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SanDisk Sansa E260: How do I reset the WHOLE thing?

Look, all I want to do is start off fresh and new by reseting EVERYTHING. The Songs, videos, pictures, etc. I recently had a load of problems with it and I got most of them figured out but some are still occuring. Like my doubled songs. I Need To Restart The Whole Thing So I Can Get It Right This Time So I Don't End Up On This Site Again, no offense to Please, yall, put your thinking caps on and please help me.....POR FAVOR!

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I had the same problem, I dis almost evething for one week.
For me the solution was this:
After entering the recovery mode (turn off the player, move the hold button to the right, and press the on and rec button, then conecting to the computer).
when the 16 mb folder opens create a NEW FOLDER (not a text document) called "Sansa.fmt". then disconec the usb and it was fixed.

Posted on Oct 14, 2008


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Sansa e250-MTP Driver

I cannot transfer any music to my e250 because it doesnt show up on the computer. I uninstalled the MTP driver and i dont know where you can download it at.

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MTP driver kit is located here.


Best of Luck.

Posted on Nov 08, 2007


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How to reset the mp3 player when it freezes::::

Hey everyone... I found out, that if your mp3 player won't turn off or just freezes up, hold the power button down for 15 seconds and it will turn off and reset:) Hope this helps- -Karla G.*

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well i formated mines by going to my computer then right clicking the disc my mp3 player was signaled as and i let it format and it cleaned out my memory but it works again this is advice for any1 with difficulties

Posted on Jul 07, 2008


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sansa e270 refresh database

I changed the way the sansa connect to the computer and when I removed it, it had to refresh. So I wait a little bit and it wasnt finished so I watched TV. for a little while and looked again and the same thing. So I held menu down and restarted it and the same thing happend and I tryed again and again and again I tried with it plugged in and not plugged in I tryied turning it off while plugged in and I dont know im out of ideas. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks, Kris

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I have had a similar issue with my Sansa E270 player in the last couple of years. Sometimes when loading files, the transfer would lock up. When the power was cycled on the unit, it would freeze on the "Refreshing Database" screen. To fix this involved the following steps...Of course it involves formatting the folders containing the stored music.
1) Ensure the USB cable is connected between the computer and the player.
2) Turn the player off by pressing and holding the power button for at least 10 seconds.
3) Slide the top slider switch to the "Hold" position.
4) Press and hold in the record switch (on the side), while pressing and releasing the power switch to turn it back on
5) The display should say...."USB mode V2.0 in MSD"...or something like that.
6) The computer will detect the device as a 16Mbyte Sansa drive. Using Windows Explorer (right-click start button/explore), open the drive.
7) The Sansa drive should contain a .TXT file. In the same folder as the TXT file, create another folder named - sansa.fmt
8) Once the sansa.fmt folder has been created, unplug the USB cable and the player should automatically format.
9) Once formatted, communication is again possible.

Posted on Aug 28, 2009


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How do I format my Sansa e250?

I'm so confused. How do I reformat my Sansa mp3 player? I can't switch it on, because it does this weird restarting thing and the menu will not come up at all. It shows the SanDisk logo and then the whole screen just goes white, and it does it over and over again. I know someone else had the same trouble... but I don't know how to reformat it :( how can this be done?

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This worked for me... Hope it works for you as well

*Disconnect the device, turn it on
*Go to Settings > USB Mode > MSC
*Connect the device
* Open up My Computer
*Under the heading "Devices with Removable Storage"
Look for Sansa E250 (Removable Drive) - Note: this heading
"Devices with Removable Storage" applies to the "Arrange Icon By: Type" , option in My Computer Window
* Right-click on the E250 and choose format
*Click "Start" and agree to the format

Posted on Jan 09, 2008


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synchronize to continue your music subscription

When we download the songs to the player it shows up in the player but the message synchronize to continue your music subscription pops up and will not play the song. How can we fix this?

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This is what I recieved when I asked a third party for help with this same problem. I worked. Good luck:

The error you are receiving may be
resolved by changing the USB settings within your device. Your device
uses two different transfer modes that are automatically selected by the
device; the primary mode is MTP. MTP mode is what allows the transfer of
the license along with the WMA (Windows Media Audio) title. Can you
please complete the following steps to change the USB setting?

(Please note: Do not connect the device to the computer until step 4.)

1. Power on the device and select 'Settings'.
2. Scroll to and select 'USB Mode' (or 'Mode').
3. Scroll to and select 'MTP' (or 'PlaysForSure Mode').
4. Connect the device to your computer.
5. Open 'My Computer’ > Sansa e280.
6. Delete any WMA (Windows Media Audio) files you see that are of books
you cannot play.
7. Open the OverDrive Media Console and attempt to transfer the audio
book again.

Posted on May 14, 2009


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I can't put songs on my Sansa Sandisk e250....

I just recently purchased the sandisk sansa e250 but everytime I go to WMP10 (Windows Media Player 10) and try to burn the songs on it, it wont work. I tried selecting a playlist but instead it tries copying the whole library. I just dont know how to puts ongs on my Sansa... help please

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OH! I KNOW, I KNOW! lol k so you have to go to sync not burn, cuz I synced all my songs...and some of em work! You should try it out! Hope I help!! Bye!

Posted on Jul 24, 2009


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How to unfreeze mp3 player

Hi, I have a failry new mp3/mp4 player, I've had it working fine for months, even had it playing three days ago. I went to turn it on yesterday and instead of coming up with the 'hello' screen, it went straight to a blank screen with a egg timer on it, then it doesn't move from this screen. Can you please give me suggestions as to how to fix it? There's no reset button, only a on/off switch not button. I've tried pressing either the menu of play button for a while but that doesn't change anything. Thanks, Heather

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Try Holding the Power Button for 20 sec for a Power Reset of the device Turn on the Player ,hold the Power button for 5 sec.

Posted on Mar 28, 2008


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4 GB micro sd and the Sandisk Sansa e250R...

Okay, when I plug in my Sandisk Sansa e250R (2GB) two removable disks appear under "My Computer", the first one is "Sansa e250R (F:)" and the second one is "Removable Disk (G:)". I put the 4GB micro sd into my Sandisk Sansa e250R (2GB) yet 'disk G' shows no capacity in used or free. Could it be player not being able to read that capacity of GB because I have a SD adapter for the 4GB micro SD and I put it in my digital player and it works fine. Or should go to a firmware upgrade even if it cleans out all my music or is it too risky as to damaging my Sandisk Sansa e250R (2GB).
In additon to that problem there is no longer a music folder list under 'disk F:' So I can't see what music is on there even thought its on the actual Sandisk Sansa e250R (2GB) and also I would like to know how to delete some songs on my Rhapsody channels.

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If the 4gb micro SD is a high capacity SD (it will say micro SDHC on it) your player may not be able to read SDHC cards, my sansa can't because it's the 'older version' it will read 2gb and below micro SD cards though (it sucked when I found out because I had just bought a 6gb micro SDHC)

Posted on Oct 16, 2008


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No response when connected to PC

Anyone experienced no recognition from PC when the player is connected? The player shows 'connected' but I can't find the drive on my PC.

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try puting the player in msc mode then open my computer rightclick the player click on tools and do the check and the defrage it will work

Posted on Oct 17, 2007

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