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Flashing Red LED charging light

Second new EX-S600 camera. Battery is in properly. Camera is in charging cradle properly. I cannot get steady red led light for charging. I have checked and re-checked. Everything is placed properly. I looked at online manual: This is the second camera. The first had the same problem and I returned it. Could it be the batteries are too old that come with these cameras? Or am I consistently doing something wrong. Everything is installed correctly. Professor Ferklempt.

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You can salvage your old battery. Sounds crazy but you can take a 9 volt battery and jumper it to the old battery . It will put enough charge in the np-20 to make it start charging in the cradle. Takes about 20 seconds.. make sure you go + to + .. the size of the 9 volt fits perfectly.

Posted on Feb 26, 2008


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overexposed photos in otherwise normal settings in casio ex-s500

recent problem w/overexposed photos with multiple horizontal or vertical lines across light color object, but video mode works fine with regular exposed video images in casio exilim digital camera. factory reset was done to restore settings, but captured photo quality haven't return to normal.

I'm getting overexposed pictures yet video works fine. Some pictures come out fine with flash (only in dark). Otherwise, overexposed, really bright almost white pictures with lines. help!

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It is the shutter (or at least it was for me) I found a simple test here:
I repaired it myself, but it took me a whole afternoon and lots of patience.
The hard part is taking the camera apart, once I got to the shutter I just activated it manually so to dislodge any pieces that might have gotten jammed, then placed it back together again and it worked! :).
It's really hard to take apart, it's like a puzzle sometimes, to find which screws are keeping it together. I also had a bit of hard time when it came to put the zoom back together again.
But I guess it beats throwing the camera away.
I'm still puzzled on how the CCD works so that an overexposure would make horizontal overexposed lines, but everything points to that. Fixed shutter, lines be gone.

Posted on Sep 16, 2008


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casio digital camera ex-s600 won't turn on

it shows red when charging but I can't get it to turn on whether it's on the dock or not. When I connect the USB it won't connect I still can't get it to turn on. it worked fine but i haven't used it for nearly 3 mos and now it won't work. Please help.

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*** SOLUTION *** Mine had the same problem. My camera works now. What did the trick for me was removing the Flash Card. It appears card went bad and the camera would never power on because of this. I just removed the card and the camera powered on. I tested the card on my printer and it wont let me read or reformat. Hope this helps. -HenryVerde

Posted on May 01, 2008


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Casio Exilim EX-S600 time and date entry at every startup

My Casio Exilim EX-S600 works great, but at every startup it needs all it's basic info entered (ie, Language, Home City, date and time). A friend told me the "internal battery" is dead. Does anyone know if that is true, and if so how should I go about replacing it? Camera is 1yr old. Have two batteries - same issue with either battery. Tried different cards too.

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Even casio seem confused by this question! It seems that the camera will loose it's settings if the battery is dead or the camera is not connected via USB. Even if the battery is charged it could loose the settings within 24hrs. You can get the manual below:

Posted on Aug 05, 2007


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Casio Exilim lens stuck half out.

The camera will turn on and say "LENS ERROR"

Please Help

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Do these step by step

1.Remove the batteries from the camera, wait a few minutes. Put a fresh set of batteries back in (preferably rechargeable NiMH 2500mah or better) and turn the camera on.

2.Remove the batteries, then remove the memory card. Then install the new batteries, when you turn it on it should come back to life. Error E30 means you don't have a memory card installed, so turn it off, slip in the memory card and turn it on one last time.

Insert the cameras Audio/Video (AV) cable, and turn the camera on. Inserting this cable ensures that the camera's LCD screen remains off during the start process. Thus extra battery power is available to the camera's lens motor during startup. This extra power can be useful in overcoming grit or sand particals that may be jamming the lens. If the AV cable doesn't fix the lens error by itself, consider keeping this cable installed while trying fixes 4, 5, and 7 as a means to provide extra help to these fixes. But note that I DON'T recommend keeping the cable installed during Fix 6 as you may damage the AV port while tapping the camera. Reinsert the cable only AFTER tapping the camera.

4.Place the camera flat on its back on a table, pointed at the ceiling. Press and hold the shutter button down, and at the same time press the power-on button. The idea is that the camera will try to autofocus while the lens is extending, hopefully seating the lens barrel guide pins in their slots.

5.Blow compressed air in the gaps around the lens barrels with the idea of blowing out any sand or grit that may be in there jamming the lens. Other variations include blowing with a hair dryer in “no heat” setting, or sucking the gaps with a vacuum.Be careful

the following steps are littile bit it at your own risk

6.3Repeatedly tap the padded/rubber usb cover on a hard surface with the intent of dislodging any particles that may be jamming the lens. Other variations include hitting a side of the camera against the palm of your hand. A lot of people have reported success with this method. HOWEVER, there is also some potential for damaging or dislodging internal components with this method, such as unseating ribbon cables, or cracking LCD screens.

7.Try forcing the lens. More people have reported success with this method than with any of the other methods. HOWEVER, there's obviously some potential for damaging your camera by using this method. Variations include gently pulling, rotating, and/or twisting the lens barrel while hitting the power button. Attempt to gently straighten or align the barrel if it's crooked or twisted. Another variation includes looking for uneven gaps around the lens barrel, and then pushing on the side of the lens barrel that has the largest gap (note pushing the lens barrel all the way in is NOT recommended as it may become stuck there). While doing any of the above, listen for a click that indicates that the lens barrel guide pins may have reseated in their guide slots. If you hear this click, immediately stop and try the camera. The following photo illustrates unseated guide pins that would cause a lens error.

Posted on Jul 26, 2009


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My EX-S5 says lense error

My new camera that I got for mothers day that has no scratch and I have never dropped it (which the guy says must have happened for the lens error to occur), says lense error when i turn it on. Though it is not the lense because when I first turn it on the lense works, it is just a little blurry and when you turn the zoom button to focus, it makes a noise and the lens error comes up and the camera shuts off with the lens still out and open. I turn it on again and it still says lens error only the lens goes back in and closes.

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Lens errors are fairly common. Usually it's sand or grit interfering with the lens extension mechanism. Or the camera's been dropped with the lens extended. Or the camera has been powered on, but the lens had been blocked preventing its extension. Or the battery ran down with the lens extended ...

Here's some things that you can do to try to correct it. They only seem to work for less than 50% of the lens errors, but if the camera is out of warranty, they're worth a try:

Posted on Jun 10, 2009


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memory card won't unlock

i have a canon power shot and when I insert the pny micro sd the
i keep reciving a message that the meory card is locked . this is even after moving the lock. casn you help ?

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First I know you've said you've checked the card's slide switch, but just want to restate this first for others with the same problem who may not know of this switch.

Check to make sure that you didn't accidentally place the tiny locking slide switch on the side of your SD card in the "locked" downward position. The correct "unlocked" position should be slid up toward the direction of the connectors.

If you've tried this, and it's still showing locked, it's likely that the locking switch inside the camera's card slot is stuck. If you look inside the slot on the side of the slot where the SD card slide switch would be, you'll see a glint of gold color on the side. This is the camera's lock/unlock switch. The other glint's of gold that you may see at the far end of the slot are the reader's connectors (ignore those).

Somehow, the locking switch is making contact and has become stuck in the locked position. With a plastic toothpick, or other skinny NON-METALLIC item, tap against this switch to see if you can jar open the contact to its normal unlocked position. Also try blowing compressed air at it, as some gunk may have worked its way in there, jamming it closed. Occasionally, reinsert the SD card to see if the issue has been corrected.

If repeated tries fail, it may be time to consider opening the camera to force open this switch (not recommended unless you have some familiarity with electronics). In this case please see the following (xscrewdriver, hope you don't mind me referencing your blog):

Posted on Jul 11, 2009


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pictures too white and blurry

All of a sudden, my camara which used to take perfect pictures started taking very white pictures whenever I was outdoors. Every once in a while it would go back to normal, but now all the pictures I take with it are useless, even the ones I take indoors, if they are not too white they are blurry. what's going on? is the problem fixable?

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If the photo shoot out show white , the obscure (quality variation), and even horizontal line ( white lines), and so on over-exposure cases, even if the use of anti-tremor, set to default values are invalid, because the camera shutter fault.

It's need repair camera machine shutter.

more detail casio ex-s600 overexpourse

Posted on Mar 22, 2008


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replacing lcd on casio ex-s600

do you 1: know where i can buy just the screen and 2: know of a link that shows how. ive got the screen out but its going to be hell getting it back in unless i can get the camera totally appart.

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Hey i found this site that is great on how to change a LCD for the camera

Posted on Nov 27, 2007


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Casio Exilim EX-Z60 - severe overexposure - entire image is white

I recently bought a used Casio Exilim ex z60 and outdoors photos are unusable due to overexposure. Indoor photos in a dim room are usable, but it's as bright as if the room were well-lit. Strangely, the same outdoor setting that results in a completely washed-out white photo can be captured perfectly in video mode.

Is something broken in this used camera?

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Yes the place sold you a camera with a bad CCD. They should replace it for free.

Posted on Jun 02, 2008

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