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REAL FACT is: If all individual components of the heater are at 100% but the air pump pressure is not on it's mark, then the heater WILL NOT continue to run!
Air Pump Pressure is directly related to fuel delivery. Read that statement again! It is the most important line of text on this website.
If the pump pressure is incorrect, then, the fuel delivery will be incorrect. As a result, the heater will not run to specs.
Instructions for setting the air pump pressure:
Air pump pressure is the pulse of the heater. Pump pressures range from 3 psi to 6 psi depending on heater BTU size (see chart below). A loss of ONLY 1 psi translates to a 30% to 17% loss of FUEL FLOW (starvation). You must know the specified required pressure and set the pressure accordingly.
Heaters with Hot Surface Ignitor technology are extremely critical to pump pressure. If the pressure is off by 1/2 psi, the heater may run for 5 seconds, then shut down because of IGNITION FAILURE. The only way to correct this problem is to set the pump pressure to DESA's recommended pressure specification.
  1. The FIRST STEP in diagnosing any heater problem should be checking the output of the air pump. Determine the air pressure required for the heater model that is being tuned. The air pump, in turn, is responsible for fuel delivery.
  2. If you do not know the required pressure look for a decal on the side (usually) of your heater. This decal will state the model number, serial number, fuel capacity, pump pressure, etc.
  3. If your plastic end cover looks like this......
m29609t.jpgM29609 has 2 threaded holes. The hole on the left has a square plug inserted. Remove the plug. Screw in the nipple end of the gauge into the threaded hole. Check for air leaks with soapy water.
If your plastic end cover looks like this......
m16545t.jpgM16545 has 2 threaded holes. The shorter projection with a hole on the left has a square plug inserted. Remove the plug. Screw in the nipple end of the gauge into the threaded hole. Check for air leaks with soapy water.
4. The other hole (longer projection) has a screw with a hole which adjusts a ball and spring relief valve assembly. Carefully adjust the screw until the gauge is reading the pressure level that is specified on the heater's label. If operating properly, the pump should produce more pressure than is required to operate the heater. The relief valve allows the excess air to escape before being sent to the nozzle.
5. Replace plug. Test for leak.
6. If you are unable to reach the desired pressure spray soapy water around the seal of the end cover- at the same time check the plastic cover for a crack. A cracked end cover will not allow the heater to perform properly and will not allow for an accurate reading. The pump must be set at the specified pressure in order to have adequate fuel delivery an adequate fuel atomization. Replace if needed.
7. If you set the pressure to specs and the heater does not perform properly or the cone does not glow a soft red, then check for other fuel delivery problems such as a clogged fuel filter, cracked rubber hose, clogged or worn nozzle, or a cracked nozzle adapter. Soapy water lightly sprayed in these areas will quickly identify the problem most of the time. Any air leak will create problems.

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Amazon and Ebay has them. $35 on Amazon. I found one on Ebay for $25 with free shipping

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Before I went replacing anything, I'd open the right access (looking from the front)panel. Pull the black feed hose off of the nipple on the the filter assembly. Carefully remove the filter barrel, which will be sticking down in the kerosene tank drawing the fuel out.With a flat tip screwdriver, rotate the plastic piece on the bottom of this assembly. Mine is red and looks like a little plug with a screen filter, shaped like a funnel. It has a friction fit so it will not be threaded. Pull this out and see if the fliter has dirt or debris in it. Blow it out with compressed air or wash it with a solvent. Replace the filter and reassemble, plug it in and turn it on. 98% of my early shut down or fuel issues are resolved by doing this. Doesn't take much to restrict fuel flow in these heaters enough to shut them down. Good luck.

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resolder the board

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There are a host of things that could cause this problem. Here are just a few:

  • The air output and input filters may need cleaning.
  • Air intake filter may be clogged.
  • Fuel filter needs cleaning.
  • Contaminated Kerosene.
Here's a link that will help you further. Be sure to take a look a page # 8 (Trouble Shooting). You can download and print this for future reference.

Hope this helps you solve your problem.

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Here are a couple of tips that I wrote that tell you how to troubleshoot a Torpedo or Reddy heater...

Reddy Heater - Troubleshooting Torpedo Heaters

Torpedo Heater Pump Pressure Adjustment


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Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly.

Download this service manual:

You may have a dirty Photocell as discussed on page 19 but you can have other issues. The manual will help you sort it out.

Things to look at are:
  • Photocell
  • air filters
  • fuel nozzle
  • fuel hoses
  • fuel tank cap
  • fan clearances
Everything I listed is covered in the manual link at the top of this post.

Thanks for choosing FixYa,

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Clean or replace your photo cell. Make sure your air pressure is set right,Remove your nozzle and blow air thru it . To test your photocell use a muti-meter hooked to two wire and hold flashlight over the end of boot see if ohms increase if not it junk,replace it.

Reddy R60A... | Answered on Feb 08, 2011 | 223 views

Check your in tank fuel filter

Reddy R60A... | Answered on Jan 27, 2011 | 458 views

no not hot enouph

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The answer may not be that simple. It will be a process of ruling things out. First check fuel level, then check fuel filter, check to see if the photo sensor is dirty, then check the intake and exhaust filters. If these check out then you need to check pump pressure. Since I am not as familiar with this brand as I am with Dayton you will need to consult your operators manual or the manufacturer for pump pressure specs. If the pressure isn't high enough you will to adjust it to the currect pressure. You should find the problem prior to this point.

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Here are a couple of tips that I wrote that tell you how to troubleshoot a Torpedo or Reddy heater...

Reddy Heater - Troubleshooting Torpedo Heaters

Torpedo Heater Pump Pressure Adjustment


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The first thing I would check,is the photo eye,it is near the flame ,and faces the element ,sort of.It may be dirty,remove the photo eye and clean it with a small amount of windex,or the same sort of cleaner,clean it two,to four times with a fresh paper towel,then replace it,if the photo eye can not see the flame,it will cut the fuel off and this could be the problem.If this was helpful,please let them know,thank you,please rate,I also have a pdf manual for the ready heater.

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ck vac lines. also there a filter in line or in tank

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Go to and if any tanks are available they will have them.

Thanks for using FixYa and for the great rating.


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Check the fuel filter first. If that is OK then check the fuel nozzle. It may need to be cleaned. If you remove it, you should be able to hold it up to a light and see light through the hole. Be very carefull if it uses a hot surface igniter because they are very brittle and easily broken. After that check the air pressure by connecting a guage to the black box on the back of the fan motor. There are 2 different plugs on it. One has a hole in the center. Do not connect the guage to that plug; it is used to adjust the air pressure. The data plate on the side of the heater will tell you what the pressure should be (probably just under 4 #). Also check the air filter. There is a foam prefilter and a post filter. You will have to remove the cover from the back of the motor. There are 3 screws and then you should be able to get it off. Let me know what you find if this doesn't get you going.

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I have fixed this problem a lot.... locate the pump on the back of the electric motor... take the plastic cover off the pump.... then take off the metal plate the cover was screwed to (should be 6 screws) ... when you remove that plate there is a little black wheel with 4 reeds in it.... those reeds should freely move in and out of that wheel.... chances are they are dirty and they are stuck... take those little reeds out of the wheel and take a scratch pad or a semi rough piece of sand paper and clean those reeds and the slots on the wheel... then they should freely slide in and out of the slots on the wheel... make sure to spin the fan blades to make the wheel spin... that way you can make sure all 4 reeds and sliding up and down in the slots very freely.... this is the most common problem with these heaters not picking up fuel.... another thing to look at is on that plastic cover of the pump... there is an adjustment screw that takes a flat headed screw driver.... try adjusting it in for more pressure ( the pressure adjustment screw is not the cap that sticks out of the plastic, but the plastic screw that is in the small round collar on the outside of the plastic pump cover ) hope this helps

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I am going to ask you to take apart the top half of the heater again, look directly around the nozzle assembly and locate the flame sensor. These get carbon deposits, dirt, and insects like to nest here as well. Take windex and soft terry cloth rag and clean the sensor, make sure it has an unobstructed view of the flame, reassemble the heater and fire it up.This should do the trick.

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Try cleaning the photocell.

Reddy R60A... | Answered on Dec 19, 2010 | 49 views

you can open the ac and fule supply / or try cleaning the fule lines

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