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Leaking Fisher and Paykel Fridge

i have a fisher and paykel 450L fridge and its been pissing water out underneath the vege crisper since day one, i was told by f&p whilst it was under warranty that it was because of the humidity and constant opening and closing, i finely had enough of cleaning up fridge pee! you shouldnt have to do this for a 2 year old fridge, god sakes the 20 year old beer fridge doesnt leak. rang f&p and booked a service call $121 fast bucks, had to be available from 12miday untill 5pm bloke showed up at 4.45. inside the fridge he took the back panel off and then got out a part from his bag a long black thing with wires and attached it to the?whatever, but get this! it wasnt a replacement part, this fridge never had this part, so what? did they forget to put it in? and ive have to put up with fridge pee for 2 years?? and why do i have to pay the $121? he told me i wouldnt have to pay for the part? whippee? i already paid for it when i bought the "faulty" fridge. ill be getting to the bottom of this, does f&p know there is a fault? and they dont bother to fess up? lucky they dont make cars!!!! took about 10min and so far no more fridge pee!!
6/26/2021 5:56:16 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Jun 26, 2021

What is fault code 2

The resistance of the Evaporator Sensor is outside of the normal range (> 45k ohms).

Primary Action

- Check sensor connection at controller.

Secondary Action

- Replace sensor.
5/8/2021 10:39:36 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on May 08, 2021

Fisher Paykel Fridge. Access to fridge fan.

My fridge is 11 years old and recently had the same problem; the freezer was cooling well, but the fridge compartment was not cooling enough. I searched the Web a read most answers. I thought the fan was faulty, but in fact it wasn't (the fridge has got 2 fans, one for each compartment, and they look very similar, the part number on mine was 883340). The whole problem was a build-up of ice in the condenser unit that is at the back of the freezer compartment. What happens is that the ice blocks the passage of air the fan for the fridge compartment. This of course stops the cool air circulating to the fridge compartment. I was able to repair the fridge an it is now working perfectly. This is what I did: 1) Removed everything from the fridge, food, shelves, the lot. 2) I made sure the fan for the fridge compartment was okay, by connecting it to a 9V battery; the fan was okay. (I did this because after reading the posts I was convinced the problem was a dead fan, but you can skip this step if you can hear the fan spinning and think it is okay). To check the fan, remove by pulling the toll plastic cover that fits below the smaller plastic cover with the temperature indicator. This cover is very flexible and flimsy, start pulling from near the bottom and continue along the right side, flexing it as you go along, until it comes free (there is an insulating plastic foam moulding underneath that comes with it). As soon as you remove this cover, you will see the small fan and the plugs. Unplug the fan's connector (it has a small lock you need to press) and wire it to a standard 9 volt battery. CAUTION: observe polarity! The battery positive terminal MUST be connected to the RED wire (or the fan burns!). If the fan is bad, you can remove it very easily by inserting 2 finger inside the white plastic holder, pushing the fan in (the fan is held with 3 very elastic thin silicon bands, that do not break) ,hooking the holder from the inside edge with your fingers and pulling. It will just come out through the slot. (I did this, but then had some problem in getting it back in place. I finally left it in a near flat position, but not quite as flat as it was. Nevertheless it works okay). 3) My fan was good (I wasted a lot of time doing this), so next I shifted my attention to the freezer compartment. I then noticed that the plastic cover at the bottom of the compartment was half dislodged from its proper location, all covered on ice. I removed the cover, breaking the ice that held it with care. This cover is difficult to remove, there is a lot of pushing and pulling, so be prepared and patient; do not break it (mine came out with a small locking leg broken, but it did go back in place without any problems). I then checked the second fan, that is on this cover; it was also okay. 4) As soon as I removed the cover I saw the problem...ice everywhere! I reached for the house hair drier and after about one hour it was all gone. Note that most of the problem ice is behind the condenser (small radiator looking aluminum frame, that should be left alone. Do not move, push or twist it). 5) once all the ice was removed, I the carefully pushed the radiator back in place at the bottom of the compartment (it just fits and had been displaced by the growth of ice), and replaced the plastic cover. 6) and voila! my fridge was again working perfectly. About 3 hours flat.
6/27/2019 6:11:45 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Jun 27, 2019

I have a problem with my old Fisher & Paykel

the pump has either something jammed in it so remove it and check,if good check the pump copper windings for any uneven coloring if darker in one area replace pump
12/21/2018 8:04:16 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Dec 21, 2018

Fisher and Paykel N500B fridge not cooling but lights on

if not humming at all then i would say a new thermostat should fix the problem
12/21/2018 8:00:25 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Dec 21, 2018

My fridge keeps continuously beeping - for no

will need someone with the correct diagnostic equipment to tell you whats wrong
12/21/2018 7:44:35 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Dec 21, 2018

Beeping constantly in middle of night

My fridge (E440T but I believe the E522B is similar) also had a broken fan wire. I pulled off the panel and re-soldered the wire. I also created a document for others to follow if interested at http://www.accentis.com.au/downloads/misc/How I fixed my Fisher and Paykel Fridge Active Smart Fridge.pdf
Thanks to all postings on this site - it really helped a lot.
3/19/2018 8:12:20 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Mar 19, 2018

F&P E442b leaking from drain. Am i missing a evap tray????

Yes there should be a pan right next to compressor so heat from motor would cause it to evaporate.
You can just put a pan next to motor and strap it up
2/21/2018 5:18:47 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Feb 21, 2018

Fisher paykel e224b fridge not cooling. everything working fine but fridge was originally pulled apart before i looked at it, need to know which thermistor is which (black and white ones in the freeze

Kitchen Laundry Appliances Fisher Paykel US Are you sure that is the part number. I went to the above link and could find nothing with a part number of E224B. Please look on your unit and verify there is no other numbers. If you find additional information please post it and we can attempt to help. Semper Fi, Z
2/1/2018 6:31:06 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Feb 01, 2018


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I have a Fisher & Paykel E522B fridge that has

Check fans in freezer and near compressor. Is compressor running continuously or clicking on and off? If fans are running and compressor is running continuously, your problem is most likely within sealed system. That would require a technician and may not be cost effective to repair.
9/24/2017 4:31:28 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Sep 24, 2017

Hi there, I have

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Fisher & Paykel E521T Fridge Ice Build up behind Freezer compartment. I have had my fridge for about 7 years and ever since I bought this fridge I have to defrost it every 6-8 months because wate

Have they cleaned the drain tube that runs down the back of the fridge? If not and the tube is clogged water will back up and give you the problem that you are having. The only other thing that I can think of, is that the defrost cycle may not be set to a minimum amount of time to where this can be increased to allow the freezer not to let the ice build up.
4/19/2017 3:09:26 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Apr 19, 2017

Noisy F&P fridge freezer

Most of f&p make this noise its most annoying, but could also be ice buildup on the fan blades, creaking and cracking is normal as the pipes expand and contract is these thin foamwall fridges, not nice fridges, insulation has been compromised to lower cost, they work twice as hard at keeping cool
12/15/2016 12:14:29 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Dec 15, 2016

Why my freezer is snowing in cooler section

excess ice could be due to the door not sealing correctly, so ice would appear inside around the door area where the door seal does not seal correctly, OR the defrost heater may be faulty.
11/21/2016 11:43:40 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Nov 21, 2016
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