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clean the spark plug,check the sensor for ignition.Water in fuel?
This will be a good start

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Are you using old fuel from last year? If so, drain/clean tank. Check/replace fuel filter. Refuel with fresh fuel & test again.

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kilowatts= electric motor rating in horse power X 746 watts X 24 hours X 60 minutes X 60 seconds/1000

1.50 hp X 746/1hp X 24 hours x 3600seconds =

1.5 * 746 * 24*3600 =96681.6 kilowatts/day


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Here are a couple of tips that I wrote that tell you how to troubleshoot a Torpedo or Reddy heater...

Reddy Heater - Troubleshooting Torpedo Heaters

Torpedo Heater Pump Pressure Adjustment


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Now that you have completed the maintenance externally lets do the burner tray. Remove the top half of the heater and locate the burner tray. There are several things I do no my own heaters every year. Locate the flame sensor, these like to collect carbon, dirt ,and the occasional insect looking to nest here. Clean with windex and soft terry cloth rag, then put it back. Next is fuel system, locate the fuel nozzle and remove it, they say you can not clean this but I say with a q-tip, tooth pick and carb cleaner you can. Take care not to damage the nozzle. Directly behind the nozzle is a screen, these corrode after time, give it a cleaning as well. Put it back together now and inspect the line for hole, cra cks, and dry rot. Try firing it off with the top off and see what happens. If no fuel is there you have to go thru the pump, but as a rule they are pretty durable.

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will not stay running

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I grew up working for my electrical contractor father and we had kerosene heaters such as you have. Another thing, these units must burn kerosene, do NOT use diesel fuel or any other fuel in these heaters, it will not burn cleanly and some fuels might explode. We always used these heaters in a building in winter that was being constructed. By this I mean that there was always plenty of ventilation. We ALWAYS had enough air movement through the buildings to prevent CO poisoning. This is why I will advise you NOT to use this style of heater without there being a way for the fumes to exhaust out of the building. CO (carbon monoxide) bonds faster with your hemoglobin than oxygen does and you can DIE from this. CO poisoning takes months to get out of your system.
So, with a sealed building, I would say NO do NOT use this in your basement.

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You have a classic Reddy Heat problem. They use an air bleed system to determine the fuel pump pressure. As the filter clogs the pressure changes and the symtoms you described appear. I have a tip at which explains the problem, how to fix it and where to get the parts.

Thanks for using FixYa and for the great rating.


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Mine were doing the exact same thing and you would not guess the problem! Water had built up in my tank from condensation, it was pissing me off. I did how ever manage to pull my preventative maintenance on it. I would suggest the same for you. Remove the top half of the heater cover, locate the burner tray, on the tray there is a flame sensor. Remove it and clean with windex and a soft terry cloth rag, replace it and be sure it has an unobstructed view of the flame. Next is the fuel system, locate the nozzle, remove it, now they say that you can not clean these but I say with a q-tip, tooth pick and carb cleaner you can. Directly behind the nozzle is a screen these corrode while in storage, so clean it as well. Put this back together, and now inspect all of you fuel lines for hole, cracks,and dry rot. Put the top half back on the heater and now remove the side cover where the fuel line goes thru to the fuel tank, once you do this you will find an in line filter remove it and clean with a compressor and air gun, blow air backwards thru the filter, now it is clean. Put it back and again inspect the fuel lines. Last is the air filter at the back of the pump, it will be foam rubber, remove it, and wash it out, make sure to dry this real good, and now put it back in. You have now completed your yearly maintenance. Happy heating. Please check your fuel tank and clean if necessary, I over looked this on mine!

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I would love to assist you fix this problem quickly!
Please respond by pressing REPLY OR COMMENT

do you have a copy of your users manual or do you require a copy before we start?

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When mine did this it was contaminated fuel. What I am saying is that from storage these will build condensation (water) in the tank. So I emptied mine out in to a clean five gallon bucket and observe, Fuel floats on top of the water and you will see the water bubbles under the fuel. If this is the case you need to dry out the tank as best as you can and then put fuel back in it. Now you can carefully siphon off most of the fuel and reuse it just be careful not to **** up any of the water. If this is not the problem you need to go over the fuel delivery system and clean it out completely

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Hello,Yes but it might be slightly smokey.I have used kero in place of diesel with good results.

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Electric motor over heats; over temperature relay engages. Clean area around motor blow it out with compressed air. Your may have a bad motor winding replace motor goto Grainger or Johnstone Supply..

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These are quite simple heaters to go over start with your fuel. Is it clean? Is there water in it? Is your fuel filter clean? After verifying all is good lets take off the top cover and check things out. Is the nozzle spraying a fine mist or heavy droplets? The mist should be very fine, nozzles are not supposed to be cleaned out but I have found that first the screen in the nozzle assembly can corrode so clean it up then you can try carb-cleaner and a tooth pick and gently clean the nozzle, replacing it is the recommended practice, pay attention to the spray angle and the GPH rating if you replace it. It is a fuel related problem I assure you but while you have the top off clean up the electronic eye that senses the flame and the igniter as they build carbon deposits.

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I have a tip at which explains the problem, where to get the parts to fix it and how to do the repair.

Thanks for using FixYa and for the great rating. Please consider a testimonial. Thank you.


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Here is a tip about troubleshooting Torpedo Heaters

Reddy Heater - Troubleshooting Torpedo Heaters


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Make sure that the ignitor is in the mist of atomized fuel. Or better yet do you have signs of fuel atomization? Check fuel filter usually an in line transparent type filter, if it is clear check the nozzle they have a screen inside as a filter as well no fuel there lines to the tank are next in line if you have fuel up to the nozzle it may be time to replace the nozzle sorry but you can not clean them any slight bend or widening of the holes changes the rate of the nozzle. Pay attention to the GPH rating and spray angle when replacing the nozzle.

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Check for water in fuel. Your suction fuel tube sits right on the bottom of your tank. This is where all of the water will be. The water is being picked up instead of fuel. I have repaired many kerosene heaters in the past, This is a common problem due to the tank sweating in the hotter months. If so drain, clean tank, replace fuel filter if needed. Refuel and test again.

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This sounds like a bad thermostat. Myself I run them wide open and unplug it if it gets to hot.You can replace it or follow my lead and just unplug it when it is hot enough.

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You can find your part at .

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