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In my case it was a old connector harness located on your motor. Leads comming from tacho ( 2 red wires) were not passing thru harness. I rilpped them off and made solid but crimps.

Hope this helps a little.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Mar 17, 2019 | 1,596 views

Close the water faucet slightly to reduce the speed of the flow into the the soap drawer...The machine will fill a little slower, so what??!

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Nov 03, 2017 | 117 views

There seems to be some sort of blockage before the pump.You may have a blockage at the point where water drains from tube. Good Luck Friend.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Oct 15, 2017 | 161 views

Would be the Inlet solenoid (this is effectively the valve that allows water to come in - that the inlet hose screws on to, and has a couple of wires going to it on the inside).
Replace carefully, with the power shut off, or simply turn the tap off when not in use :-)

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Oct 01, 2017 | 99 views

"ND" refers to a No Drain issue . check for restrictions in the pump assembly, restrictions in the drain hose, loose wire at the pump, or it's a bad pump.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Jun 26, 2016 | 274 views

I have checked the tech sheet for your washer there is not any F codes only E codes. The two you have listed are for the stuck button. It sounds like someone was playing with the buttons and held the button for more that 30 secs. Then possible put it in child lock. If you need more help please let me know.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Apr 03, 2016 | 43 views

need to replace mainboard

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Aug 12, 2014 | 390 views

I had this problem solved by changing this control board:
Whirlpool Part Number 34001494: CNTRL-ELEC I bought this from AMAZON for under $ 200, was able to change myself, good luck

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Jun 12, 2014 | 301 views

You need to open the water pump to see if it is clogged with any thing causing the obstruction for not draining.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Jun 12, 2014 | 126 views

I am sorry the code is hp

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Mar 11, 2014 | 78 views

This isn't good. it's normally related to the tub bearing or spider brace on the inner/ outer tub. Both parts tend to be very costly. If its under a year old you will be covered in warranty.. if not it maybe time for a new machine. I have seen this on washer's as little as 14 month old. I'm not a front load washer fan because of this problem.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Mar 08, 2014 | 105 views

If you're going to trash the machine, then you could use a large pry bar to force the door open from the hinge side - or a Framing hammer, with splayed flat forks. drive the prying instrument into the hinge side of the door with a hammer and pry away!
Hope this helps!

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Dec 17, 2013 | 38 views

Possibly metal (paper clip or small coin causing earth leakage in water pump. Strip and clean, check all wires for shorting. Recheck plug fuse and motor (could be burnt out).

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Dec 09, 2013 | 107 views

Do you hear the drain pump running? If so, you probably have something clogging the drain line. If you don't hear it running, the pump is probably dead. You can access the pump from the rear of the machine, and isn't that hard to do.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Nov 11, 2013 | 32 views

Technical Manual say "System Relay Failure"
Diagnostic Code 34

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Sep 24, 2013 | 1,818 views

system relay failure. Sorry to say, but it means you have to replace the machine control board.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Sep 24, 2013 | 111 views

Sr is a stuck relay on your main board.Replace your pc board.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Sep 24, 2013 | 6,322 views

if you remove the oval cover in the back of the mach,you will find the pump.there are 2 hose clamps to remove.usually you will find change stuck in the pump.remove the screws on the bracket that holds down the pump and you can take the entire pump out...good luck

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Jun 14, 2015 | 4,401 views

The control board is faulty and will need to be replaced. Here is the part to order and it comes with a 365 day, any part, any reason return policy.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on Jun 27, 2013 | 252 views

"F24" is a Temperature sensor error. The following link explains:

The temperature sensor, is located under the bottom front of the wash tub. It is a small square black plug between the heating element terminals. In many cases the connector plug comes loose and simply needs to be reconnected.

If the sensor is defective, a replacement can be purchased at any of the following websites:

Prices vary between these sites, so shop and compare. If the model number is correct, the part number you need is 1404-000230. It is listed as item 6A in the parts listing at, but does not show an image of it. The average cost is about $10.

Each one of these washers comes with a technical data sheet inside. To access, you will need to remove the lower toe panel under the door. The access screws are located under the bottom front edge of the panel. You may have to prop the two front fett of the washer up for better access ( a 2x4 works well for this). With the screws removed, the panel should drop down, then come off. If the tech sheet isn't directly behind the panel, it will be affixed to one of the interior cabinet walls.

The tech sheet lists all error code definitions, troubleshooting data, diagnostics procedures and wiring diagrams. I mention the tech sheet because you may need it to troubleshoot this error code.

Although, the problem is usually attributed to the sensor, it could possibly be the heating element and/or connections. The tech sheet should list the steps necessary to isolate the problem.

If you have any questions about this repair, please post back and let me know. I hope this helps you.

Maytag MAH8700A... | Answered on May 28, 2013 | 341 views

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