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I have found this router

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Need to secure my router

press CTRL key plus the R key
type cmd and press ok
in the command prompt type ipconfig, enter
copy default gateway address (probably and paste it on the internet browser, enter
ID: admin
pass: password
the router's interface page should have loaded, otherwise the login or password was changed, you may need to reset the router.
If you had access then go to the wireless security option and enable WPA(2) security
Reconnect the computer with the new passphrase. If not clarify at what point you are stuck.
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In order to activate the wireless 3G modem you have to connect it to your computer and run the verizon software that is included with the device.
If the software isn't on a disc, it should auto start when you plug in the device.
If you're still having issues with the product, call Verizon at (888) 294-6804.
They should be able to provide any assistance you require outside of what I suggested.
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My wifi dose not have a password.I would to set

Westell routers have an IP of
Type that in the address bar of your browser to be able to access your router. The login for most westell is:
Username: admin
Password: password
Then this will give you access to setup your router with security which will allow you to set a password.
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I need to download it

First, please check the Windows Hardware and Software compatibility list to assure your device is appropriate for the OS you are using. If you are not using Windows 7, you will find links at the site to other supported OS. Here is the link:

Here is the link to the company:

Good luck with your device.
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I cannot log on to


You can give a try using the HP Network diagnostic tool and it should give you your network details

Click on the link below and follow the steps

HP Network Diagnostic Tool

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How do i get my Westell Wirespeed VersaLink

reset button in back of router its small button push in on it.then go to tools diagnose.
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I cannot connect to internet, because I do'nt have

The passphrase is the access key used to gain internet access to the router. If you dont have this key or passphrase the router doesnt belong to you.

If the router does belong to you, and was previously set up by someone else, you can do a hard reset by plugging it in, locating the small hole on the bottom or side with possiblitly the words reset next to it. Insert a pin for about 10-20 seconds and the device should revert to the default settings.

You can then plug into your internet router and access the setting through windows to set up a new WPA security profile.
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I need the password for

There is a reset button on the back of the router, usually has the words RESET next to it and you have to use a sharpened pencil or a paperclip to push it. Press and hold that button for one minute. Do not let go. After you release it the lights blink and then become steady.

Now you have reset your password to it's original factory default.

Your wireless router default settings are:
username: admin
password: password

From this point on, you can re-set up your wireless router. To do so you connect your computer to a LAN port on the router.

Open internet explorer or firefox (whichever you use) and type into the address bar:
Login with the username and password.

From here on you can change your SSID, username, password, set wireless security, and so on.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.

Please don't forget to give me a vote and feedback.
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What brand of signal booster

You can use the range expander from Linksys model WRE54G v3 it works with any wireless access point and router.
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Its a freind and he asked if i knew how to hook it

To open the set up page of the router of the router , one of your computer should be able to go online through the router.
It could be a wired computer or wireless computer.
If it is a wireless computer then make sure that the computer is connected to your own wireless network.
Do not change any wireless settings on the router using a wireless computer.
OK ! Now you have a computer online through the router and you want to open the set up page of the router.

First step is check the IP address of the computer.
Check the IP address and the Default gateway on the computer.

For Windows XP

START ==> RUN ==> type in cmd in the RUN box==> click OK or Hit ENTER . You will see a black window that is a command prompt . In the black window type in " ipconfig " ==> and Hit ENTER on your key board .

For Windows Vista and Windows 7

click on START ==> type in cmd in the start search box ==> enter ==> you will see the black window. Type in " ipconfig "you will see a lot of information. Try to find out the local area connection IPv4 address .

Note down the Default gateway number.


Click APPLE icon in the right top corner of the computer. Go to System Preferences ==> go to Network ==> you will find the option Built in Ethernet or Airport whichever is connected. If you go to that you will find the Ip address and router Address.

The default gateway is the IP address of your router.

This IP address of the router will be used to open the set up page of the router

Now you got the IP address of the router.Open the Internet Browser ( Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari )

In the Address bar of the browser Type the IP address of the router.

Do not type http:// or www just type in the IP address only.

It will ask you for the user name and the password of the router.

This is the User name and the password of the router and NOT the wireless password. On a wireless router, there are 2 passwords. One is to access the router and the other one is for the wireless network.

For most of the routers the default password will be " admin " . for some routers the default password is " password ". For Linksys router the default password is admin and no user name.

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I have network between my Download and run, and enjoy your internet! Just make sure you're in range of the router in question. Leave feedback!
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We currently have our wireless

The Westell 7500 is not just a router. It's a gateway (for DSL), a 4 port LAN (wired network), wireless router and can be made into a bridge, for use with a router of your choice.
It's my understanding there are modem/routers out now and you would simply set them up with the settings found in the Westell.
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I have lost my registration/password

use a pencil or pen to push the little reset button on the back of the modem, resets the user and pass
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Can't get remote connection to

You have to configure port forwarding on the router, you must figure out what port the office computer is using for the remote connection, the configure that in the router..
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How do I install my WEP number

go to If you have already configured the router for internet access, then just click on "configuration" otherwise, go through the steps to configure it according to your ISP's instructions, then click on configuration. then wireless. Then go down to privacy settings.

Pick which authentication type to use ( I recomened open)
Then pick the highest encyption meathod that all of your wireless devices are capable of. 64-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit.

Most devices use 64 and 128 bit, but if all of your devices use 256, then use it. Then create a wireless key to use.
If key select is selected, the WEP Key is treated as a string of text characters, and the number of characters must be either 5 (for 64-bit encryption) or 13 (for 128-bit encryption) or 29 (for 256-bit encryption).

If not selected, the WEP key is treated as a string of hexadecimal characters, and the number of characters must be either 10 (for 64-bit encryption), 26 (for 128-bit encryption), or 58 (for 256-bit encryption). The only allowable hexadecimal characters are 0-9 and A-F. (My hint is to use hexadecimal, it is eaiser)

If you would like to create a new WEP key go to this site ( and type in a passphrase and click generate. it will generate 4 64-bit keys and 1 128-bit key.

choose the best bit 64 or 128 bit, then copy and paste it into the correct key box(es)
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I have a versalink model

you should have a RESET button on the back panel of the router. Power on you router, press the RESET button around 20sec. and then release.
Your router should go back to a factory default state and you can set up again the settings in it without the security key and you can generate a new sec.key if you need.
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I need to increase the range of my wifi signal to

Verizon can only support from the telephone-pole across the telephone-wire to your DSL-modem; any "customer-provided-equipment" is not their problem.

LINKSYS (now CISCO) is the "market-leader" in the wireless-router business. Look at their "Wireless N" routers, and look for "extended range". It should be well under $100.
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If you are using WPA2 with a completely random generated PSK (ie, not dictionary-based, with lower and upper case, numbers AND special characters), you are not going to get much better in a home environment... if you need to, generate your key using a random password generator (you can find them just by googling 'random password generator', there are a lot online so you don't need to download anything).

DO NOT use WEP, as this is VERY easily crackable (2 mins on average using simple tools).

If you feel that you have the ability, you can download a linux CD with wireless tools for testing your wireless network, just search for 'backtrack linux'. Their website has some useful tutorials for the testing process.

Hope that this is of some help, don't forget to rate me :D
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Hi i am trying to


Welcome to FixYa! I believe that when you're trying to connect wirelessly it's not asking for the network key or other users are able to connect to your network. Please follow the steps below for you to be able to make your connection secure.

1 Open your web browser, type " " into the address bar and hit "Enter."

2 Use "admin" as the username in the pop-up box and leave the password blank or try to use " admin" as the password as well.

3 Connect to the Internet and click on "Internet Setup."

4 Select your connection type from the drop-down menu. Choose "DHCP" for cable modems or "PPPoE" for most DSL modems. If you are unsure of these options, check with your ISP.

5 Set a service set identifier (SSID) to identify the router and change the password.

6 Encrypt your wireless connection using a Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) key. Under the "Wireless Security" option, enter a passphrase and click "Generate." This will generate a password which will need to be used by any client connecting to your router

Hope this will help...Thank you for using Fixya...
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