water is poured for the self-cleaning run).
Run the Warm-program without the condenser tank in place until you can verify visually that the pump is circulating the vinegar through the hose in the top left back corner of the condenser tank opening (there is a overflow drain at the back so everything coming up goes promptly back down into the main reservoir (small hole in the back corner bottom).
Then place the condenser water tank half full with hot water (not boiling) and let the Warm-programme run for 30min to dilute and circulate the vinegar-water solution out of the machine back into the condenser reservoir.

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See above video as a reference.

Note during installation of 4 wire cable the removal of the neutral/frame bonding wire and its relocation (stowed) with the neutral lug. Yours is missing the neutral/frame bond wire but thats ok since it will not be needed for 4 wire.

First things first. You need to get the terminal block put back in its proper location. The 3 wire cable must not have been properly clamped allowing the terminal block to be pulled from its mount. See following pic. Snap it back into place. Replace the cable clamp if failing.

Your 4 wire connections are as follows. I drew as individual wires for clarity only. Your 4 wire cable(sheath) must be inserted and retained by the cable clamp. If cable clamp is not functional you must replace the clamp before continuing.


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