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Your problem sounds like a broken belt . Check and replace. Good Luck Friend.

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it sounds like there is something stuck in the water pump you will need to lay the water outlet on the floor into a shallow vessal to empty it then that the back off locate the water pump and see if you can rotate the cooling propeller if not take the motor housing apart to remove the debris that's preventing it from turning if the motor has not burnt out eric

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When you opened the lid to add clothes, your Maytag sensed a door lock fault and went into protective shutdown.

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Hi Greg.
this is all i could find,go to this link and see if it helps you out.
Maytag Atlantis washer Model MAVT754EWW how to clean the hose Screens that...

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I would not fix it myself .

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The model number would help, ya know?

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Press 2 metal tabs. About 6" from the sides on the front of washer. Plastic ring on top has tabs that need to be disengaged to disconnect the ring. Once ring has been removed the area between the plastic tub & metal tub is accessible. Check for small articles of clothing, like socks or underwear. Inner tub can be removed by: snap up plastic cap (small slot for tool to slip in and pop up). Remove 7/16 nut and remove agitator (may require to be rocked back & forth, sits on a splined shaft). Remove 5 small phillips screws, being careful not to drop any, and pull inner metal tub up (may require it being shimmied back and forth). Removing this tub will give full access to any debris or articles of clothing that may be under it. Please keep in mind that if you're challenged in reassembly

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Go to and enter MAV6000. With luck, you will be presented with a list of common replacement parts and may be able to view a generic Maytag video showing disassembly and replacement.

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Realistically, a 10-year old Maytag is nearing the end of its usual life. The pump may be leaking at random times during a wash cycle. If you put 50% of the cost of a new one into repairs, it is time to thing seriously about replacement of the machine.

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There are 2 screws behind panel. Remove to lift panel, remove the 2 clips and disconnect lid switch connector. You can then lift body off frame.

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Remove top cover, take out the bolt remove the small cover to expose the plate with several screws,remove the screws and lift the inner tub up. Usually this requires two people to get the tub up and out as it is very hard to pull up as it kind of sticks to the shaft

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clean the lint filter in the machine

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may have blown a fuse check in the panel and also check to see if it has a thermal fuse included, I would also check the door switch as it can cut off all power also

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No spin, or lite spin try these:

Using a multi meter check for continuity the door switch, which when bad may not allow agitation or spin. The lid switch assembly can fail either mechanically or electrically.

Check the clutch, brake assembly and transmission, one way to check for slipping is to get under the machine after a spin cycle ( this is if u get a lil spin but not much leaving clothes still wet) mix in a spray bottle a lil water and some dish detergent, then spray it on the clutch assembly ( the metal round pc. Connected to the tranny) if it sizzles and steams up then u know its bad and slipping. Another way to check clutch if u get no spin at all? Is to take it out and use ur hand to try and turn the inner spring assembly pushing it around the inside? If its very easy, it BAD should be hard to push by hand.

Next check the motor coupler which engages the tub and tranny to the motor. ( if its bad u usually get no wash or spin or very little of either)

Next check for a loose, worn or broken belt if belt driven.

On some front load models u may need to check the STATOR assembly.
The stator is essentially one half of a motor, it interacts with the tub by creating a strong electro-magnet. If the stator burns out the washer won't spin or agitate. Check the stator for continuity. This part is often misdiagnosed.

Sometimes a no spin machine can be due to a plugged waterpump hose or obstructed water pump propeller. Check these by eye and hand.

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Check balance spring adjusters are locked off. Could be the base warping, if so it will need replacing.

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The water inlet valve has something caught between the diaphram & body or the diaphram is split. If it is the type with screws in it you can pull it to pieces, remove the foreign matter or replace the diaphram if damaged (if you can buy one). Alternately replace the valve.

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If you do it yourself it will be about 40 dollars and a few hours of your time. Have someone else do it for you and it will be about 200 dollars

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Start the washer in a normal cycle, once it starts to fill, unplug the unit from the wall. If the water stops completely its not a water valve issue. If it still drips, replace the water valve to the washer. Good Luck

I’m happy to help further over the phone at

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Good question! I wondered this too... But I just did this last week and I was successful... Lets see if you can be too.
First.. How old are your hoses? Are they getting stiff? Maybe time to invest in new ones... Especially the hot one... For heat makes these hoses age quicker.. And pick up a couple screen type hose washers for each end, if they are not already on your new hoses... Or if you are not changing hoses this time.
OK... Now you see how to turn off the water?
Turn it off and bleed the pressure off by attempting to fill the machine....
Now a pair of slip joint pliers helps to loosen the connector. . start at the supply valve end... See the screen... Right there in the end of the hose? Is it dirty, clogged? Or maybe even rusted and failed? Maybe you are glad you invested in the new hose? If so, just install the new hose. If not... Do you have access to compressed air? Can you take the hose to a friend and blow it out?. If not try removing the screen type hose washer... If you have to destroy it getting it out... You have new washers.. Install them... Likely there is one at each end.
Now... Before you hook it all back up... Can you blow air thru the hose easily? Then hook up the hoses to the water supply ends at the wall... Put the hoses in an empty bucket... Turn on the water valve... Do you get a real strong flow of water? If so.. You are ready to connect to the washing machine end also. Now does the machine fill up g fast again? What did you find? Let us know... We are here to help. MB

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