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When you pull the basket out after its finished brewing what does the surface of the coffee look like? Are there 6 or so clearly defined dimples in the surface where the water pours from the spray head? Is the powder uniformly wet? If the answer is no to either of these, remove and clean the spray head. Use a descaling tablet or powder to soak the spray head and then use a small tool to clear the holes. Be careful not to make the holes bigger though.

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delime and recallibrate machine. see tips for bunn cwtf

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you'll have to recallibrate. use a 64 ounce measuring cup and follow the instructions on the inside of the front panel.

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Check the Hi-limit thermostat on top of the tank, then the pressure stat setting and then the inline fuse and then elements.

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Leaking from top of tank; Call for service as this is an electrical hazard.
*** the following is for information only. ***
* Replace any worn gaskets and silicone tubes.
* There may be cracks in the metal pipes. Hard to see, but there, if you remove the lime deposits.
* check the top tray nut if the gasket to the tank is missing. It's about an 1-1/4" round washer with about a 3/4" hole. Usually made of white silicone rubber. It seals the fill tray to the tank. Leaks often.
* Bunn equipment can last quite a few years (decades?) but the gaskets do get hard and the tank needs to be water tight to work properly. Since this is already an old brewer and you've saved money rebuilding it. Suggest going further by replacing all gaskets. Yes they do need to be snug with no cracks.
Aloha, ukeboy57

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If its been changed to 220V plugging it into 120V won't damage anything, it just won't work. Replace the plug with a 120V plug end and plug it in. If it works its120 if it doesn't, its either a 220V setup, or you have a blown fuse in the unit/power supply or some other defect.

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the plunger for ur solenoid valve assembly might be stuck in open position ... ur click sound maybe came from ur funnel lock during brewing. water shots from the fill or oveflow cup due to contoniuos supply of water , try to close ur main water and c if water will also cease

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What about Bunn water level? Too high? Too low? Not filling? Leaking?

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Most likely cause is that the seal between the water reservoir and the tank is leaking. Not uncommon. If you can find a replacement seal go for it, otherwise the old one can be made serviceable by coating both sides with a thin bead or layer of clear silicone. Allow to cure for 24 hours before powering the coffee maker back up.

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delime the sprayhead and reservoir drain (in the top) with a deliming spring or a screwdriver. to delime the tank, put a half gallon of vinegar in the top and catch the hot water as it comes out of the sprayhead. leave it sit for about 20 minutes and brew at least 8 times (w/o coffee) or until you can no longer taste vinegar

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google item and error code, if no owners manual try:

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Im assuming you tried it more than once and the tank is full when you start? If your doing manual fill pour over the timer has nothing to do with that. If it's plumbed with a water line, before you start changing your timer for the brew cycle, first try the easy fix which is unscrew the spray head. it's the piece the water comes out to the basket. Take the cleaning spring tool and rotate it as you push it thru the tube you just unscrew the spray head from. As your pushing it thru it has two turns in it . Just rotate and push until you have gone thru the second one and then it's clear to the water tank. Unfortunately this doesn't always get it unplugged. Where the tube goes into the water tank there is silicone hub on the part that's in the tank and it can keep some of the lime buildup from being removed. You will have to take the top off and remove the tube to clean it if that happenes. Dont forget to unplug it first. The other common spot for a restriction is where the water leaves the pan your pouring into. You need to remove the pan to get the spray tube out anyway so look also at the big nut that holds the pan onto the tank.sometimes the hole will plug in the center .

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test element for failure

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Couple of ideas.

Your weak coffee could be due to the machine not getting hot enough, which is usually caused by calcium scale buildup on the heating element (the "burner").

Try descaling with a citric-acid based cleaner, such as Dezcal or Durgol.

The second is the coffee your using is a weak blend. Try changing to a different coffee and see if the strength is better.

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This sounds like the light flickering rather than a faulty connection. You can check for a bad connection by tuning a nearby radio receiver to no station in the AM band. If there is a bad connection causing this you'll hear the sparking (in time with the flickering) on the radio.
Flickering is a common effect seen with neon indicator lights when they age and does not affect the switch function at all, so can be safely ignored.

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Underneath the warming plate is a element assembly that will have 1 or 2 thermal fuses and a temp sensor. If any of these have faulted that condition will arise.
I suspect that the temperature sensor is 'sticking' in the open position. If you remove the bottom cover (while unplugged of course) and lightly tap the sensor with your screwdriver it may remedy the issue for awhile but the initial cause of the problem will still exist. If the brewer is worth it you can replace the sensor otherwise it may just be cheaper to recycle it.

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A model number would be nice but since all (drip) coffee makers are generally the same in principle I'd wager it's your temperature sensor (underneath the heating plate) or when you plugged it in voltage escaped through the switch causing the unit to be 'on'. Think of a coffee maker like the first 1/2 of a steam engine. Water from the reservoir gets converted into steam by a burner (also warms the heating plate for the carafe) and instead of the steam driving components it gets condensed above the coffee grounds. Without that temperature sensor the burner would be going 'full blast' all the time and burn your coffee which is why a broken sensor will cause a 'no heat at all' issue while a failing one can give false signals to the control board. I hope this narrows down your issue and good luck!

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It could be so much lime build up that the water going in is too much for the water to come out so it will leak out the top from the thermostat hole plug and or the water pan is flowing over the top cus no place else to go?

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