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iLO LCD Color HDTV does not change channels / volumn...just turns on/off

I can't get the TV to respond to anything other than on/off. I have tried from the side buttons and from the remote. I can turn it on and off but no menu, +/-volumn,+/- channels, entering channels by numbers....none of the buttons on the remote do anything except the Power button. It comes on and reads ANALOG TV as usual then identifies the Channel A 47 with the word Mono underneath.... It plays the channel just fine but that's it..... just that one channel.... Then last thing I recall having done was gone into the TV Menu and set the channels... Could I have screwed something up there? Is there a way to reset the thing back to factory defualts?

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I recently bought an ILO 32 HDTV with the same problem. I searched every site I could find for a solution. I finally found someone that gave me the direction to replace the Main Board for the TV. This is the board that you can plug your exteranl devices into, computer, dvd, HDMI etc.

The phone # to Digital Age is 909-974-2859. These are the people who can send you the part you need. Also the remote that I have is RC-500, which is the newest remote control for the new Main Board. I would suggest getting this remote.

The price of the board was $123.89 with $10.00 shipping. It only took 4 days to get the board from Ontario California, and yes they do speak english.

I removed the backpanel myself and then removed the metal cover over the Main Board. Remember to mark all of your wires and screws so you can put them back in the same location. The connections are all quick disconnects and the board is one piece. I had the board replaced and the back panel back on within an hour. All buttons working on the TV and the remote control, and the TV is working great with sound.

But I do not have the Manual......does anyone have the manual? I am willing to help anyone with a fix for their TV for a copy of the TV Manual.

I hope the information I have given helps in anyway possible,


Posted on Sep 27, 2008


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iLO LCD Color HDTV does not change channels / volumn...

PROBLEM: Will not resond to change channel, volume, menu access.... neither from TV or remote. Just turns on and off. The channel it is set on work fine just can't adjust. ------ We had recently had cable installed and the tech ran the cable across the street too low. Apparently a vehicle drove by and snagged the wire, pulling it down the street until it snapped. This occured Sunday morning early...TV was fine Satruday night. BUT the problem has been noted ever since cable was reinstalled..... MY QUESTION: Is it possible, that when the wire was stretched to the point of poping, that it sent a surge through the cable that zapped the TV? I have the Cable co coming out to check it out...I need to know if there is any techincal logic behind my thinking here.....

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Add me to the list also, this was the worst electronic purchase I've ever made. The 26' HTDV worked for 1-year.

Will not resond to change channel, volume, menu access.... neither from TV or remote. Just turns on and off. The channel it is set on work fine just can't adjust.

Posted on Jan 20, 2008


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Using the TV as a MAC computer monitor

Unable to get a clear picture of my computer monitor with the TV. The people at Walmart told me it shouldnt be an issue but it is. Does anybody know what I should do?

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What all you have to do is go into SYS PREF then DISPLAY then the tap ARRANGMENT thtn click the mirror box.Walla nuff said

Posted on Nov 27, 2009


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cannot use the direct tv remote to control the volume, on / off, etc.

Please, I need the code to program the direct tv remove to turn on and off my ILO 32 hd tv. They gave me two different codes and none work with this tv. Please, if you have any codes or some kind of a procedure, I would like to know. I hate using two remotes. Thanks. Al

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In used 10463 for my Direct tv is an Emerson code. It worked on my 27inch Ilo, from Walmart. Good luck.

Posted on Jan 15, 2008


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ILO universal remote code

There is no code for ILO TV in my universal remote code list. I went through the process of letting the remote do the searching and still no code to operate the TV with the universal cable remote.

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I had the same problem trying to program my satellite remote to work with the ILO tv. I found that the emerson codes DO work. Yes local cable remotes will work as long as you have the code and the brand is getting more popular. The code that worked with both cable companys, Charter and DirecTv was 10171 I believe. You can find it under the Emerson codes. Hope this was helpful.

Posted on Dec 07, 2007


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Need customer service number for ilo

My husband bought an ilo television (fla screen) less than a year ago. On one side of the screen the images appear larger than the other. This problem has been ging on for six months, and my husband has been too lazy to send it back to the manufacturer. What is their address the television has been like this since he first bought it. Walmart will not return it. They said to send it back to the manufacturer. Please help. Do they have a toll fee customer service number?

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First of all, stop bitching about Wal-Mart. If they tell you there's nothing they can do, then there's nothing they can do. You shouldn't complain because you expect Wal-Mart to solve all your problems! 90 days is 90 days, after that they are not ALLOWED to take back your TV, and for those of you whom this pertains to, if it was messed up before 90 days, you SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT IT BACK IN TIME! Oh, and on the reciept piece, what don't you understand about that? How can they prove it's not stolen if YOU didn't save YOUR reciept?? Common sense says that you should have saved it. At any rate, the number you ned to call is 1-216-454-0867. Yes, it's long distance, get over it.

Posted on Oct 26, 2008


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envision remote codes

L32W761 hdtv need remote control coed

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AHA!!! If you're having problems getting your envision flat screen to recognize a DISH NETWORK REMOTE CONTROL... the 3 digit code is 772.
It took me about three hours to figure it out and the customer support line at ENVISION is absolutely worthless. Next time I'll buy a SONY.

Posted on Jan 12, 2010


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My tv is stuck at one channel.

My tv is stuck at one channel. Which controller board has to be replaced? The Key controller,LCD controller, or what?

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I got the same problem, TV stuck on one channel, what I did was, I remove the cable (fron the back) for a minute and then reconnect, work perfect, well, better than try to return the bloody thing.
Good look with your.

Posted on Nov 19, 2008


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Volume won't turn down

Volume on our ilo television won't turn down to a normal sound setting, the remote volume control will not work but the volume button will work but won't turn volume down.

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Try the setup program. When you get to the main setup screen, look for a reset all to standard setting. That may solve the problem. If it doesn't then the sound module may need to be replaced inside the TV.

Posted on Apr 11, 2009


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acoustic solutions tv screen flashing coulour blue

acoustic solutions tv screen flashing coulour blue red and green what is the problem and how to solve me help thanks

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Heya dude, iv got the exact telly as mentioned. Had this problem just recently. i tried everything, switching off power, unplugging everything. i was just about to start looking for a new telly when i tried using the remote.i pressed the menu button a few times,mabe this was a fluke or maybe it just sorts the problem out. It seems to me that this problem is a built in pixel fixer which somehow starts itself. Hope i help

Posted on Aug 09, 2010

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