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It accepts cd but not accepts dvd


What is your player, is it a DVD or CD, if it is a dvd ins normal that it will not accept or read dvd disc, if it is a only a cd drive it's only read a cd disc, remember if that is a combo drive, it will read dvd and cd,

Good luck

7/10/2009 12:30:06 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Jul 10, 2009


Hello my friend, Thus you Disk Rom is a DVD? if it not DVD then it cannot read DVD but if it is DVD then try to insert other DVD or CD Disk to check if it really works. Also try to clean your ROM with a disk cleaner. Then if all of the steps are done and still the result is same problem then ship it back to the suplier or buy new ROM. Thanks 
6/17/2009 5:51:40 AM • Samsung... • Answered on Jun 17, 2009

Can I write 2.6 gb on a blank dvd-r 4.7 gb disk ?

There is a good chance you are doing a test burn. before burning there will be options to run a test before doing the actual burn.
6/16/2009 11:07:39 AM • Samsung... • Answered on Jun 16, 2009


Commonly when you say combo drive it is a cd writer and only dvd reader so you cant use that to burn a dvd disk.
5/23/2009 12:26:40 PM • Samsung... • Answered on May 23, 2009

Rw combo drive not being found in my computer

if you are running an operative system newer than windows98 you dont need any drivers, you might have other kind of problem.
3/12/2009 10:56:45 AM • Samsung... • Answered on Mar 12, 2009


You need to use third party software enable you to play dvd format try to download with this link http://www.avsmedia.com/DVDPlayer/index.aspx
12/21/2008 1:23:17 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Dec 21, 2008

Wont eject

Hi, If there is a disc in the drive it's possible that it has become jammed and therefore will not allow the door to open. If you get a large paperclip and bend out one side you will find there is a little hole in the front of the drive. Insert the straightened end of the paperclip carefully into the hole until you feel resistance. Gently but firmly you will need to apply an amount of force and the door will pop open. Remove the disc and restart the computer, hopefully the drive will now respond as required.

If not then possibly the door mechanism band/spring has become too loose or broken. At least these days CD/DVD drive are not too expensive to replace.

Let me know how you go,
1/28/2008 1:25:59 AM • Samsung... • Answered on Jan 28, 2008

What does error code Ee with the degrees Fahrenheit showing mean on a Samsung RF26HFENDSL Refrigerator ?

Error code Ee with the degrees Fahrenheit showing on a Samsung RF26HFENDSL refrigerator typically indicates a communication error between the refrigerator's main control board and the temperature sensor. This error can be caused by a faulty temperature sensor or a problem with the main control board. It's recommended to check the sensor wiring and connections or call a professional to check the main control board.
1/25/2023 5:09:03 PM • Samsung... • Answered Yesterday

Redundant wire on Samsung American FF

Samsung American FF redundant wiring connector?
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3:59 PM
Took delivery last week of a model RS6aA8830S9 and had to hake the freezer door of to get it in the kitchen. No prpblems there whatsoever.

Put the door back on OK and then started to connect up the wiring connectorsI connected up two pairs with their unique matching Male and Female partners.
Then the next two connectors went in to their unique matching connectors under the hinge cover. Oner of these was obviously for the beeper.
Because each pair is unique in terms of size, shape and number of pins, there is zero possibility od a mismatch.

This left one terminal wire with its 5 pin connector that had no apparent corresponding connector.
Raise this question with Samsung and so far after 3 contacts have not had a sensible answer from them. They recommended at one stage that I organise one of their techcicians/installers to come around - at a cost of £114 which I declined.
1/16/2023 7:31:18 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Jan 16, 2023

I have Samsung syncmaster 733NW monitor. Dull display comes and goes sudennly when power ON.Blue light is glowing continuous. how to rectify

The issue you're describing with your Samsung SyncMaster 733NW monitor could be caused by a few different things. Some possible causes include a problem with the monitor's backlight or inverter, a malfunctioning video cable, or a software issue. Here are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the problem:
  1. Check the video cable: Make sure the video cable connecting the monitor to your computer is securely plugged in on both ends. If the cable is loose, the monitor's display may be affected.
  2. Check the power cable: Make sure the power cable is securely plugged into the monitor and the outlet. Try a different outlet or power cable to rule out any issues with the power supply.
  3. Check the monitor's settings: Make sure the monitor's brightness and contrast settings are set correctly. You may also try adjusting the resolution or refresh rate to see if that improves the display.
  4. Try a different monitor: If you have another monitor available, try connecting it to your computer to see if the problem is with the monitor or the computer.
  5. If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it may be a hardware issue. It could be a problem with the backlight or inverter, which would require repair by a professional. It could also be a problem with the monitor's main board.
If none of the above steps helps, it would be better to contact the manufacturer or a authorized service center to repair it.
1/12/2023 1:07:29 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Jan 12, 2023

I have a Samsung SRS702GDHSS fridge. After moving, the refrigerator is plugged in to start, the circuit trip.

The breaker needs to be reset for your fridge or needs to be replaced.
1/7/2023 9:04:21 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Jan 07, 2023

My Samsung ST500 is not turning on

It's possible that the battery may have lost its charge after being unused for such a long period of time. I recommend trying to charge the battery for a few hours and then attempting to turn the camera on again. If the camera still does not turn on after the battery is charged, there may be an issue with the battery or the camera itself. If the battery is not the issue, there are a few other things you can try: 1. Make sure that the camera is not in "sleep" mode. If the camera has been inactive for a long period of time, it may enter sleep mode and appear to be off. Try pressing the power button to wake the camera. 2. Check that the memory card is properly inserted and seated in the camera. If the memory card is not properly seated or is corrupted, the camera may not be able to access it and may not turn on. Given this point, try to recover data from the corrupted memory card using data recovery software, such as iBoysoft Data Recovery (https://iboysoft.com/), a professional file retrieval program that can be used to recover deleted or lost data from different types of storage devices (HDDs, SSDs, SD cards, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.). 3. Check for physical damage: Inspect the camera for any visible physical damage, such as cracks or dents. 4. If none of the above steps resolve the issue, there may be a problem with the camera's hardware. In this case, it is recommended that you contact Samsung customer service for further assistance.
12/31/2022 4:15:46 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Dec 31, 2022

Samsung syncmaster p2770h screen goes black after 1 or 2 sec.

My P2770 HD goes on, watching TV, then turns to black screen. The red LED light is on but not blinking, and the screen can be viewed under fluorescent lighting, but only at about 5% of normal. Should I assume the power inverter board has gone bad?
12/28/2022 8:27:11 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Dec 28, 2022

I'm trying to pair my Samsung TV thru my TaoTronics wireless 2 in 1 adapter to my beats pill. Please help

Hello, it is not difficult to achieve this purpose, you need a simple adapter, I will link a video that has a better graphics explanation about it. I thank this friend blog that gives us this information as well as its channel. https://tampatec.blogspot.com/2015/08/how-to-connect-bluetooth-headphones-or.html
12/23/2022 8:16:04 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Dec 23, 2022

How do you update a Samsung Giga JS8000?

Question edited to toss in a few Caps. Mentioned in the Manual https://www.manualowl.com/m/Samsung/MX-JS8000/Manual/478142?page=27 ..
12/14/2022 7:26:43 AM • Samsung... • Answered on Dec 14, 2022

Set up my JVC sound bar on a Samsung TV

Google JVC (model) manual and set it up again. The problem must be the sound bar settings not the television settings, UNLESS you reset it via the television. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+set+up+jvc+soundbar+to+tv ..
12/5/2022 5:57:50 PM • Samsung... • Answered on Dec 05, 2022
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