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I would change the needle because sometimes there is a burr inside the eye of the needle. Now when you rethread, make sure that your presser foot is up, and then pull on the thread to make sure that the thread is seated in all of the guides.

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No idea what's causing this, although something here may help:

Why does the electronic beeper beep and the sewing machine won sew Sewing...

Singer 7462 Mechanical Sewing Machine beep lights flash Questions

Bobbin won wind beeps flashing lights

Singer 7462 bobbin problem

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Oh I had a hand held device once. Ended up throwing it out.

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That is not a timing issue--it is a needle height issue. Make sure that your needle is all the way up in the clamp, and the flat part of the needle is away from you.

You can determine if it's all the way up by looking right above the needle clamp. You will see what looks like a grey post. It serves as the stop for the end of the needle, and should be right under it.

Also, I need that you don't have a wing-type needle clamp screw. That means that hand-tightening is not enough to keep the needle in position. After you have tightened it with your fingers, you must use a straight-blade screwdriver to tighten it enough to keep the needle in position during sewing.

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Before you assume your timing is off, there is one more thing to try. Make sure that the flat part of your needle is towards the back of the machine, and especially make sure that the needle is all the way up. That can cause exactly the same problems.

If that is NOT the problem, you have two options. I would recommend that you let a technician fix it; you'll find that it is easy for him, but will be difficult for you.

The other option is to purchase the Service Manual for your machine; you can find it at Sewing Parts Online--no, I DON'T work for the company, but I buy a lot from them. I just did a search, and your service manual is in stock for $14.99. A very worth-while purchase, by the way.

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It is more likely that a bushing internally warms up then seizes partially. A good cleaning and lubrication could solve this. To test the motor remove the drive belt and run the motor with no load, see if it slows down if not see idea above.

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the button hole lever is not suppose to bump anything, it suppose to stay stationary against the button hole foot, you might want to have it checked

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It's beeping to tell you that something is wrong. Not being there, it's impossible for me to guess what that is, but you can run down a mental checklist to see if you can identify the cause.

First, do you have your user's manual? If not, you can download it free at the Singer website. Next, check to see if you have a buttonhole pattern selected, and/or the buttonhole lever is down--to be sure, bring the lever all the way down, then "smack" it back up. Also, is the spool pin on your bobbin winder all the way back? Again, check by bringing it all the way to the right, then "smacking" it back into place.

Is your machine threaded correctly? How about the bobbin? Clean the hook and feed dogs--on page 62 and 63. Also review page 66 for solutions to various problems.

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Remove the plastic pin holding the bobbin (thread source) - careful to not lose the spring.

You may need a pair of pliers to get it loose the first time.

Press down on the edge of the bobbin so the pliers can grip the pin - lay a piece of material over the pin so the plies do not gouge the plastic - twist and pull.

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User's manuals are available as a free download at the Singer Sewing Machine site.

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What is the question?

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Take a look at the bottom of page 62. It has instructions for cleaning your bobbin basket (it holds the bobbin case), as well as how to get the case back in. There is a projection on your case on the lower right; that projection MUST rest against what is called (and pictured there in the bottom drawing) the cushion spring. The top of the bobbin case that goes under the needle is the only flat part. When putting in the bobbin case (mine are very similar), I have found it helpful to insert it slightly counterclockwise of the spring, making sure the case is flat in the basket, then twist it counter clockwise so that the projection is against that spring. While your case is out, be sure to CLEAN that area thoroughly with a q-tip (I put a drop of sewing machine oil on the two ends of the swab to help pick up lint), taking care to get under the lip of the bobbin basket, where a lot of lint can accumulate, and then put ONLY one drop of sewing machine oil in the hook race and the center where it is indicated in the manual. After you have replaced the bobbin case but before you have put a bobbin in it, turn your hand wheel TOWARDS YOU (ALWAYS towards you, for anything) several times to distribute the drop of oil. The race is between the outside of the basket, and the metal hook surrounding the basket, and the indicated place is the only place (with the needle all the way up) where you can get a drop between them. It's also possible that lint or other debris--like pieces of threads--are preventing the case from seating correctly.

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I believe I answered this question previously

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Please see previous answer for this machine.

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Please see the previous answer.

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One of the first clues that you need to clean your machine! All gunked up underneath. Do it according to instruction book or take to a repair shop for a good cleaning.

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Have you tried the Singer web site, or Your Tube. It's amazing what is on You Tube.

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You can probably check the owner's manual online. I have done that in the past, but my machine is a Singer model. SorryI can't be more help!

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