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For me, the problem has now been resolved. What I was really worried about was the 18 Gb of data that I thought I had lost. I was however able to find the containing folder by going into the "Tools" menu in the Explorer window. After selecting "Folder Options" I chose the "View" tab and marked "Show hidden files and folders" and unmarked "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)". Nothing happened at first but when I came back to my drive later I found a hidden folder with all the data I lost that had some funny extension to it. Can't remember what it was but someone I spoke to thought it could be the result of an incomplete file transfer being interrupted. So it seems my problem wasn't more severe than this. However, everytime I try to use Safely Remove Hardware to disconnect my WD 500Gb it says I can't and that I should try later. So there's my new problem: how to disconnect the drive without interrupting a (non-visible) data transfer...

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It sounds as if the files system has become corrupt after the break in connection. You can only now connect the drive to a system running Linux or use a bootable Linux disk in your pc and see if it can recognise your 5000bev. If you can see your data the copy it to another good drive. You should now be able to use it.

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You lost the Operating System on that drive. You still can get data back if the drive is used as a Second Drive in the system or an AUX Drive in a secondary device.



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I HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM! or at least this works for my my book 1tb external hard drive. when i initially connect it i get the 'new device detected' pop up thing, but then it doesn't show on my computer. However, I have found that keeping the device pllugged into the computer but removing then replacing the power source from the device causes it to show up. That's all I did, unplug the power cord on the back and replace it. The computer says 'new hardware detected' and 'found my book mass storage device,' then it appears on my my computer tab. Hope this works with you as well!

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You may need a new Hard Drive. It sounds as if you have the old Mac. Mini. If so? look on line for Mac Mini 4,1 "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 (Mid-2010) you can find good deals on one, that would cost as much to repair your unit. eBay is one place to look

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Very comm in with wd drives. You need repair the firm ware and it may start working for about 10-15 days.The fw repair has to be done by a data recovery expert.

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NTFS file system on Hard drive .

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Download testdisk and run it to see if it recognised in the list. If so use the intel option to find a boot sector

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Unfortunately it sounds like your hard drive has failed. If the data is extremely important and you have plenty of spare cash there are data recovery companies out there that may be able to help but as far as I can tell these are seriously expensive.

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Go to Programs and Devices and see if your Western Digital MyBook is even listed on your computer.

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Can you see the drive in BIOS?

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Have a look at this:

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Try using a different browser, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla SeaMonkey (super-fast), Opera, Google Chrome. I believe that IE now blocks Flash, by default because of the many vulnerabilities within Flash

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So AFTER you formatted it on the PS3 you were able to connect it to your PC and view files? If so, sounds like the drive has gone bad.

If you don't care about what's on the drive, I'd reformat it. If that works, I'd no longer trust it for files I care about.

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not familiar with apple products but if this was windows I would check for virus or similar that's converting some files
Have you tried putting all files on a thumb drive and cleaning and delete the folder they were in and create a new folder

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well if you formatted it and want to recover the information that was on it there are several programs you there that can do just that. first...stop trying to fix it. here are some links for the software to recover your files and programs/data.
here is the instructions http://www.recovermyfiles.com/unformat.php

let me know how this comes out. just know the actual recovery percentage without loss is around 97.3%. meaning that not all files are recoverable.
If you have any problems let me know and please leave positive feedback for me. Jethro

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It seems vista is the problem. On older operating systems the disk's work fine. My dis was formatted with vista and as a result showed exactly the same message when plugging it into a xp system. Back on the vista it works fine. The ntfs is native to win NT/xp there might have been changes in vista. Also do not use the firewire cabling, i had numerious problems until i reverted back to the usb.

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The "path" is the full name of a file or a folder, e.g.,

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

If the path has too many characters, you get the error-message that you reported.

If you can, rename one of the folders, using a shorter name.

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This tutorial describes the procedure to recover one volume when
  • the volume was accidentally formatted
  • Windows reports the volume is "raw filesystem", or "not formatted"
  • An external drive failed, either flash (so called "thumb drive") or an hard disk connected using USB or FireWire enclosure.
  • MFT is corrupt on the NTFS volume, rendering filesystem partially or completely unreadable
The recovery is done in seven steps, requiring about eleven (11) mouse clicks. Note: The older than current versions of ZAR might have been used to create the screenshots in this tutorial. We did not update the screenshots if there is no significant difference between older and current versions. If you see some option in the program which is not described in the tutorial, just leave it at its default setting.
box-btm-l.gif box-btm-r.gif
plashkablue_left.gif Step 1 - Get, install, and start ZAR
plashkablue_right.gif box-top-l.gif box-top-r.gif Download and install ZAR just like you do with any regular program.
When you run it, ZAR displays the window like the one below:
  1. Click "Next >>"
box-btm-l.gif box-btm-r.gif

plashkablue_left.gif Step 2 - Select processing mode
plashkablue_right.gif box-top-l.gif box-top-r.gif t-unformat-mode.gif
  1. Select "Recover data from a simple volume or from a functional RAID volume"
  2. Click "Next >>"
box-btm-l.gif box-btm-r.gif

plashkablue_left.gif Step 3 - Select physical device to recover
plashkablue_right.gif box-top-l.gif box-top-r.gif t-unformat-phys.gif
  1. Select the appropriate hard drive
  2. Click "Next >>" for a list of volumes (logical disks) on this hard drive

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Here are some helpful videos:

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