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'paper jam' error on canon pixma ip4300

my printer will not print as it keeps showing a 'paper jammed in outlet slot' message. i have checked this area and these is no paper jammed. when i turn the printer off and then back on it feeds a piece of paper through without any problems but then brings the paper jam message up again. can any one help

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Hi guys, I eventually found a solution to the problem for my printer. With the top cover open, I pushed a sheet of 120 micron thickness A4 clear plastic binding cover through the exit tray as far as it would go to rest against the bottom row of rollers. I switched the printer off then back on again and as the rollers lifted momentarily, I pushed the sheet of plastic as far up through the machine as I could before the rollers went down again - it went in a fair distance. The printer then ejected the plastic sheet. I then put the plastic sheet into the paper tray and tried to print a blank document page. The plastic fed through cleanly and my printer has been working since without any error messages. I hope this works for you.

Posted on Mar 04, 2008


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my canon pixma ip4200 flashes

my canon pixma ip4200 flashes orane 5 times

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How to reset waste ink / blinking printer canon ip4200

With the printer power turned off, while pressing the Resume/Cancel button, press and hold the Power button. (DO NOT release the buttons. The Power LED lights in green to indicate that a function is selectable.)

While holding the Power button, release the resume/Cancel button. (DO NOT release the Power

While holding the Power button, press the Resume/Cancel button 2 times, and then release both
the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the Alarm and Power LEDs light alternately, Alarm in orange and Power in green, starting with Alarm LED.)

When the Power LED lights in green, press the Resume/Cancel button the specified number of
time(s) setting).
After pressing the Resume/Cancel button the required number of times -you must press the On/Off button to perform the task. For Example Pressing Resume/Cancel 1 time, then press On/Off - does a Service Test Print

Time(s) LED indication Function Remarks 0 times Green (Power) Power off When the print head is not installed, the carriage returns and locks in the home position capped.
1 time Orange (Alarm) Service test print .
2 times Green (Power) EEPROM information print
3 times Orange (Alarm) EEPROM initialization
4 times Green (Power) Waste ink counter resetting
5 times Orange (Alarm) Destination settings After entering the destination settings mode, press the Resume/Cancel button the specified number of time(s) to select the destination. For detail, see "Destination settings procedures" below.
6 times Green (Power) Print head deep cleaning (Cleaning of both black and color)
7 times Orange (Alarm) Reserved
8 times Green (Power) CD / DVD check pattern
9 times Orange (Alarm) CD / DVD print position
correction (horizontal: X direction)
10 times Green (Power) CD / DVD print position
correction (vertical: Y direction)
11 to 13 times Orange, Green, Orange(Alarm,
Power,Alarm) Return to the menu selection
14 times Green (Power) Left margin correction Not used in servicing.
15 times Orange (Alarm) Return to the menu selection

If I could be of further assistance, let me know. If this helps or solves the issue, please rate it and give a testimonial for my response. Happy Holidays!

Thanks, Joe

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at

Posted on Dec 23, 2010


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canon ip2000 service error 5100

when trying to print service error 5100 comes up.unfortunately have misplaced manual so cannot find description of problem. any assistance would be greatly apprectiated

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I have been facing same error and this was the solution.
Canon Error 5100

Posted on Oct 18, 2011


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Pixma IP4500 Ink Tank Reset

I have had my Canon Pixma IP4500 for a month now and have replaced the ink with compatable inks only to notic that it is not printing the same quality so I am going back to original canon inks. Is there any way of resetting the ink tank sensor back to how it was when I got the printer? Hope you can help. Lisa

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Posted on Jul 26, 2008


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error 5B00 and don't know how to fix it.

5B00 canon MP830

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Error 5B00 refers to the waste ink absorption pads.

Inkjet printers have a fibrous pad inside them that collects the waste ink from cleaning the print head. Over time, this pad fills up with ink and can no longer hold any more. When this occurs, the printer indicates error 5B00.

Replacing the waste ink absorption pads is something an authorized canon service facility can take care of for you.

Posted on May 28, 2009


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Canon PIXMA iP4200 - not printing in colours

None of the colours print on my documents. The black one prints fine. I use refilled cartiges, I've reseted the printer. Suddenly all the colours disappeared. I've washed the printhead, to be sure it isn't cogged. Did I distroyed it? What should I do next?

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hi i am a Canon certified tech for this machine.the orignal problem you had most likely was not your printhead but since you washed it most likely it is ruined. the problem most likely is the purge unit. the purge unit is the unit to the far right of the machine. this unit cleans and purges ink from the ink tanks to the printhead. to do this it uses 2 pads one for black and one for color. these pads can be flushed with water to soften up any ink. i would also replace the printhead which can be ordered by calling 1-800-OK-CANON or by going to their website. one other tip, refilled ink cartridges cause more clogging of printheads and purge unit then OEM ink. this is because the ink is thicker then the OEM ink. hope this helps to clairify.

Posted on Jan 05, 2008


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Error 1660 on Canon ip4200

I refill my own ink cartridges rather than buying branded products, but 5 years on I now find I get error 1660 coming up when I try to print. How do I fix the problem? It's a canon pixma ip4200 linked to an imac running OSX 10.6.8

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Canon Support Code 1660 shows a cartridge error.

It normally happens when you do not install ink cartridges correctly into the printer. As and when it shows error 1660 with your Canon machine, you will not be able to take the printing session more. Moreover, you will notice that the printing method becomes slow and sluggish.

Reasons that cause Canon Support Code 1660.

1. Ink cartridges are not installed properly.

2. Printers are unable to recognize the ink tank.

3. Inks cartridge may be damaged or clogged.

4. Misplacement of ink cartridges.

Don't get fear if you are also suffering the same position, you can easily fix this error by taking help from us.

Full Blog - Canon Support Code 1660


Posted on Aug 22, 2020


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ip 4200 blinks 5 times

I have a Pixma IP 4200 and doesn't work. The orange led blinks 5 times. help thx luminita [email protected]

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This error is the print head is not installed
[1401], or it is not properly
installed (Print head temperature
sensor error [1403] / Faulty
EEPROM data of the print head

Posted on Oct 08, 2009


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Canon Pixma ip4200 printer, error 1414

Hello - Like many others on your web-site, my Canon Pixma iP4200 printer has suddenly started giving me notices of "error 1414". The yellow alarm light blinks 15 times, and the software says:
"Error Number : 1414 Ink tank errors have occurred. Open the printer's cover and replace the ink tanks on which ink lamps are off."
The ink tank in question is the Cyan.
The ink tank is almost new and there is plenty of ink in it.
According to others on your web-site, it does not help to replace the ink tank, the same thing continues to happen, so I hesitate to waste 20 dollars on a replacement until I know what is happening.
Don Wagner [email protected]

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Hello there,

I've gotten in touch with Canon and have something a little different to try. At the very least the error should change. (Sorry, gallows humor). Please read this entire response before taking action.

After the upcoming test procedure, I have included a link and procedure to contact Canon tech support. The assure me they will replace any faulty tanks.

The purpose of this exercise is either rule out ink tanks that are behaving or isolate the one(s) responsible for the 1414. You should write down the results of this test. Please perform the following:

1. Open the printer and remove all ink tanks.

2. Insert a single ink tank in the printer then close the cover.

3. Confirm whether the printer recognizes the installed tank properly. If it does, it will indicate it does not detect the other ink tanks, as they are not currently installed in the printer.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 with another ink tank.

5. If the printer at any time indicates two of the same ink tanks are installed, the cause will be the last tank installed. For example, if you inserted an ink tank earlier, and you later inserted another ink tank, and it said two of the same inks were installed, the cause of the issue is the last ink tank.

Click here for the Canon PIXMA iP4200 support page
Then click on e-mail support.
Fill out the form.
Under description, supply the following info:

Error 1414 Ink tank problem on my Canon PIXMA iP4200
The error won't go away.
I have replaced the <color in question> tank, reseated it, yet the error remains.

You will also need to list what inks are being used in the printer. State the type of ink that is being used and the order that the tanks are installed in the print head.
Provide the exact part number (such as BCI-6C, BCI3eBk, etc.) if possible.

The Canon support rep assured me they will be glad to replace the malfunctioning tank(s) for you at no cost. Please
respond with the results, and specify the ink tank(s) that were not recognized correctly.

They responded quickly, professionally and apologetically. They want to help get this resolved for you.

I hope this helps end the frustration you must be feeling. If you need additional help or clarification, click the ASK button.


If you could take a moment and rate this response, I would appreciate it.

Posted on Jul 31, 2008


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Service error 6000

I have a Canon Pixma ip4200 printer which has worked pretty well up until now. I printed 2 pages off and at the end of the second page a service error code 6000 appeared. I emailed their helpdesk and was told that it is a paper feed error and to send it for service to be repaired. It will cost £59.93, so I might as well buy a new one for that price if I can't do it myself! Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? Many thanks

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i have canon pixma ip1200, and I encountered the same problem with yours..SERVICE ERROR 6000, i tried to do a lot of things in my printer, i tried to Turn it on and off but it doesn't fix my problem, then I read that error came from, paper feed and roller..then i tried to pull and roll the soft plastic of the roller at the left side of the printer (if you're facing the printer, make sure the printer is off) then i notice that something's blocking the roller and then i turned the printer on and that's works again, so far i've encountered the problem 2 times and i did the same procedure at the second time i encountered the problem.. I hope this will HELP you..;-)

Posted on Mar 05, 2009

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