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Camera will not recogonize the memory card?

is the card formatted? If there are photos on the card, download to computer as formatting will erase the card.
12/30/2011 2:05:11 AM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Dec 30, 2011

Hello I have an older Camera CD33 and afer a

Hello Mr. Hermann
I prefer the "trailing edge" of technology myself. Tried and true, right?
Oldtimer or not, I'd bet you're using a powerhouse of a computer, and obviously you had no problem getting here. :).

Deducing from the statement "and afer a longer time I tried to operate it again but got only a message that the function fails" and since the camera uses up some battery juice while it's turned OFF, I concluded that the batteries may be at fault.

The reason nothing happens when you try to turn the camera ON is usually because the batteries are just too weak.

The proper battery for that camera is the Lithium type, and likely costs around $15.00 but it lasts a long time, if you don't use the flash a lot.
Give it a try and see what happens.

If you like to bother with that, there are rechargeable alternatives, but they must be the Li-Ion type. The price varies, and maybe you can check it out online, or with a place that sell cameras and such.
A specialty camera store likely have higher prices.

I have one charger and two batteries, so while I'm using one battery, the other one is charging.
6/21/2011 3:30:41 AM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Jun 21, 2011

When i turn on camera

According to the symptom you have to replace the optical lens assymbly. Lens stuck, is common defective that need new lens unit replacement or just repairable.

Causes of a Lens Error: There are a number of ways with which a lens error can be caused. Particulates might have managed to get into the mechanical bits that allow the lens to retract, a purely physical interference with the lens mechanism. If the camera was dropped, especially while the lens was extended, there's a pretty good chance something might have been knocked loose, such as the guide pins upon which the lens withdraws and retracts.

How to Repair a Lens Error: As scary as a lens error might seem, there are some easy fixes. Before trying any of them out, however, first take a good long look at your camera warranty and maybe have a chat with the company. If the lens error will be covered under the terms of the warranty, go for it. Even some of the simple fixes mentioned below might void the camera warranty. Frankly, however, it's unlikely that a lens error will qualify for the warranty.

Additional details could find in this article link: fixing-lens-error-on-digital-camera.html

Additionally, here is a video of the normal power up sequence of the camera and there other moethods:
1. Here is the first alternate method
2. Here is the second alternate method

Good luck.
6/7/2011 1:12:49 AM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Jun 07, 2011

Is there compatible sd cards

The CD33 will work with any SD card. Just be sure to get SD cards, not SDHC cards. SD cards max out at 2GB, SDHC cards start at 4GB.
2/23/2011 3:06:39 AM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Feb 23, 2011

My camera came with a 256 MB memory card. I've

I agree with you. The manual only mentions sizes up to 256Mb, which makes it look like this is the size limit. However, there is no actual mention of such a limit. Other, more general Kodak pages certainly imply that this camera will accept a SD (not SDHC) card of any valid size (up to 2Gb, in other words).

I have read the manual for your camera, and searched the Internet, and I have not found any other mention of the largest size of card that your camera can take. However, I notice that a LOT of people have been posting to fixya complaining that their 2Gb cards are not working in their CD33 camera. This would definitely imply that this camera has a problem with the larger sizes.

There are two possible outcomes/solutions for your situation. One outcome is that your camera can't take such a large card, and Kodak didn't tell you, because such large cards weren't available at the time it was made. There's a faint chance that downloading the latest firmware for your camera might fix this, but frankly it sounds like a lot of trouble. You can access loads of CD33 data, including updated firmware, from here:

The second solution is that the card simply needs to be formatted. In theory, a card should be already formatted when purchased, and further formatting should not be necessary. However, the manual is quite insistent that YOUR camera needs the card to be formatted again in the camera, and of the handful of other similar posts on this site, a couple had gurus instruct the posters to go through the formatting procedure. Unlike the 'firmware' suggestion, this one is definitely worth a try. Ensure that you have nothing of value on the card, and follow the format procedure in the camera menu:
2/17/2011 5:54:47 AM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Feb 17, 2011

I dropped my camera on


The problem is that the lens has become stuck in the barrel. There are some DIY solutions you could try, but the probability is that you will have to get it fixed by a professional.

Use these at own risk as it may further damage the camera.

Firstly , try connecting your ac adapter or usb cable.

Try holding the shutter button while switching on the camera.

Look at the lens , and if some of the lens 'circles' is misaligned or not concentric then try wiggling it (while holding camera lens down).

Try gently pushing or pulling the lens when it extends but this is risky as it may cause the lens barrel to slip out of its guidance system.

Another way to do this is to place the camera lens down on a hard surface and then power it up. Be sure to use a soft cloth or something similar as to not scratch your lens or casing. Let the lens push the camera up and down a few times and sometimes the little resistance provided by the camera is enough to get things going again.

Try hitting your camera near the lens on the body with the soft tissue on the palm of your hand.

Other than that , I would take the camera to a repair centre for a evaluation to see if it would cost more to repair than to replace the camera.

If it is still under warranty I would suggest you take it in before trying any of these steps and remove any off-brand batteries or accessories as some stores are really fussy about warranty repairs on camera's with non-brand accessories.

You can also have a look at THIS link.

Hope the advise is useful. please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any further assistance. Also, please be so kind to let me know if you found this helpful.

2/11/2011 12:38:10 AM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Feb 11, 2011

How do you turn off

Assuming the flash button (has a lightning strike symbol next to it) is working, you should be able to scroll through the settings to turn the flash off on the CD33. The settings are Auto, Fill, Red-eye and Off. However, the default flash setting may be overridden when you chose some picture-taking modes. You will have to adjust the flash with the button again to make Off the default. (Assuming the camera won't demand flash due to other conditions.)

The flash button is just to the left of the wheel for turning on the camera and choosing the mode.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells
1/2/2011 5:45:10 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Jan 02, 2011

My camera is not working

Given the age of the camera I would recommend replacing it, this is only a 3.1 megapixel camera. You can buy camera's that are easily twice that for about 50-60$.
Thank you,
12/30/2010 5:30:01 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Dec 30, 2010

Purchased new 2gb memory card

Did you navigate through your camera's menu and find the card format selection? You need to format your memory cards when new, and it is also best practice to format the card after each time you use it and remove the pictures you want to keep.
11/25/2010 3:13:08 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Nov 25, 2010

Kodak EasyShare CD33 Digital Camera i got a sd 2gb

Sounds like the 2Gb SD card is too large in capacity for the camera. There is a difference between SD cards and SDHC (high capacity) cards, if it is one of those. They are not backward compatible.
10/19/2010 11:39:43 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Oct 19, 2010

Kodak EasyShare CD33 Digital Camera i need sd

You should be able to use any SD card, up to 2GB in size, in the CD33. Be aware that cards larger than 2GB are actually SDHC cards and will not work in the CD33.
10/19/2010 8:09:35 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Oct 19, 2010

I can't seem to download my photos from my camera.

The easy share usually comes with a docking station that connects on the bottom. Failing that, the USB cable must fit the camera and your computer must see anew device.
Reboot your computer then try reconnecting. Since you have done it before, the software is already on your system.
Good luck
9/26/2010 6:01:03 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Sep 26, 2010

Lens 14 error

This is an error that plagues many different brands and models of camera. It's often the result of the camera being dropped, or of it getting dirty inside the lens housing. Basically, the electronics inside the camera are detecting a sticking point between the lens and the body and shutting down to avoid further damage.you can try the following:
  • Make sure the lens isn't visibly sticking anywhere. Look around the edges of the lens and see if it's making contact with the body. If it is, try to gently center it and then attempt to turn the camera on.
  • . Try using compressed air (not too high pressure, obviously) to blow around the edge of the lens. This may dislodge the dirt/grime/whatever that's causing the lens to error out. Office Depot sells aerosol cans of compressed air that would do the trick nicely.
  • hope this helps
9/19/2010 11:49:13 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Sep 19, 2010

Our camera fell in water for about one minute with

If you tried to turn it on while water was inside, you may have fried the circuits. You can try to dry it out by burying it in a bowl of dry rice for one week. Then try to turn it on and keep your fingers crossed. Even if it works, there may be a film over the lens elements inside the lens tube. Good luck.
9/18/2010 10:47:31 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Sep 18, 2010

Filesys error e00100 when attempting to format a Scandisk 2.0 gb memory card.

Hi ,Welcome

  • Insert your memory card into your computer's reader if you have one. If not, you can purchase a multi-format USB Memory Card reader from Amazon.com or Buy.com
  • 2 Open up 'My Computer'. You should see it under the list of available drives.
  • 3 Check its contents first to make sure that you have the right drive.
  • 4 In 'My Computer', right-click on the drive and choose 'Format'.
  • 5 Leave all the options as they are and click on 'Start'. This is a non-reversible process so make sure this is what you truly wanted to do in the first place.
  • 6 Once the process is completed, take the memory card out and insert it into your Digital Camera or any other device. Try to browse to it to make sure it works fine now.
  • 8/27/2010 8:02:16 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Aug 27, 2010

    I did not use my camera for a couple of months now

    Having gone over a month with no response, I assume this is no longer a problem.
    7/7/2010 8:36:07 PM • Kodak EasyShare... • Answered on Jul 07, 2010
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