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Let me break it to you: XP is dead. It's a new century. Download a nice Linux distro to a flash drive or DVD and try it out. Try a couple. Install the one you like. If it doesn't work or is erratic, your hardware is dead. Time for a new machine, anyhow.

I have a 6 year old eMachines sitting right here that I got for free, which is the only reason I still use it.

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Apr 08, 2017

here ya go https://www.suse.com/yes/95139.htm

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Jul 01, 2014

Hi Sharon:

There's a lot of wires inside your computer chasis, but this link should help you figure out where everything goes. It has a free Adobe file for you to view. Most of the smaller wires are labelled, and the larger plugs will typically only attach to their ports one way. Good luck!

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Apr 05, 2014

Most likey a faulty sector in the hard drive or the mother board is at fault

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Dec 26, 2010

Fluctuation on display.try to change the ink of display.

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Oct 27, 2010

LED lights are on? Fans spin? I suggest you have a bad Power Supply.

1) eMachines are noted to have low quality Power Supply's.
Saves eMachines money so they can sell budget computers.

2) A bad Power Supply is one of the leading causes of computer failure. I have, (Had actually), a shop half full of computers with this 'ailment'.

Some caused by the owners never cleaned out the inside of their computer, nor the inside of the Power Supply, with a can of compressed air for computers on a regular basis as needed.

3 to 5 years without cleaning the inside of their computer.
Mice could have made nests inside easily, with the 'Gunk' that was there. A bald eagle could have too. Rant off.

Others, caused by the computer manufacturer used a low quality Power Supply.
Low quality components used inside.
One of the major components that fails, is caused by a particular Electrolytic Capacitor that is used.


3) Power Supply's used in PC's are a type of SMPS.
(Personal Computer. Statement holds true no matter what type of personal computer it is)

[ SMPS = Switched-Mode Power Supply
PSU = Power Supply Unit
All terms relate to a Power Supply used in a PC ]

A bad Power Supply will have a weak voltage power rail.
There are three major power rails used in the ATX form factor Power Supply, for an eMachines T6420 desktop computer.

A) The 3.3 Volt power rail (DC)
B) The 5 Volt power rail (DC)
C) The 12 Volt power rail (DC)

(Two D cell flashlight batteries produce 3 Volts DC)

A Power Supply with a weak voltage power rail, may have enough power to light LED lights, and spin fans, (or spin a few times, ans stop), but won't have enough power to turn the Processor on.

1) ALL the LED lights combined use less than 1 Watt of power

2) EACH fan uses 2 to 3 Watts

3) A typical Processor can use 51 to 125 Watts.
Depends on what Processor it is.

eMachines T6420?
Uses an AMD Athlon 64 3400+, processor.
(Socket 939)

[The motherboard used is an MSI ms-7207
Also known as K8NGM2-L ]


This Processor can use Up To 89 Watts.


No Processor running, No computer.
No computer = No Video Signal

Suggest using a KNOWN to be Good, Compatible power supply, for a test unit, if available.

Should be the ATX form factor.

Approximately 6 inches Long, (15.24cm), 6 inches Wide, (15.24cm), and 3-1/2 inches Tall. (8.89cm)

250 Watts.
Correct amount of power cables, and the correct type.

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Sep 20, 2010

Go to www.emachines.com, go to their support section, their driver downloads section. Answer the questions about your computer and download your drivers. If you don't have the drivers for this computers lancard or modem, go to your local library and download your drivers on to a flashdisk and install them on your computer. Have fun!

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Aug 26, 2010

Here is the driver you needed for your computer.
NIC card driver

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Jun 23, 2010

check device manager if ethernet adapter is installed or not installed. for this you type 'devmgmt.msc' on run.If ethernet adapter is not installed you can use your motherboard driver cd for installation of drivers

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Jun 22, 2010

This is eMachines Support, T6420 desktop computer>Specifications, and downloads page for the User Guides,


The eMachines T6420 does not come with a graphics card from the factory.
It comes with Integrated Graphics.

Integrated Graphics is also known as OnBoard Graphics.
On the motherBoard

The GPU is soldered to the motherboard.
(Graphics Processing Unit,


someone has installed a graphics card, into the PCI Express x16 slot on the motherboard.

You can determine real easily if your computer is using Integrated Graphics, or a graphics card.

If it is using Integrated Graphics, the monitor will be plugged into the I/O area, on the back of the computer, and into a VGA port,


(I/O area;

I/O = Input/Output

The I/O area, is the area that has the rectangular metal shield, and Input/Output devices are plugged into this area.

Devices such as a Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, and so on )

HOWEVER, with the motherboard used in an eMachines T6420, the I/O area could also have a white DVI port.


This was an option offered. The DVI port still connects to the Integrated Graphics on the motherboard.

The eMachines T6420 uses an MSI MS-7207 motherboard.
(Micro Star International, Inc.)


The above link is to,
1) Show the motherboard
2) Provides a link to the Motherboard Manual

Looking at the photo of the motherboard, you will see two long White slots.
Above these two slots you will see a longer White slot.

The bottom two white slots are PCI expansion slots.
The top longer slot is a PCI Express x16, expansion slot.

This is where a PCI Express graphics card would go.

I would like you to scroll to the bottom of the page, to the Product Resources heading.

Under it is a link to the Motherboard Manual, for the MSI MS-7207 motherboard.
Also known as K8NGM2-L

Left-click on the blue - MSI K8NGM2 Series Manual.

You will be looking at a blank white page, as the PDF file downloads in the background.
Took 34 seconds with a medium speed DSL connection, for me to download it.

No Signal on the monitor, means the monitor is Not receiving a video signal.

1) Check the monitor cable if it is removable. Use it on another working computer to insure it is good.

2) If the monitor cable proves to be good, the next area to check would be the graphics.

If the computer is using Integrated Graphics, and no one has installed a graphics card, the test would be to install a graphics card, and plug the monitor into it.

Computer off, unplugged from power, Anti-Static precautions are observed before reaching inside the computer, and handling the graphics card.

I don't think the problem is the graphics. Could be wrong, but we'll see.
Let's carry the diagnosis past the graphics for now.

I think the problem could be due to a bad Power Supply.
Weak Voltage power rail.

Enough power to light lights, and spin fans (Perhaps), but not enough to turn the Processor on.
(Fans may be spinning, or may just spin a few times, and stop)

1) ALL the lights use Less than 1 Watt of power
2) EACH fan uses 2 to 3 Watts of power.

3) A typical Processor can use 51 to 125 Watts of power.

Continued in an additional Comment.

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Jun 12, 2010

I'm sure the original poster of this question has found their answer but for future answer seekers this will do the trick..http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_winxp_15.24.html.
I just had to find it for a friend and it wasn't exactly cake to locate so I figure I'd come back and hopefully make someones day a little easier.

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Mar 24, 2010

Ok download drivers for vista then extract and find folder VISTAx86 open and right click net8185.inf and choose install option, if not install and have problem post coment rere, "dont work" ang find for xp, link here for official

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Feb 03, 2010

you need a new one!! Call us at 800-595-3564.

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Jan 18, 2010

go this address &get it www.brothersoft.com

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Dec 05, 2009

You may be able to use the driver at the link below.
If this does not work, try searching other model numbers that are close by. I have the T6414 and the card reader looks the same as yours.


E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Nov 02, 2009

has the monitor got a proper connection to the pc? also have you tried rebooting the pc?

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Oct 25, 2009

google spybot and **** cleaner install both and run them .....ive never had a problem with them running. (Dont need to install the toolbars for them to work)

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Oct 24, 2009

Did the speakers come with the computer? If so they likely  have the amplifier section built into the computer, ergo wil not work on a different brand/ model computer.

E-Machines T6420... | Answered on Sep 30, 2009

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