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I do have the same problem.

I have removed and cleaned the grinder mechanism.

Being an electronic technician I did have a look and tried to find what method they use to detect that the new beans reservoir is empty and I did not see any kind of detector.

I suspect that they monitor the motor current to do this. If it is so would'n it be possible to desable this fonction since it is more then evident when the reservoir is empty or about to be?

Any body knows how they do monitor the status of the new beans reservoir?

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Sounds like you have a blockage in you grind passage. Try removing the brew group. Then inside on the roof of the machine where the brew unit was setting there is a drop chute where the coffee is dropped into the brew unit. From the left side of the drop chute pull down and back, and it will drop coffee. This will clear an opening that relieves pressure on the passage. There is a passage inside the drop chute area that goes to the grinder. Vacuum it out. It will be to the back side of the drop chute.
Once that is cleared go to the bean hopper. There are 2 knobs in the bean hopper. Turn the large knob to the largest number. You can turn the knob to a larger number any time but it has to be grinding to turn to a smaller number. Now replace everything and make your coffee. Once you have made your coffee you can turn the knob back to a number that was higher than the one you had it on, but only when the grinder is running.

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After a tons of browsing and debugging finally I got the real solution to my similar problem with a Saeco Minuto HD8763 coffee machine: the root cause was a bad hall sensor and a weak magnet at the grinder toothwheel (the left magnet whcih was removed from it's original place). The upper one was okay and down under there is the replacement magnet which I made from a piece of HDD neodymium magnet and glued to fix it.
The original hall sensor was marked as "210k 3491" ("HAL506K" based on some other service manuals) and the new one was a cheap non-smd but same size, unipolar "TLE4905" type.


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Hello, Jpklijn-

Since your machine is new, I would not expect any interior spillage of fresh ground coffee.

I suggest you contact Philips, manufacturer of the Saeco brand, and ask about the problem. It may be a defective machine, covered under warranty, with a need to be replaced.

Since I have no idea where you reside (what country), I will direct you to the Philips global page, so you can select your country of residence:
You will want to speak with someone in Customer Service regarging your machine.

Best wishes.

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First, I'm not a Saeco technician. Though I've worked on similar Saeco models.
*** The following is for information only. You should always call your vendor for service, as opening this machine will void warranty.***

- Water not getting to machine or not sensing that the water tank is already filled.
* There usually some type of float near to middle of the water tank. It's usually white or colored plastic. This 'float' needs to move freely up-down to 'sense' the filled tank. clean the tank and shake it -note the movement of this float. It will need further cleaning if it's stuck (or you will have to replace tank if it's crudded up).
* Re-install tank and fill with filtered water. Turn machine off, count to 15 then turn on again. This usually turns on pump to add water to inner tank. If this does not happen then there is a CPU problem. If it does hums for 5-10 seconds then goes off but no heating then the pump may have an air bubble in line. Try the turn off and on method several times (up to 5) to get the water flowing. If it's still not working then there is a clog in the pump and will need service and/or replacement.
* Did you change water source? Since this is a table top machine in which you fill the water tank. Try to use filtered (bottled ok) water. Do Not use Distilled or 100% pure water as this type of water will eat out the metals from your machine! Some places use a water softener as it tends to be better for the machine long term (years).
* Still got problems? Check with vendor or MFR for service or replacement. Most machines of this type do not have serviceable parts or adjustments.
Aloha, ukeboy57

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can you hear a quite louder noise when trying to make water flow?
If no or very faint noise can be heard, pump is probably faulty or needs to be disassembled and cleaned (see tutos on the Net)
If you can hear a loud noise, the pump is working but unable to suck water, keep on trying, if still unsuccessfull you will have to open the machine and fill yourself the watel inlet tube to "help" the pump priming.

Hope that thelps

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page 31 and 32 have some light indicators and troubleshooting options. It is a very good manual link as well if you need one. SAECO INCANTO CLASSIC CLASS Operating Instructions Manual Page 5

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Remove the back cover of the machine by removing the 2 screws on the back.. Pull the back cover off, and you would have access to the power switch on the back of the machine.

Purchase a switch click here.

Service Center for Saeco Gaggia Rancilio Spidem Starbucks Espresso Machines

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Try lifting the water tank and make sure it is pressed along the back of the machine when you put it back in.

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We are a Saeco Service Center and can help with your issue.

Service Center for Saeco Gaggia Rancilio Spidem Starbucks Espresso Machines

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Your brew unit may be set in the wrong position inside the machine if someone has had it out to clean or try to fix. The unit has two positions open and neutral when putting back into the machine it should be neutral. This is something I would try first. Now if it is in the open position you will need to reset it. Resetting is better explained on video so I have put a link for a Youtube video. This guy is great and guides you through step by step. Hope this works for you good luck. Please post and let me know.
How to Remove Stuck Brew Unit Q

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At a guess, water or steam has corroded the points and it's permanently shorted. That's not such a huge problem in itself. However, if there is a leak within that's causing this, then you may have further problems down the track. This is still a better scenario than if the PCB is damaged- then who knows.

Good luck


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sounds like the thermostat at fault

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The steam valve can wear plastic on metal, try pushing on the knob while steming , if the steam pressure increases the valve is worn out and not opening all the way.

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try descaling the machine it could be that the water level switch is clogged with water calcium and not lifting when water is added, or it is defective and needs replacement. I hope this was helpful.

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I went through 3 machines (both Gaggia and Saeco--both have the same Rapid Steam system), hours of searching the Internet, and phone conversations with support(?) staff before I came up with what seems to be good options for both fixing the problem and then preventing it from being a problem again.

The Fix. Fixing the problem works better with two people, so I will refer to person 1 (P1) and person 2 (P2). To fix the problem: 1) P1 uses either a turkey baster or the small plastic (and leaky) pump packaged with the machine; 2) while the readout says "ventilate", P2 pushes the hot water button, then turns the machine off and removes the water tank; 3) P1 fills the plastic pump (or baster) with water and inserts it into the water intake valve (as best as you can, it doesn't fit perfectly); 4) P2 then turns the machine on and opens the steam wand while P1 pushes water into the intake using the plastic pump or baster; 5) as soon as P1 is finished, P2 turns off the steam valve. Repeat steps 3) through 5) until the machine has accepted 4-5 good pumps of water. If you get the "fill watertank" message, you must begin the entire process over again (if you get the "fill watertank" message every time, just keep following the process until you get the machine to accept 4-5 good pumps of water); 6) turn the machine off and reseat the water tank. 7) Turn the machine on, press the hot water button, and open the steam valve. It may take a minute, but you should finally get water. Run it until it becomes a steady stream, and then some more...about 8 ounces worth. I have found that this process doesn't always work if the machine is hot. When it's hot, it sometimes won't accept any water into the intake valve.

Prevention. To prevent the problem, I have been successful (so far) by: 1) after steaming milk, I push the hot water button and run hot water through the wand until it is a steady stream, and then about 4 oz more. 2) I always steam the milk first, then run hot water through the wand, and then make the espresso. 2) I always run water through the wand after making coffee.

This seems like a lot of steps, but it really doesn't take that long once it's part of your routine. I've been successful with this process for the last several day and before that, I was getting the ventilate message every time I tried to steam milk. I'm hoping it continues to work! It's really a shame that the technical staff have not come up with a better solution or, at the least, addressed the problems people are currently experiencing. When I called Saeco, they told me they didn't know why it as happening!

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With this machine you have to lift a little as you push back and the same with pulling it out lift it up then pull out. Otherwise open the door take everything out and re load to make sure everything is in its correct place.

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Probably connection with the valve or the valve does not wok.

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HI Are you leaving the machine on when you empty the dredge drawer? There has to be power for the computer to see that the dredge drawer has been removed. Leave it out at least 15 seconds, so the computer thinks you emptied it. This should clear the message.

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