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Under the machine housing should be a bag withthe diagnostic manualTip the machine over & look up high on the insidefront of machine

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You will need to replace the thrust bearing on your unit if it is not reaching full spin. It comes with instructions on how to replace it. Here is the "thrust bearing kit" you need. It is a really simple project to complete.

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There are several reasons that a washing machine won't drain or spin. The cause could be something as easy as a clog or something difficult that will need a licensed repairman. A washing machine won't spin if the water can't drain. Check hoses for any kinks or clogs that may prevent the water from draining. If a hose has kinks, try to straighten out the kinked hose. If it can't be straighten sufficiently, replace the hose. If hoses are not kinked, check for clogged hoses. This can be done by using the screwdrivers to remove the hoses and looking for clogs or running a water hose through the clogged hose to remove the clog. Use the rags and bucket to clean up the water that comes out of the hoses when they are disconnected. Once the clog is cleared, put the drain hose back into place. The washer should drain and spin now if a clogged or kinked hose was the problem.

If the washer still won't drain or spin, check to see if the lid is not closing all the way or if the lid switch is not clicking into place. Close the lid and make sure that it closes all the way down. When the lid closes, the lid switch should click. If there is no clicking sound, then the switch may need to be replaced. Follow manufacturer's directions for replacing the switch. If the lid does not close all the way, visually check for signs that the lid is bent. If bent, try to bend it back into place.

Loose or broken belts could also prevent a washing machine from draining or spinning. Pull the washer away from the wall and, using the screwdrivers and wrenches, remove the back panel. Using the flashlight, visually check for any broken or loose belts. Replace any broken or loose belts. Although replacing washing machine belts is difficult, anyone who has replaced belts on a car, lawn mower or even a bicycle chain should be able to accomplish the task.

Another possibility for a washing machine to not spin or drain is the pump. With the back panel still off the washer, check the pump with the voltmeter to ensure that the pump is getting power. If the washer is getting power, turn on the washer and listen to find out if the pump is running but the water is still not draining. It may be necessary to remove the pump and clean it or to replace the pump with a new one. Once the pump is replaced, turn on the washer to determine if it will now drain and spin.

If all of the above steps fail to produce a washing machine that drains or spins, then it is time to call a professional repairman.

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Hello, Here is some things to look at to solve this problem to get back in to having that fun of washing clothes. There can be many reasons and i will do the best to cover everything that can happen with your washer to cause it from not draining or spinning. I will attempt to cover the basic things that can happen with washing machines.First thing to check if your washer is not pumping or spinning is to see if the motor is running. If the motor is not running then check the lid switch. When the lid gets slammed it hammers that switch and eventually will bend it or break it completely. Some washers will wash but not spin or pump, others will do nothing. This switch is located under the lid on the edge of the frame around the lid. Often there is a hole that a pin from the lid will go through and push on a lever that is the switch. Check that it is not simply bent, so that it does not trip the switch inside anymore. To change or check the switch the top will need to be raised or the front removed. Getting to it, is often harder then the replacement.If the motor is running then you may have a broken pump belt or a broken or frozen pulley. If the belt is broken replace it. To check the pulley, remove the belt and then check to see if the pulley turns freely. If it does not, replace it.If you are pumping, but not spinning, then you will need to again check the lid switch. Next on the list is the motor coupling. Many washers made like your Maytag use a coupler that is made of plastic and rubber and they will wear out after some time. This couples the motor to the transmission. If it breaks it will need to be replaced.Other machines use belts.( just check to see if yours has belt or coupler) These belts can become stretched and then will not grip the pulleys to spin them at the proper speed. This also will often give that burning rubber smell. Be sure to replace these belts with washing machine belts as they are specially made for this purpose and are often not the same as regular belts.This should be a good place to start. I hope this helps, Thanks Mike9_15_2011_4_38_13_am.jpg

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Does your washer spin? If yes, and it doesn't drain it most likely a failed/plugged pump.

If it doesn't spin it could be a belt or timer issue..

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It is a timer problem. There are tiny pins inside of the timer and obviously that part of is bad.

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there is a screw in the side of the agitator about halfway down remove and pull up on agitator some times it takes a pretty good pull so be careful

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If your washer does not drain you need to check this parts.
  1. Inspect the drain hose for kinks
  2. Test the timer control
  3. Test the lid switch(some models)
  4. Inspect the water pump
  5. Inspect the drive belt(belt drive only)
  6. Inspect the motor coupler
Some part of the motor burned out that's why you can smell burning rubber. Check some faulty parts.

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If the washing machine isn't spinning at all on spin, there are a number of things it could be. If it spins mid-cycle while pumping out the drum between the wash and rinse cycles but doesn't spin at the end, I would suspect the timer switch. If it spins but doesn't spin fast enough to get the water out of the clothes, check if the belt is loose or worn. That scenario could also be a bad run winding in the motor, but that's unlikely. If it won't spin at all in either part of the cycle, check the lid switch. If it thinks the lid is open, it will come to an abrupt stop when it hits the spin cycle. Some washers will not wash either if the lid switch is bad, it depends on the exact model. If it will wash with the lid open, the lid switch is only for the spin cycles and is a suspect. If it won't wash with the lid open but will with it closed, it is ok. Check these things out and e-mail back if you have any other other problems.

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The problem most likely is something stuck in the water port of the drain pump.
The pump is located in the front right bottom of the machine and accessible by reoving the lower front panel, It is held in place by 4 small screws and is connected to the drain lines. Disconnect the plug for the outlet, then disconnect the power connection from the pump. Disconnect the drainlines after removing as much water possible from the drum as the water will come out of these liines when you remove them. Remove the pump, open the cover to see the impeller and hopefully the bobby pin, nail, screw, or whatever else is stuck there will be visible and easily removed. Put the pump cover back on, replace the drain lines and screws, and reconnect the power connection to the pump.
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It doesn't agitateIf your washer doesn't agitate, check these:

Lid switch If the lid switch is defective, the washing machine may not agitate or function at all. The switch is inside the washing machine main housing near the door frame. Often you have to raise or open the top or front of the washing machine to get to the switch. If it's defective, you need to replace it.

Motor coupler Many washers produced by Whirlpool® use a small, relatively inexpensive motor coupling. It's plastic and rubber and is mounted to the shaft of the motor on one side, and to the transmission on the other. Over time, the coupler wears out and fails. If this happens, you need to completely replace it.

Belts Many washing machines have one or two belts. If a belt is broken or badly worn, you need to replace it with a genuine belt from the manufacturer. (Some washing machine belts are designed with special characteristics not found in automotive belts.)

Clutch If your washer was made by GE®, it may use a clutch for agitating the clothes. As the clutch wears out, it may prevent the washer from agitating well or at all. If the clutch is worn, you need to replace it. For this job, you probably want to hire a qualified appliance repair technician.

Drive motor Many washer brands use a reversing motor. For agitation the motor runs in one direction, for spinning and draining, the other. It's possible for a motor to burn out in one direction and continue to operate in the other. If this happens, you need to replace the entire motor.

Drive pulleys The motor or transmission drive pulley may be worn and unable to turn the drive belt. If so, replace the pulley.

Transmission The transmission could have either of these problems:

  • Older washers produced by Whirlpool® have a transmission with an electro-mechanical shifter. If the shifter becomes even partially defective, the unit may not agitate properly or at all.

  • The transmission may have a worn or broken gear, or some other internal problem.

If you suspect a transmission problem, you may have to call a qualified appliance repair technician to repair it.

Agitator The inside of the agitator--where the transmission shaft attaches--can become worn, and strip out the spline that allows the agitator to properly grip the shaft. Then the transmission shaft rotates back and forth as it should, but the agitator doesn't move properly. If this happens, you may need to replace the agitator and/or the transmission spline.

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broken or damaged bracket or bearing

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First be sure your not using a delicate cycle. If the agitator uses Dog agits, the bottom half of the agitator will move back and forth while the top half moves in one direction. If the dog agits are broken, you would be able to hold the top half of the agitator still while the washer is on.

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