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Aeg favourit- water not heating up

AEG Favorit 40850 Problem : Water not heating. Solution : Checking the heater Access to the heater (tube type) is via the small rear panel. Remove two star screws, and pull the sides out SLIGHTLY to release the panel. The electrical contacts of the heater are to the inside so are not visible yet. I removed the left hose (hose compression clip) and the earth connection on the bottom of the heater. This allowed me to twist the heater round and see the electrical connector. I removed this, and measured the resistance of the heater. It was 28Ω, from reading various forums, this seems to be of the correct order, therefore the heater is ok. I put everything back together, remembering the earth connection on the bottom, and turned to the front of the machine Checking the Relay : Again from reading around there is a relay in the supply chain to the heater, described as ?in the door?. I opened the door and removed the crosshead screws. This released the front panel from the inner metal part. The control switches and the mains switch are held in with clips, easily removed, I guess you could leave the mains switch connected to the front panel, but I removed it so that the skin would not be pulling on any wires. I then wrote (with an indelible pen) a number on all the connectors to the control box, noting that one of them has to be fitted at one particular end of the unit connector, as it could fit in more than one position. With the control unit removed the next step was to open it up. The control unit is clipped together with four clips, just press them in and it opens. At this point I should say that there are proper electronics inside this box, so some sort of static protection should be observed! Ground yourself before working inside the unit, touching something metal connected to ground should to the trick (radiator, but not the painted part!), and do not touch any of the components on the board, or the connections. Be careful of the flexible connection between the two boards, do not bend it any more than necessary. The relay mentioned above is in the bottom left of the board in my extremely bad picture. Unclip the main board, and have a look around where the relay is on the other side. One of my pins was charred, and on closer inspection was not actually making contact!! Looks like it was a bad / high impedance joint that was getting hot, and finally melted the solder causing the open circuit that made the heater not work. With a soldering iron I reflowed the solder (adding more as necessary) to make the connection between the relay pin and PCB good. This was the only visible problem, so I reassembled everything (reverse order of disassembly, Haynes is a wonderful manual!!!) and tried the machine. IT WORKED!!! The whole process took probable less than an hour, and saved the cost of a repair man, and a new control unit (I don?t think anybody fixes things like this on a commercial bases any more, easier for them to just replace the unit!! This is what I did to fix my water not heating problem, I am experienced with electrical and electronic components, so if you choose to follow my story please be careful, it can save a few pounds, but it?s not worth risking your life if you really don?t know what you are doing. For interest, the relay is a NAIS device, numbers on the top are JS1-B-12V-F-H111, and AJS1311F MO1. My relay was working so I didn?t need to look for a replacement, but they should be fairly easy to find if yours is broken. Being an electromechanical device this is probably the most unreliable component in the heater chain, although if the rest of the circuit is designed correctly should last for years, if not decades. (I have seen relays used in gas boilers that had no suppression, and therefore burnt themselves out within 3-4 years, but I don?t think that is the case here)
11/7/2022 2:55:35 PM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Nov 07, 2022

How do i fix error code 30?

AEG Favorit 40850 i30 error - this is the anti-flood error. I did the tipping-over trick, great, but for me, the problem got more and more frequent until the machine would not run. So I took it apart and this is what I found: in the drainage area, next to the water drain, is a sensor. This has been described to me by a dealer as a 'temperature sensor'. I am not sure if this controls the anti-flood system, it may well do, as it is the only one in there. However, the problem is not caused by the sensor itself - around the sensor is a black rubber grommet (seal). In my machine (4 years old) this was badly perished - the rubber had become soft and oily, and about half of it had gone. The sensor itself was covered in oily goo from the grommet. I think that bits of the grommet have been coming off and jamming in the drain, and maybe causing the sensor itself not to work properly. I changed the grommet (£5 part), and it all works great. If you want to do this yourself, follow these instructions:
  • turn off power and uplug dishwasher
  • you need a screwdriver with torx bits
  • put lots of old towels on the floor
  • remove top panel using 2 screws at rear top, then push top backwards and lift off
  • remove front base fascia panel by sliding to left
  • remove right side panel - undo 2 screws at top, one at rear bottom, one at front bottom
  • front edge of side panel is wedged inside white trim - just ease it out, it isn't held in.
  • open dishwasher door and push down fully
  • remove curved front base panel - undo screws right up at the top of the panel, this is a tight fit against the door but you can get in if the door is pushed down fully
  • tip dishwasher over onto left side
  • follow the drain pipe in, this takes you to the drain pump
  • if you want to check the drain pump and pipe, twist the whole pump motor assembly to the left about 15mm - there are 3 tabs that hold it in place, you need to rotate the motor past the tabs, then you can pull it out
  • DO NOT remove the spring clips on the large drain pipe (50mm diameter) between the pump motor and the dishwasher drain - these are very difficult to get back on properly, and once you have taken the pump motor off you can feel right through to the dishwasher drain hole anyway.
  • you can take the spring clip off the white oultet hose if you want - this goes back on easily. Check the outlet pipe with a long drain-clearing spring or similar.
  • about 50mm further towards the front of the machine from the drain hose, going around the drain assembly, is the sensor described above
  • this has wires going into into it, is about 25mm diameter, and you will see the black rubber grommet around it
  • this is held in place with 2 plastic clips, ease these back and pull it out. TAKE CARE not to break these clips.
  • If the grommet is heavily worn or perished, you need a new one. The part number is written on the surface of the grommet.
  • reassemble in reverse order. Before you put the panels back on, and with the power still OFF, tip the dishwasher back upright again, open the door, and pour 1 litre of water in (this will end up on your kitchen floor, so don't put too much in).
  • Check carefully under the machine, with a torch, around the areas where you have been working - the sensor and the drain pipes - to make sure there are no leaks.
  • If it all seems OK, dry the floor, turn the power on and run the dishwasher. MAKE SURE you are standing on dry floor when you do this. Check under the dishwasher again for leaks.
  • Let the dishwasher run a complete cycle. Check for leaks when it is pumping out.
  • If everything seems OK, turn the power off again, put the panels back on, then turn the power back on.
Good Luck!
10/5/2022 9:47:04 AM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Oct 05, 2022

On off switch won't stay depressed on AEG dishwasher

Took unit apart and when I put it back it worked again. For how long who knows.

Access to the switch is difficult but by removing the printed circuit board, it seemed to allow the switch to work.
3/8/2019 10:42:35 AM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Mar 08, 2019

I30 message on aeg favorit 50879 u

Activated Anti-flooding system, means water leakage in the buttom of dishwasher. Could be also: faulty Anti-flooding microswitch, floating sensor (styrofoam) blocked mechanically, wiring diagram, electronic. Dado
8/19/2015 4:54:49 PM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Aug 19, 2015

Dishwasher keeps blowing fuse in plu

Dishwashers generally require a 20 Amp dedicated line. You will need to use a different circuit or upgrade the current (no pun) one. Good luck
2/27/2015 2:14:07 PM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Feb 27, 2015

I 20 error AEG

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Error code 30

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Water leak

use mseal
2/25/2014 3:53:37 PM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Feb 25, 2014

AEG Dishwasher power fluctuating, power-led flickering

2/25/2014 3:49:50 PM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Feb 25, 2014

The door on my aeg 40850 dishwasher is jammed shut. How do I release the latch or remove the door?

remove the top two screws at back, lift up about 5 degrees pull back, then you wll see the latch pins remove bolt/s,lift up trim{if it has some} and the door will open then remove inner door screws to get the front panel off to get at the latch
3/19/2013 6:28:55 AM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Mar 19, 2013

AEG favorit 40850 dishwasher does not clean properly - help

under the top shelf or in the top of the machine is the water rotor. remove this and ensure none of the holes are blocked, also ensure your macine is not running on 1/2 half load as this may only activate the bottom. it should be set to full load to use both. if rotor bloackage is the problem use somthing to clear it. and also check the bottom one. also remove and clean the inner filter as debris may have got past it and getting pumped to your rotors.I hope this was useful
2/15/2013 11:07:04 AM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Feb 15, 2013

Water not heating

Click this link: Dishwasher
1/23/2013 12:11:55 PM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Jan 23, 2013

I need a user manual

what is your model number is then we can get started then
1/18/2013 4:26:10 PM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Jan 18, 2013

Aeg favorit 88080 service code i30

In my case, it turned out that the faucet was completely clogged with scale deposits. Replacing the faucet solved the problem, so by all means, check this before you take any other action!
11/2/2012 10:13:09 PM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Nov 02, 2012

No warer flow

chik the pump moter or main filter
4/21/2012 11:49:49 AM • AEG 24 in.... • Answered on Apr 21, 2012

AEG ELE 3126

Be the first to answer 3/21/2012 6:42:02 PM • AEG 24 in.... • Posted on Mar 21, 2012Be the first to answer
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