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I have a Nikon D2H

Check from the playback menu no to have the pictures locked.In this case you can't delete the pics.
3/31/2011 6:12:45 PM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Mar 31, 2011

Whenever I take a photo,

It sounds like a problem with the auto focus. You can narrow this down with some different tests.

1) Try turning off auto focus and taking a picture. If that works then try
2) Another lens, see if you can duplicate the problem that way. If you can, you either have an auto focus, or lens communication problem. If you can't duplicate the problem with a second lens, then you know the lens you were using is the culprit.
Thank you.
3/22/2011 8:45:20 PM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Mar 22, 2011

Front control wheel does not operate shutter speed

Hi,dontgartside, check setup of command dials.
Factory setup = main command dial shutter speed (back command)
,sub command dia ( front command dial aperture selector).
2/26/2011 5:57:33 PM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Feb 26, 2011

Nikon d2hs continuous high shooting only shoots

In order for it to shoot at the theoretically possible 8 fps, the shutter speed has to be aat it highest setting and the aperture wide enough as well as the media card has to be a fairly fast one as well
(fastest write speed you can afford) and use j[eg mode not RAW (NEF)
1/6/2011 3:22:23 AM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Jan 06, 2011

Hi! just want to know if it is possible to change

In short, no.

The two cameras may look similar and operate in a similar fashion, but your camera uses a 23.3mm x 15.5mm JFET sensor and the D2X uses a marginally larger 23.7mm x 15.7mm CMOS sensor, although both are considered to be APS-C sized sensors. The two technologies are incompatible. All of the image processing hardware is different as well.

If your camera works well then there's no need to upgrade anyway: four megapixels is more than sufficient for prints above A4 size and the sensor produces very little noise. Nobody other than professionals shooting for billboards needs 12.5MP and as higher MP counts = more noise, no professional would use C-size sensor anyway for that level of enlargement. The only advantage you'll gain with more MP is that you can crop the image down more and still retain acceptable quality, but to properly benefit from this you need to be using professional grade lenses and shooting on a rock solid tripod. The only reason that manufacturers produce ridiculously high MP count sensors is that the general buying public automatically think more = better.

If you love your camera then continue to use it: it was built to a very high standard and if serviced every now and then will continue to produce great images with little apparent noise even at higher ISO settings. The best way to invest in better photos is to improve your technique and also to use a good tripod or monopod whenever possible. Upgrade your lenses to the best ones which you can afford and you'll find that the will serve well on the next Nikon which you eventually buy.

Don't believe the hype: you have a great camera. Four megapixels on a C sized sensor will easily outperform more than double that number on a smaller sensor camera and will be less noisy than anything with more megapixels.
11/8/2009 10:24:57 AM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Nov 08, 2009

No display on the LCD.

maybe its a dead battery or scratch the oins of battery and cam
6/19/2009 5:01:36 AM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Jun 19, 2009


I had a D2H with a similar error. The camera started giving an 'ERR' message almost from new but from reading various posts from other users I assumed it was a 'known' idiosyncrasy of the D2H, the camera would create an underexposed first shot after turning on. A colleague has the same problem on his D2H, and there are numerous references to the same problem on the web. Your post points to a similar shutter issue. My shutter failed completely at around 65,000 actuations, well short of the advertised '150,000'. In addition, the horizontal Main Command Dial had also failed a short time before, and it had cost me £135GBP to have that repaired.

The problem is down to the shutter and unfortunately replacing the shutter costs £349GBP in the UK, quoted to me by the Nikon UK Service Department, in Kingston, in March 09.

As for Nikon repairing it under a 'goodwill' policy, you may have better luck than me if you live somewhere other than the UK. I told them to keep mine, as attempting to charge me for the repair was the last straw, it wasn’t worth me spending another £350 on a camera that hadn’t been reliable in the first place. I had been planning on getting a D3 in October/November but will now probably sell my Nikon gear and go over to Canon, as Nikon don’t seem too bothered about their professional user base, and I certainly won’t be paying £5,000 for a D3X.

4/5/2009 8:37:07 PM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Apr 05, 2009

No images on Nikon D2H back monitor

I think this can be turned on and off in the settings menu
1/31/2009 11:01:01 AM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Jan 31, 2009

How can i make the picture number continuous with my nikon D2H?

If you go into the menu settings you can choose wheather to let it run on and reset at 9999 or start again or name the new file.
1/27/2009 10:47:21 AM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Jan 27, 2009


I see the same thing with my D100. Read here about the discussions on a D200 with the same issues: Photonet
7/1/2008 2:41:37 PM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Jul 01, 2008

LCD screen 'flicker'

Try setting the video output option to NTSC (if it's on PAL). I know this sounds funny, but I have heard some rumblings about this option somehow creating a LCD flicker. If it doesn't work, I apologize in advance for wasting your time! My camera is on NTSC and I haven't seen any flicker on the file numbers on the LCD.
9/19/2005 11:06:48 AM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Sep 19, 2005

Monitor is blank

Is there an internal battery that might need to be replaced?
9/14/2005 1:11:21 PM • Nikon D2H Set... • Answered on Sep 14, 2005

I cannot release the battery on Nikon D40X

Check out the videos. If the battery has swollen you will have to prise it out. https://www.google.com/search?q=release+the+battery+on+Nikon+D40X ..
2/1/2022 2:57:33 PM • Nikon D Cameras • Answered on Feb 01, 2022

Convert NEF format to JPEG

You can use the Nikon View program that should have been included with the camera. or you download the current versions of Nikon ViewNX or Nikon Capture available free at Nikon Imaging Products Software
7/8/2021 3:19:13 AM • Nikon D Cameras • Answered on Jul 08, 2021

D3400 cannot turn on Bluetooth. Camera says cannot due to current settings/

Is the camera in airplane or power saving mode?
2/2/2019 10:40:21 PM • Nikon D Cameras • Answered on Feb 02, 2019

Need to know how to open my D-7300 to replace broken gear.

More info needed.
1/17/2019 9:59:57 PM • Nikon D Cameras • Answered on Jan 17, 2019

My 1 year old Nikon D7200 camera will not take a clear picture of Christmas lights unless I put it in mirror up position. .. why

By not clear do you mean out of focus or streaked due to movement? Try using a higher ISO setting in order to allow for a faster shutter speed and/or use a tripod.
8/2/2018 9:46:01 PM • Nikon D Cameras • Answered on Aug 02, 2018
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