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Go to there website and see if you can find your model. You can also contact them from there.

Also get yourself a stand alone fridge and freezer thermometer - leave it in for an hour -that will establish what the temperature really is which will help in diagnosing the cause.

Also trying unplugging it for 15 minutes so the display board loses power - then plug it back in - sometimes that will reset it.

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good place to start is the starting device for the compressor.slip the cover off the compressor electrics on lhs of compressor usually and you may find the relay burnt out.tyhis is the mostly area but if elsewhere, look at the defrost element and check wiring loom

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Obviously a dangerous short in the wiring. The CB is protecting you from a dangerous shock. My advice is get a repairman.

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Possible free manual. Please let us know using the Comment menu if it is the manual you need. Thank you.

AEG A92860GNX1 User Manual Page 15

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Check with your users manual offers any advice or follow this link

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at

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This kind of noises produced gas in cooling system.
In the old coolers never heard sounds like streaming water because the compressors were very loud due to high pressures (12 bars or more), which were required for efficient cooling. Today we use more ecological gases which work (from 5 to 6 bars) at much lower pressures, thus compressors produce much less noises and now suddenly we hear sounds that never before heard. Generally speaking noises is lower, measured in decibels.


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This information does not mean anything to us if you didn't specify the model. In what temperature range a freezer works we knew thanks to the stars.
One star (-6 degrees centigrade) is perfect for making ice cubes and is sufficiently cold to keep food for three or four days.
** Two stars (-12 degrees centigrade) stores food for fifteen to twenty days.
*** Three stars (-18 degrees centigrade) will keep food safe for up to three months.
**** Four stars (below 18 degrees centigrade) means that the compartment provides the ideal conditions for freezing down fresh and pre-cooked foods.


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Thermostat needs to be set

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Hi Julie. I'm Roger. It sounds like the operating thermostat is not working When not in the fast freeze mode. Can you here a click sound from the thermostat when turning the temperature up and down short of fast freeze? We normally charge them to operate at -10 to -20 degrees. The inside temperature will normally only reach a temperature around 18 degrees warmer. The operating thermostat should allow you to regulate its temperature any where from that capability up to where you want it. See if your thermostat makes a clicking sound when adjusted. The warning light comes on because it knows the box temperature is higher than it is set for and is warning you of that. If it uses a printed circuit (PC) board, the click will dot be very loud. listen closely. Let us know how this turns out for you. We have very good refrigeration techs. here. Someone else here may have an idea too.

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Check the refrigerant levels

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your light may be fused.

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Please check the link below and see if the video will help to guide you.

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The service manual for this unit is not available. From your description the problem is either the fan or the defrost system.

To test if fan has iced up you simply perform a complete defrost. If the fan restarts working, then it was blocked by ice. The damper fan motor rarely fails. For this reason you usually test other parts before going for the fan. The fan motor can be tested by energizing it directly (jumping its contacts), or by reading Ohms. A faulty temperature control can cause the fan not starting.

The problem is more commonly the defrost system. This part comprises the evaporator and it is located behing the freezer firewall. The function of the defrost system is preventing coils from freezing. When defrost system is defective you get no cooling and the compressor is usually quite busy most of the time.
In defrost system locate and replace the defrost thermostat. This is the part that most commonly fails. The thermostat can be tested reading Ohms at its terminals.

Here an example of the repair done on a different fridge: When the fridge is not cooling...



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dear sir/madam
please try to see on your freezer to any connecting parts or its batter you should contect to your product manufacture(sale shop) for further information they will give you further help because you have not its experience so please do not try to connect it. wait for sale shop maintenance personnel.

hope answer the question

thank you

please vote!

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I am not familiar with your unit but It sounds like you may have more problems then you think. The freezer and refrigerator are probably on the same compressor so a fuse shouldn't be involved unless the light doesn't come on. If that is the case you have a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your house panel. Be sure the freezer is actually still working, they warm up much slower then the refrigerator. Put a thermometer inside close it and check every few hours for a few days. It will go up and down, this is normal but it should stay at least -10 or lower (guess on this unit). Check to see if the compressor is operating. Is it possible somebody bumped the thermostat while putting something in the unit?

Hope this helps as a starting point. Find a local source of dry ice in case the freezer fails, this will hold it for a while saving your food giving you time to effect a repair.

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The only thing that will make it cool to low is a thermostat. They wear out and get out of calibration. Check to be sure the temp sensor from the thermostat is tight on the mount. Its the little tube that connects to the evaporator that makes the thermostat work.

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It's a freezer. The temperature should be minus 18.C, yours is showing 0'C. It is telling you the freezer is 18' hotter than it should be.


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Igloo direct seems to be the only place


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Check with an appliance parts supplier to determine whether the Ranco unit is a specified replacement for the Beaumark. Also, it is possible that the Ranco thermostat is defective, though new.

Freezers | Answered on Jan 01, 2021 | 20 views

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