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Hi. I had the same problem. Called my trusty local repair guy who said spray a little canned air around the front switch (without taking anything apart). I carefully cleaned around the switch, since this problem is caused by dirty connections behind the switch, then I blew a few blasts into the cracks. Presto! The machine works. Repair guy said sometimes the switch goes bad, too, and needs replacing.

Rancilio... | Answered on Jul 08, 2017

There are many ways to clean oily residue from your burrs. You can order a grinder cleaning tablet from online stores called Grinds by Urnex. Some people use white rice but if you don't get it all out you will have rice in your coffee. You can take them apart and clean them manually but if you don't reassemble it correctly you will not get a good grind. I think the easiest way is to get some cheap light roasted beans ( doesn't matter if they are old ) but never use shiny beans because shiny beans have lots of oil.
Set the grinder to a very coarse setting, on a Rocky 7 higher that you currently use. You can turn it to a larger # any time but it has to be grinding to turn it to a lower #. Pour a cup of cleaner (beans, or rice) into the bean hopper and turn the grinder on. Grind the whole hopper through the machine. If you use grinds just a couple of #'s higher is all you need. Once you have cleaned the burrs you will need to grind some of you beans to purg the cleaning debris for the burrs and chamber. When you see no more cleaning compound you can turn the hopper back to where it was leaving the motor run. Once you get it back test with your beans.

Rancilio... | Answered on May 12, 2011

I would suspect that the burrs have never touched. There has to be some coffee grounds in the threads that is preventing the burr assembly form going in any farther. Remove the burr assembly and check the threads inside the chamber. If there is any black coffee residue it has to be removed. It sometimes has to be chipped out of the threads. We used a dental probe to remove it. Then a tooth brush. When reassembling the burr assembly turn all the way in until you see the acorn nut in the center rotate. STOP. Back the assembly back until the nut stops rotating. That is ZERO. You can install the bean hopper with the zero facing the mark. You can also move the assembly a little counter clockwise, but not clockwise, to line up the screw holes. Make sure that you have the hopper stop in place before tigntening you screw down. Then turn the bean hopper to 7 and test.

Rancilio... | Answered on May 04, 2011

  1. take the bell(bean container) carefully out.
  2. disassemble the upper holder of burr
  3. you will see now the burrs, clean good coffee remains than disassemble the burrs
  4. after disassembling burrs clean good the lower and upper burr holder.
  5. carefully switch on the grinder tan switch off(few seconds) during lower plate is rolling touch with marker the surface of burr holder very softly,

  • if it is ok you will have complete circle
  • if it is deformed you will have incomplete circle( that you must compensate with letter tape )under the burrs you apply the letter tape
  • after each correction you mark the burr with marker to see did you achieved perfect result. once you have lower burr in place you screw bolts in upper bur holder and assemble it back in his place.

Rancilio... | Answered on Feb 12, 2011

  1. stabilize the body of grinder
  2. provide block spin to be in release position
  3. get one 3 legged key for releasing oil filters
  4. put filter legs at upper holder of burrs
  5. start to release carefuly
be gentle at first, go forward and backwards to measure how much strength is required

Rancilio... | Answered on Feb 12, 2011

Two possibilities:

There is leakage in the internal wiring to the safety ground OR the unit is generating a transient current in the ground that trips the GFI. This is NOT uncommon for some motor driven appliances.

AS A test, put a ground isolator (3 wire to 2 wire plug adapter) on the cord before plugging in.

IF that seems to prevent the trips, then use an OHMMETER to test the resistance from each of the power wires to the Ground pin. It should be near infinite resistance. IF NOT, then there is leakage in the unit, PROBABLY contamination that is causing the electrical leakage current and the unit should be serviced.

Should the ground isolator appear to fix the problem, this means that this device CANNOT be operated from that type GFI due to transients it creates. You can try a new GFI that might be less sensitive OR put a line filter in the power cord.

Rancilio... | Answered on Jan 13, 2010

If you have tried opening the adjustment to a larger # and it still doesn't work. Well if the motor won't turn, I only hope the machine is less than a year old because the likely problem is the motor is bad. Sorry

Rancilio... | Answered on Oct 25, 2009

Clockwise is the direction for making the grind finer, but make sure that the machine is running at the time you turn the hopper. If its not running, you trap beans under the burrs and jam the motor, which could do damage. There are numbers on the bottom of the hopper, but they are just a reference to go by.

Rancilio... | Answered on Jul 29, 2009

  1. replacement of burrs after 500 kg grinded coffe
  2. if upper burr holder and the body of grinder does not hold stabile, teflon aplying does not help too much, it is only temporary solution. new upper bur holder would do better.
  3. before inserting upper burr holder you should check if lower burr is rotating syncronized, you should take a bit chalk and sof touch while burr rotates. after that you stop grinder and look do you have circle with same thiknes, that would give you idea where is the problem, if it is in lower burr.

Rancilio... | Answered on Mar 29, 2009

The little button on the top locks the grind to the set position. If it is falling down and not engaging the collar, the collar will turn and rest the grind to a very fine setting. If this is happening, you have to clear the hole that it sits in. Easier said than done, but not too difficult.
First, remove the bean hopper. Then carefully unscrew the collar all the way out. You will see the grinding burrs here. This is where you can change them if needed - not our problem now. Lift out the button out, and there should be a spring too. The hole frequently gets packed with coffee grounds. You can use a drill bit - by hand - or a philips screwdriver (takes longer) to take the grounds out of the hole. Replace spring and button, working it up and down to ensure proper movement. Clean the threads of the collar with a brush and carefully screw back together. This step is important! You could ruin the grinder if the collar is not straight!
When you get it screwed in most of the way, start the grinder. Slowly screw it in until you hear a "zing" when the burrs touch. Stop and back off another 1/4 turn. This should be the espresso setting and the button should come up and lock the collar in place.

Good luck!

Rancilio... | Answered on Jan 25, 2008

It is most likely that something is blocking the pathway to the grinder. As the Rocky is a direct drive grinder there is no gear that could be broken.
Try to remove the beans from the hopper and inspect the pathway, move the beans that might be under the 'disk'. If that is not working you might have to open the grinder;
  • remove all coffee beans
  • unscrew the three screws in the bottom of the hopper
  • remove the hopper
Now you can see the grinder wheel and tell if it is turning normally.
This might be a good opportunity to give the grinder a thorough cleaning.
Do not soak it in water, just a stiff small brush (e.g. a toothbrush) is the best tool. And perhaps accompanied by a vacuum cleaner :)
If you have been using very 'oily' beans for a long time they might have clogged the grinding wheels.

Good luck,


Rancilio Coffee... | Answered on Dec 24, 2019

Your pressure steam is more 1.8bar. Either pressustat defective or the safety valve

Rancilio Coffee... | Answered on Dec 22, 2018

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