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Putting it back together after

You will find a helpful video at shaveroutlet.com. Click on link below and scroll down for video

5/9/2011 2:15:37 PM • Norelco 8170XLCC... • Answered on May 09, 2011

How do you remove and

You will find the correct battery pack for model 6846XL at shaveroutlet.com. See link below


To replace, you will need to remove the back cover by removing the two screws. You may need to extend the long hair trimmer to get to the second screw. Take off back cover to access inside. There are two metal clips that must be unhooked for better access. You can unsolder the batteries from the circuit board but for easier replacement, it is sometimes suggested that you use a modified installation technique. This is to break the tabs off of the old batteries with small needle nose pliers rather than unsoldering them from the circuit board. This allows the old batteries to be removed but leaves the tabs attached to the circuit board. You can then solder the tabs from the new batteries to the old existing tabs
If you are not able to do this yourself, you can have shaveroutlet.com do it for you. See link below
2/21/2011 9:58:29 PM • Norelco 8170XLCC... • Answered on Feb 21, 2011

How do you replace the battery on a 800rx my shaver dosnt work

You will need to remove the 4 screws on the back to remove the back case. Once removed, you will see the batteries. There are metal tabs on the batteries that connect them to the circuit board. I suggest cutting these tbs close to the batteries. You can then solder your new batteries to those tabs that are still connected to the circuit board.

You will find batteries at shaveroutlet.com. See link below

2/11/2010 12:48:40 AM • Norelco 8170XLCC... • Answered on Feb 11, 2010

My shaver head broke! PLEASE HELP ME!

I just fixed my husband's razor. I took everything out and washed it all. Then I took the three things that touch the skin and put them in the three holes so that they fit comfortably. Then I put the sharp parts inside those thin parts. The I took the gray thing with three holes and snapped the little brown thing to it and turned the arrows on the brown thing so it snapped it securely to the things with holes. Then I put the head onto the handle by sliding the hook into it's hole, than brought the head onto the handle and snapped it shut. It fell apart the first time I tried it but I put it all back together and after that it worked like a charm.
10/15/2009 9:06:05 PM • Norelco 8170XLCC... • Answered on Oct 15, 2009

Replacing Heads for 8140XL Norelco shaver

Same thing happened to my father's shaver. After working on it for about 30 mins, this is how I fixed it. You need to start with the top silver piece/cover. Turn it over so you see inside of it. Drop the 3 screens into the holes upside down (so they face out). You need to rotate the screens until they sit as low as possible. Now drop in the 3 blades, again sharp side down. There should be a triangular piece with 3 circles attached to it. One side is gray, and the other side has a black triangular piece. If you look closely each leg of the black piece has a tiny picture of a lock and an arrow. Rotate the black piece in the opposite direction of the arrow. Place the gray side down lining it up with the three blades. Now rotate the black piece, it will lock into position, and hold the blades in place! Finally, the silver head has a little hinge on one side. This hinge is flexiable. Bend it to a 90 degree angle, and slip it into the notch on the top part of the main body of the shaver. Close the head part, in my father's shaver I had to press a lever in the front to snap it into place.

Hope this helps!
5/13/2009 2:19:09 PM • Norelco 8170XLCC... • Answered on May 13, 2009

Brand new razor.. one clean and then...

Had the same problem. The cleaning light was flashing faster than the charge light. I pressed the on/off button twice in quick succession and the cleaning cycle started normally and the lights began flashing together. Don't know why I had to press the button again, but it did the trick.
11/25/2007 3:35:35 PM • Norelco 8170XLCC... • Answered on Nov 25, 2007

My Phillips Norelco NT8110/60 NoseTrimmer 1100 does not turn on even new batteries

It is possible that your shaver does not turn on or move because it is dirty. There can be hair or dirt particles stuck inside it, causing the shaving heads to be blocked. To fix this problem, properly clean your shaver. If possible, remove the shaving head and clean your shaver from the inside as well.
10/25/2022 3:03:22 PM • Norelco Health &... • Answered on Oct 25, 2022

The Norelco Smart clean system wont fill with solution

It's true that Norelco does not sell parts for this unit, but you can buy a exact replacement for the pump motor here:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0146XUE4I/ref=cm_sw_r_api_i_KGSBKR1BPW349RR3YRSB_0?psc=1.The only difference will be the length of the replacement motor shaft is too long, but this can be modified using a Dremel cut-off tool. Getting to the motor is a bit involved, but it is possible to do so without breaking anything. You'll need a T-8 driver and a small flat screw screw driver Begin by releasing the bottom, remove the fluid cartridge, and turn the unit upside down. Find and remove the (3) T-8 screws along the bottom perimeter. 7ac8779f-b19a-4ae5-9c44-d6e5aaa6f913-z2yn4bmf1m5lm14gqirpgkla-d-3.jpeg Next, use the small flat screwdriver or plastic pry bar to lift the outer case over the upper edge of the rear power supply socket and slide the outer case down. You'll also need to press the cartridge release button to clear the case img_1148-xvzutl3xscw24k454xtszrrg-d-9.jpeg Slip the outer case off the bottom. You'll need to twist it somewhat to clear the base. Now find and unplug the two side wire connectors (purple/white and orange/white wires) and slide the rear power supply connector off of the back of the unit, leaving it connected to the circuit board img_1157-xvzutl3xscw24k454xtszrrg-d-13.jpeg Now find and remove the (4) silver T-8 screws holding the base to the circuit board. Back the screws out only far enough to separate the base from the circuit board, leaving them attached to the black base so as to make it easier to reinstall later 2f19e7ec-78c4-4eef-811a-8147c18638bc-z2yn4bmf1m5lm14gqirpgkla-d-19.jpeg Gently separate the base from the circuit board. You will feel a bit of resistance as a hose separates from the base. Note where it attaches for later reinstallation. Now we need to remove the "legs" to gain access to the bottom of the pump. Place the separated vase upright and compress the springs to lock the legs in closed position. Note the two hooked ends sticking up. You will be using the small flat screwdriver to pry these towards the center. c334ff2f-779d-4345-8958-044196dd4897-z2yn4bmf1m5lm14gqirpgkla-d-21.jpeg Open the "legs" by pressing the side button. Slide the flat screwdriver down the side of the base and use it to pry the hook so you can pull the leg out. You'll have to pull slightly on the bottom while doing this until you feel the hook release, and then you'll move the screwdriver to the second hook on this leg and repeat. Then move to the other leg and do the same. It takes a bit of practice but it'll eventually release. Be gentle. d908e2a0-2fb6-44f9-ad88-008b83da89e0-z2yn4bmf1m5lm14gqirpgkla-d-34.jpeg Separate the leg unit from the rest of the base. Be careful not to tangle or damage the coil springs. Set the legs and springs aside. Inspect the bottom of the pump. Gently pry the bottom cap off of the pump with your fingernails. bdca4e28-03b0-4665-ae70-40eafc34c4e3-z2yn4bmf1m5lm14gqirpgkla-d-41.jpeg Gently pry the impeller off the bottom of the pump motor shaft using a tiny screwdriver. Be careful not to damage the impeller. d2303d22-0aa6-4670-9878-904c9fd799d5-z2yn4bmf1m5lm14gqirpgkla-d-47.jpeg Turn the pump unit over. Use small screwdriver to gently pop loose the pump motor restraint (3 points) dfae5e24-b617-4348-aa45-4a90037df002-z2yn4bmf1m5lm14gqirpgkla-d-59.jpeg Lift the pump motor out of the housing. You can now clean the housing. fbac730d-e7b7-4fb8-b717-5c33f98d4050-z2yn4bmf1m5lm14gqirpgkla-d-67.jpeg Remove the two seals from the impeller end of the motor. You will transfer these to the replacement motor. afc38227-01b2-4134-a31f-459019f1f82a-z2yn4bmf1m5lm14gqirpgkla-d-80.jpegUse soldering iron to remove the wires from the old motor and solder them to the new motor. Use a Dremel tool to shorten the shaft of the replacement motor to match the length of the old motor.Installation is the reverse of removal except I recommend saving reinstallation of the "legs" and springs for last - put everything else together first, including the outer case. Then line up the springs and legs and carefully press them together.
7/26/2022 7:17:52 AM • Norelco Health &... • Answered on Jul 26, 2022

Norelco 5815X shaver battery replacement

Was the polarity correct? Did you leave on to charge for a few hours. If yes to all that, then yes, the board has failed.
1/31/2022 10:50:48 PM • Norelco Health &... • Answered on Jan 31, 2022

Blades for norelco sc 8130 what part number

This model was made about 50 years ago. Blades have not been made for it for 30 years
1/30/2022 9:53:39 PM • Norelco Health &... • Answered on Jan 30, 2022

Where can i get a manual for norelco 495b electric shaver

10/13/2021 8:49:59 PM • Norelco Health &... • Answered on Oct 13, 2021

Model 825RX shaver. Can it be used on 230 volts?

yes, model 825RX has dual voltage capability
3/10/2021 2:23:54 PM • Norelco Health &... • Answered on Mar 10, 2021
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