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make sure your earth is good on the amp and especially on the body of the car

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Check for intermittent shorts on the speaker leads.

Turn down the volume control on your head unit while operating the amp, you could be over driving the amp.

Remove Speaker leads and reset the amplifier. IF the protection LED still comes on amplifier is faulty.

Below is the link to put in a help request with the manufacture for repair.

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run a wire from the battery to the place u are putting the amp. place a fuse in that wire no more than 10 inches away from the positive batt terminal. find a bolt near the amp and see if it is grounded. if so connect a wire from the bolt to your neg terminal on the amp. then run a remote wire and your rca from your radio to the amp. then connect a set of speaker wire from the amp to the subs or speakers

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first i have to ask if you ran the rcas on the same side as you did your power wires. that would result in the interference you're recieving. the rcas should be on one side of the vehicle and the power wires on the other. if you're unsure of the grounding site then take the time to properly clean it and reinstall. also understand that you amp having adequate breathing room is very important. without enough airspace your amp will surely overheat.

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This usually involves removing the plastic bezel around the stereo. Sometimes these plastic bezels hold some buttons for air conditioning and heat, as well as the hazard lights button. These plastic bezels usually are just snapped in with metal clips on the back of them. You can pry them outward and with a good yank they will pop out. Once you have the plastic bezel around the radio removed, there will be 2-4 screws on the sides, or top and bottom. Once you remove those, the whole radio will pull right out of the dash. Then you have to un-clip the wire harness from the car, and unplug the antenna cable. If you plan on putting a different stereo in the car, KEEP the mounting bracket around the stereo, as well as the "wiring harness" that was used to plug into the vehicle harness. That will save you about $50 in parts to put a new stereo in.

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To be absolutely sure of which terminal is positive and which is negative, we will use a 1.5 v battery to have the speaker react as though it is playing music.
* special note * do not use any more than 1.5 v as it may damage the speaker coil
As we know, batteries are marked positive, negative, or both ... we will use this to our advantage when hooking up the battery to our speaker.
To start the process, temporarily attach a short piece of wire to each terminal of the speaker (be sure to either use wire that is marked, or wire of differing colours to help determine which terminal is which). In our example, we used standard speaker wire which is "polarized" (one wire is made of copper and the other is made from tin .. interestingly, this serves no electrical purpose)
Once you have connected the wire to your speaker, proceed to briefly touch the free ends of the wire to the battery terminals (as shown below). In some cases, extended contact with the battery has caused cancer of the voice coil (ie. blown speaker)
If the speaker moves OUT when the battery is first connected, the battery is connected in proper alignment. Be sure to take note of which wire is connected to the positive terminal of the battery as this is your speaker's positive terminal.

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Hello sir hi, the black wire is standard color for ground. if you are wiring a speaker, the wire is really not that sensitive, interchanging the wire only makes the sound drop to about 2%, barely not noticeable.

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Hello lilgeiger111,

If you have checked all of the wiring and fuses and the amp does not power up, it's blown.

Hope this helps.

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Need the code color for the stereo wiring harness on a 2002 Chevy tracker

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check this link below

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The reason why your faceplate keeps on falling out for your car stereo is because that part needs to be replaced.

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You need to unhook the speakers and try the power again. When the protection light comes on it either means that the speakers have to low of a resistance or are shorted or there is another issue with the power, We need to be sure it is not the speakers. If the light goes out, power it off and hook up ONE and try again then keep going till you find the bad one. You did not say what amp it is so that is all we can provide

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Possibly a supply voltage is missing. Maybe the power switch is faulty, usually a MosFet switch on newer models.

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