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These monitors have a problem of poor quality capacitors. Loss of power as the monitor heats up suggests bad caps. Marginal caps perform worse at higher temps. I repaired a VP211b in 2006 by replacing C52 and C53 on the power supply board. These are 680 uF 25V. I replaced them with 1000 uF 25V because that is what I had on hand. The monitor worked good until now (2015).
Like yours, it would lose power as it heated up. This time the big capacitor on the power supply failed. It is 150 uF 400V. Replacing the bad cap fixed it. These electrolytic caps usually swell when they go bad. The top will curve upward. There may be some brown material leaking out. Any swollen cap should be replaced.


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I have fixed several of these.
The most common fail on the Viewsonic VP211b is a blown fuse on the inverter board. Check fuses F1 and F2. These are Fast Blow 2.0 Amp surface mounted fuses, case style 1208. Available at Newark Electronics, part number 64R8010. They are located on either side of connector CN1.


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I have repaired several of these Viewsonic VP211b monitors. In every case, the problem was a blown fuse on the inverter board. There are two fuses, F1 and F2. Either one can fail. The fuses are located on either side of the CN1 connector. These fuses are 1.5 mm long, 1.0 mm wide and 0.5 mm high (Case Style 1206). They have the letters FN printed on them. The N is for 2 Amps and the F is for Very Fast Blow.
The fuses were made by LittleFuse. The replacements were purchased from Newark Electronics. Part number 64R8010. This part number is the Fast blow 2.0 Amp (not the Very Fast blow), but they work fine.
Troubleshooting hint:
The screen is illuminated with fluorescent back lights. Those back lights are powered by the inverter. If everything is working except the back lights, you should be able to see a faint image by shining a bright flashlight into the screen.



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I have repaired 3 Viewsonic VP211b monitors.
The power light comes on but there is in picture. In all three cases it was the same problem. It was a blown fuse on the inverter board.
1. The monitor must be opened: The black plastic back is pried off carefully. It is easy to damage or crack. This will expose the electronics.
2. Remove the metal covers: The power main board has a metal cover that is secured with 4 screws. When that cover is removed, you can then remove the cover over the inverter.
3. Remove the inverter: The inverter is held with 1 screw. There are a total of 6 pairs of wires to the fluorescent lights (3 on each side) that must be disconnected from the inverter and a there is a power and control cable to the main board that must be disconnected. The inverter should now be free.
4. Test the fuses: On the inverter there are two tiny surfaced mounted fuses, labeled F1 and F2. They are on either side of the power cable CN1. Either one can be blown. Test them both with an Ohmmeter.
These fuses are 1.5 mm long, 1.0 mm wide and 0.5 mm high (Case Style 1206). They have the letters FN printed on them. The N is for 2 Amps and the F is for Very Fast Blow.
I replaced them with the same fuse, except Fast Blow rather than Very Fast Blow. The replacement fuse has just the letter N. The FN was not available at the time and I felt the N would be close enough. The fuses were made by LittleFuse. They were purchased from Newark Electronics. Part number 64R8010.
Prior to acquiring the surface mount caps, I tested the inverter board by soldering a regular fuse across the blown fuse and putting the inverter back into the monitor. The monitor came back to life. Normally when there is a fuse blows, it is because there is a short someplace down stream. How ever the new fuses have held. Therefor I am assuming it was just faulty fuses.
With the new surface mounted fuses, the repaired boards were placed into monitors and they all worked.9486ec61-dd3d-4a22-bbc3-82b55a458b09.jpg00ad0ac3-9cf1-4fff-83ed-90d93e6a0e0a.jpg40cff7a9-f7c7-4904-aac3-eb656a117911.jpg0ee0c7e1-1e8a-4b07-936c-83557d5ddd2b.jpg3ccdb800-f497-41ee-b268-cad6a2330191.jpg4d8ec0f3-f0e3-4e06-bc47-791b2996f04b.jpg

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Make sure that the "data" cable between the computer and the monitor is tightly-connected at both ends.

Try a different "data" cable.

Try connecting the monitor to a different computer (laptop or desktop).
Note that 'WHITE' is generated by mixing all 3 "primary" colours.
If the video-card on your computer is not generating all 3 colours, then 'PINK' could be the result from mixing the remaining 2 "primary" colours.

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PDF Manual at the link below.


Press MENU (Button 1)
Then DOWN Arrow followed by ENTER (Button 2)
Then DOWN Arrow followed by ENTER (Button 2) and you should be in the Brightness Menu

UP / DOWN Arrows should now change Brightness

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This is a hazard that you need to figure out. First thing is to check the power cables, Some of those monitors use a separate power brick and some dont. IF yours has a power brick, make sure it is made by viewsonic. It maybe a polarization issue with the wrong power unit. If the monitor plugs straight into the power cord and then into the outlet, check the cord ends to see if they are polarized ( one is bigger than the other spade) If they are different sizes where they plug into the wall, there is something more serious wrong inside the unit. You should use an electric meter to see how high the voltage is. IF it is more than 50 Volts you should stop using the unit. That model number is not listed on Viewsonics website. There is one that is close but they are not making it any longer.

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Test the switch for continuity in the open and closed position. Sometimes defective switches function mechanically but not electrically.

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OSD Lock: Press and hold [AUTO] and the up arrow for 10 seconds. If any other buttons are pressed the message OSD Locked will display for 3 seconds. OSD Unlock: Press and hold [AUTO] and the up arrow again for 10 seconds.

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Hello Edelberto, this monitor does not disarm by the back to disarm the monitor, you have to remove, with great care, the front frame and there you will see the obstacles you have to remove the panel assembly and the platelets
I hope you can disarm it, comment the results
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Edelberto,este monitor no de desarma por la parte posterior para desarmar el monitor, tienes que retirar, con mucho cuidado, el marco frontal y ahi veras las trabas que tiene para sacar el conjunto del panel y las plaquetas
Espero que puedas desarmarlo, comenta los resultados
Saludos Franco Dosil

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As long as they are the same value

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The problem is seems to be in power supply section. it may be need to repair by electronic technician, after using any monitor 5 to10 years there may be power section or lcd panel may be damage.

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It is more likely to be a problem with your video card or on-board video. The only way to check is to connect the monitor to a laptop or another computer known to work.

ViewSonic VE710b VE710 17 LCD Display LED Display

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no PC stated. no OS stated, so... weak answers... next.
actually only old windows did that!
once it needs to do that, that means the HDD shows errors.
they are not ever supposed to show errors
and in fact self repair them selves (2001 to now HDD)

what I do is shut the PC off.
them test the hDD as remote disk and run smart tests
boot the same PC with say linux demo disk (or usb stick)
and RUN SMART test.
if the fail the HDD is no good. hopeless cases.
the next actions is backup data.
the PC you have running silly old chkdsk
will actually damage more data doing that,
that is why w10 does not do that, it just tells you
smart fails on HDD0 or the like.

Just 2 steps of you have the linux media pre made.
as all techs do.
no PC stated and viewsonic is not a PC.
boot to linux, click try me, then run disktest
if it fails smart tests the hdd is bad.


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