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What is scanner error 2 on hp laserjet 3055

Flatbed scanner is bad replace whole top half p/n q6502-60116 approx. $150 - $200
3/12/2022 7:59:27 PM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Mar 12, 2022


7/29/2021 11:52:35 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Jul 29, 2021

Document loaded showing 3055

Sensor flag would have got stuck, check adf paper presence sensor
7/25/2021 7:07:28 PM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Jul 25, 2021

Says memory is low

Do the following:

1. Make sure that the memory does not have any faxes in it waiting to be sent if so send them.
2. Make sure that the memory does not contain any received faxes still waiting to be printed if so print them.
3. Use the HP ToolboxFX Fax tab to perform fax tasks from the computer. The Fax tab contains links to the following main pages:
● Fax Tasks. Perform such tasks as sending a fax or clearing the fax memory.
Fax Data Properties. Manage the space used to store faxes on a computer. These settings apply only if you have chosen to send or receive faxes remotely from the computer.

Enhanced I/O
The enhanced I/O (EIO) feature allows all-in-one memory to be used for storing data received from the
host computer. When EIO is enabled, more data can be sent to the all-in-one in shorter amounts of time
so that the user can return to the software program more quickly. The

EIO feature has the followingoptions:
Auto. The all-in-one uses EIO memory allocation to increase the speed of data transfer from the host computer to the all-in-one, if necessary. The default setting is Auto.
Off. The minimum amount of all-in-one memory is used to store data that is sent from the host computer.
Page Protect. The formatter creates the entire page image in page-buffer memory before physically moving the media through the all-in-one. This process ensures that the entire page is printed.
7/22/2021 6:06:22 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Jul 22, 2021

Fatal error installing HP 3055 all in one

OK, here is my debugged/tested solution.

I know your error refers to a different installer MSI file (CIOUM32.msi) but the installation component in your log file (ipm12.A4B24390_80AD_4BAF_B8FD_C670FE0DB586) is identical to the one that was giving me trouble as well (i.e. points to the same service/file). So it is definitely worth a shot to try this solution out as it will only take a few minutes.

My Scenario:

OS: MS Windows XP SP3 [Version 5.1.2600]
Printer: HP LaserJet 3390 (AiO) (Firmware datecode: 20070331)
Printer Connection: Connected via Ethernet with a static IP address
HP Driver Version: v4.0 (hp_LJ3050-3052-3055-3390-3392_Full_Solution_AMWE.exe)

Ran into same error that everyone else is experiencing. (see below)

Now Launching=X:\hpzmsi01.exe -m dot4msi -l XXX -f X:\DIVins??.DAT
Error message received: The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2753.
X:\HPZBDI32.msi failed with return code 1603
MSIInstall() failed with 1603
Exit code=1603

After debugging HP's installation scripts for 2 days, here is the cause & solution I identified to this specific install error. Once I got passed this error, everything installed without error and all functionality was working properly (including scanning!).


Microsoft Installer (MSI) error 1603 is simply a generic "A fatal error occurred during installation" -- see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa368542(VS.85).aspx. This is basically MSI telling you that something very bad has happened during the installation. In order to get more details, you can turn on MSI debug logging by following this MS Knowledge Base article (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/223300).

The MSI error code 2753 is the code for "The File '<file name>' is not marked for installation.". This error can be triggered by many scenarios, but usually, it has to do with the actual installation script not properly checking for the existence/non-existence of an installation file and then not marking it for either installation/removal. I know this sounds confusing, and it is. If your curious about all the possible causes, just Google for "msi 2753 not marked for installation" and you'll see lots of results which you can peruse for your own enjoyment.

In order to identify what was causing these 2 errors, I enabled debugging for MSI via the aforementioned MS KB article


Certain HP services (and associated DLL files) were somehow partially/improperly installed. (Possibly, from a previous failed install?)

The Windows services (files) were:

Pml Driver HPZ12 (C:\Windows\System32\HPZipm12.dll)
Net Driver HPZ12 (C:\Windows\System32\HPZinw12.dll)

The existence of these 2 files in the System32 directory was causing this error in my situation. Somehow, the installation script was not identifying that these files were already installed (or improperly installed) and failing to properly set them to be installed again.



1) Check to make sure that the 2 Windows services above are not running (or not installed).
2) Rename/delete the 2 associated service DLL files (this will only be possible once the services are stopped)
3) Run the installation again.

If all goes well, the install should now run without any issues.

Hope this helps since many people (including myself) have spent a lot of time (and HP Support chats) trying to find a workaround for this issue.

If you find this solution helped you out, please feel free to make a small donation to my PayPal ;)
7/22/2021 6:02:28 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Jul 22, 2021

HP Laser Jet 3055- "No print cartridge" message

This could also happen due to the censors.
Try these steps.

1. Take all the papers out from input tray.
2. Open the cart door & take the cart out,and let the door be open.
3. Turn Off the printer.
4. Clean the metal contacts on the cart.
5. Reinsert the papers & the cart.
6. Turn the printer on.

This could resolve the issue.
All the Best!!!!!!
5/30/2021 9:38:25 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on May 30, 2021

49 error in hp laserjet 3055

The HP Printer Error 49 is a connection error code. They can be hard to troubleshoot sometimes, But these failures can be a just substitute error that gets clear with a reboot or more hard errors that require a hardware replacement. Getting worried? Call our technical expertise our check these steps to know How to fix HP Printer Error 49. When you try and print a document with an HP printer you may receive the HP Printer Error 49. This is usually caused by a communications failure between the printer and the PC, or related file errors. If HP Printer Error 49 is not resolved, this might mean there's waste within the printer's inside. Check this Blog for a full solution or Call customer services. Facing Hp printer error 49. This Hp printer error 49 happens due to the failure of the printer driver software or due to a virus or malware invasion. We give online help for Any problem with HP printers. Follow Mentioned Blog for Solution

3/25/2021 8:06:42 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Mar 25, 2021

HP Laserjet 3055 with "scanner error 6 - turn off and on" error AND MORE SPAM AT 1-800-532-4187

hp laserjet 3055 by scanner error 6
Solution: I found a very small piece of paper between the glass and the scanner housing. The lamp's seen that and sent the error message. Nobody find that little stucked paper and the "IT expert" sad: need to buy a new machine because he can't repair it. So, sometimes the solution is very easy just need some attention. :)
3/3/2021 5:44:16 PM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Mar 03, 2021

No Paper in Document Feeder

I just upgrated my Vista system as recomanded, and after that I am not able to scan documents, getting the messGE " NO PAPER IN THE DOCUMENT FEEDER " on my all in one laiser jet 3050
3/30/2020 12:34:55 PM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Mar 30, 2020

Hp laserjet 3055 has code 52 scanner error

PRINTER ERROR The laser scanner speed is incorrect. X description: 1 = Scanner startup error 2 = Scanner rotation error 1. Press GO. The page containing the error will automatically be reprinted. 2. Turn the printer off and then on. 3. Reseat cables to the laser/ scanner and engine controller. 4. Replace the laser/scanner.
4/15/2019 9:47:07 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Apr 15, 2019

How to reset an HP LaserJet 3055

If you go in your user manual to page 241, it shows the following instructions on how to reset the printer to factory defaults. One important note is that you will lose EVERY stored piece of information including phone numbers and such.

To restore the factory-set defaults
On the all-in-one control panel, press Menu.
2. Use the < or the > button to select Service, and then press .
3. Use the < or the > button to select Restore defaults, and then press .
The all-in-one automatically restarts.

Hope this does it for you.
7/30/2018 7:05:52 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Jul 30, 2018

Document loaded

Sounds like the sensor arm in the ADF is stuck in open position. Lift the flap of ADF and see if the sensor arm moves freely.
6/15/2018 5:10:05 PM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Jun 15, 2018

Hp 3055 no lingt on the control pannel, no power up, no warm up

Hi benkoh76: Here is your problem. Troubleshooting checklist Follow these steps when trying to solve a problem with the all-in-one. Step number Verification step Possible problems Solutions 1 Is the power on? When the all-in-one is connected to a grounded power source and is turned on, the control panel shows Hewlett-Packard with moving cursors indicating that the firmware code is loading, and the main motor rotates for approximately 45 to 60 seconds. When the firmware is done loading, Scanner bulb warming up might appear on the control-panel display, and the scan head moves back and forth for 10 to 15 seconds. If you lift the scanner cover, you will see that the scanner bulb is lit. Near the end of this time, the ADF motor turns on for about two seconds. No power as a result of a failed power source, cable, switch, or fuse. 1. Verify that the all-in-one is plugged in. 2. Verify that the power cable is functional and that the power switch is on. 3. Check the power source by plugging the all-in-one directly into the wall or into a different outlet. Motor does not start. 1. Verify that the all-in-one is plugged into a working electrical receptacle. 2. Verify that the print cartridge is installed correctly. Follow the instructions on the control panel to remove and replace the cartridge. 3. Verify that the top cover is closed. ADF motor does not start. Open the ADF cover and remove any orange shipping tape inside the ADF. Verify that the ADF connector is connected correctly to the scanner. If the ADF motor still does not rotate, replace the ADF. Scanner bulb does not light. If the scanner bulb does not light, verify that the wire-harness connectors from the scanner to the formatter are connected correctly. If the error persists, replace the following components one at a time until the problem is resolved: scanner assembly, formatter. Hope this helps
5/11/2018 12:00:23 PM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on May 11, 2018

Scanner error 52 turn off and turn on

Sir/Madam Unfortunately there's no troubleshoot with a 52 error. As it implies it's usually the scanner bad. It sits up top- under the top cover. It connects to the Formatted Board on the left side. and there's 2 connector s at the scanner itself. So if Your HP Printer is Under warranty ( 12 Months ) Then I Suggest You Go To Official authorized HP shop for your HP Printer Problem and Troubleshoot or Go To Official HP Printer Website To Update HP Printer Software and Driver,Or You Update It From Official Below URL Link: http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Printers-LaserJet/HP-Laserjet-P2055d-error-message-quot-52-Scanner-Error-Turn-off/m-p/5905671#M207987 or http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Printers-LaserJet/HP-Laserjet-P2055d-error-message-quot-52-Scanner-Error-Turn-off/m-p/5905671#M207987 Or In Case You Having Still Problem Then Follow Us On: HP Printer Support
5/2/2018 11:24:08 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on May 02, 2018

How to solve scanner error 5 in HP LASERJET 3055?

The stepper motor controlling the scan arm is defective. Replace motor or entire unit.
11/15/2017 6:57:01 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Nov 15, 2017

Hp laserjet 3055 scanner error

Fat bed lid should be clean and closed, Scanner assy should move and scanner bulb should glow for a while, during the booting process.
The Flexible Flat Cable (pitch 1 mm x 30 Pin) should not be damaged (replace if damaged) and well pushed inside its jack in the formatter. (Open the right side cover and check).
The flat bed scanner's glass frame & Door base should mate perfectly with ease. If opened earlier, the ADF wire harness which passes on the inside along the rear right corner, can prevent PERFECT mating (if in palce the mating would not need any pressure and would fit in place easily), A gap of less tahn 1 mm can be the culprit.
If problem still persists open the scanner flat bed cover, clean the guide rod, check the laser assy movement, clean the black stripe above the resting place of the laser unit, laser unit mirrors ( 4 nos - with lint free fabric and Iso=Propyal Alcohol) re-assemble the flat bed cover with laser assy mid way on its path (to check movement when you boot). Ensure perfect mating as above stated.
If problem persists I fear you may have to replace the scanner assy or the formatter. Before you decide to replace formatter try "Permanent Storage Init" process posted by me for PC scanner "No connection" error.

11/15/2017 6:01:22 AM • HP LaserJet 3055... • Answered on Nov 15, 2017
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