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For the pump try taking filter back out and putting back again for smell clean out the rubber door seal with soapy water after the door seal is clean clean the despencer draw fully by taking it out. When you washed the seal and draw get washing machine clean for local super market and do a 95oc wash it should smell nice now if not could be drains hope this helps.

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  • F07 - Heater relay stuck
  • This means your heating system has gone wrong you will need to book repair but you could try and reset machine turn off at plug for 5 mins and try again.
  • hope this helps

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  • F04 - Pressure switch jammed on empty
  • This might need a repair you could try purring off machine at plug for 5 mins and switching back on if still does it you should book repair hope this helps

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This is usually the door interlock wearing out, and not returning to normal quickly enough after spinning. Search on YOUTUBE for videos of how to replace one, it usually requires the door gasket to be un-clipped from the outer front panel area (behind the door). There are a lot of parts suppliers here if you need help: http://www.letsfixit.co.uk/html/appliance_spares.html or HERE for a good video. Hope this helps, TD.

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Please check the power to the mains controller unit and if present please check if the door switch is contacting to give the OK signal for the controller to start the function . So if the inlet does not open and allow water into then is seems that the program controller unit is a suspect.
recheck once again to confirm, try to swap a similar board to confirm and then replace.

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Problems with a washing machine not spinning or not draining are often interrelated..

If you are having a problem with your top load washer then check out thistip...

Washing Machine does not Pump or Spin

If you are having problems with your front load washing machine then checkoutthis tip...

Front Load Washing machine not draining and or not spinning

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I would enter via the sump hole ....Remove the hose 1st then you may be able to grab it failing this remove heater element and you will see it to remove...Good luck

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You need to clear out the drain pump. if you should be able to access the pump from the front bottom by unscrewing and removing the filter. If not then you will need to tilt the machine back as far as you can so you can access the underneath. You will see the small drain pump. Have a basin ready to catch any water that comes out when remove the pump which is only held in by 1 or 2 screws and twisted out or pulled out. If it is clear then try removing the pipe that goes from the pump to the base of the tub. Hope this helps

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Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,

Sorry but I do not know your particular machine BUT I would suggest as a first step that you clean the drain motor lint tray/filter. Anumber of different washers will stop if there is water still in the drum.
Here are my complete, general pre-typed guidance notes for checking both the filter and the motor ;-0)
If you are unsure where the filter is, it is often behind the front lower (kick) panel (or in some machines at the rear in an awkward position!) and most are held in by a round cover/knob.


It's surprising what people have found in theirs! It is always worthwhile checking it on a regular basis.
Now- whilst the filter is removed it is normally possible to see the drain motor and ensure it is not jammed by a foreign object such as a needle or a toothpick. It should be able to be turned by hand/finger- the power IS OFF!
At this point it is also possible to test if the motor works. No clothes or water in the machine, select a spin cycle and put the power back on. You should be able to see the motor turning at some point, possibly straight away. If it doesn't work then the motor is malfunctioning!

Hope the filter is the problem and good luck!
John C

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Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,

I would strongly recommend a replacement belt; the old one is only likely to come off again.
Here are my general, pre-typed(!) guidance notes-
Belts are not expensive- sorry I do not know how much yours would cost- and are easy to be changed by a competent person:-
The motor support bolts should be loosened and the old belt removed. Often putting the new belt on is a bit of a struggle, even with the motor 'loose', because it is new and smaller!
Once on it should be tensioned by pulling the motor against the belt firmly- but not over tight- and the motor support bolts tightened.

Hope this is your problem solved.
Good luck,
John C

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Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,

There is no pump for pumping water into a washer; filling is done by the pressure of the supply and controlled by valves, one valve for just cold water fill and two independant valves for hot and cold fill.
Are you sure that the water supply hoses are not kinked or squashed? If they are not and yours is just cold fill then the valve is possibly malfunctioning, the control PCB is faulty or there could be a wiring fault.
If it is hot and cold and neither are filling, it could be the control PCB is faulty or there could be a wiring fault again.
Once you have confirmed that the water supply IS actually available (turn off the taps, unscrew the hoses from the washer then turn each tap on a little and gently until some water comes out. If it does screw them back. If it doesn't find out why!) you will need to call a service engineer ;-0(
Sorry cannot be of more assistance.

John C

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Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,

My advice is to first start with checking the balance of the washer then consider the last paragraph of my notes below. It is possible that the drum or motor supports are malfunctioning or there is a problem with the belt drive. You would need to take the back off to see obviously- but with power removed first ;-0)
It is necessary to ensure absolutely that the machine, even when empty, has all 4 feet very firmly on the floor, and I mean firmly.

Doesn't matter whether it is empty or not but switch it off then-
very firmly push one front corner diagonally into the centre of the machine (sorry about my UK spelling!) and see if the machine moves or rocks AT ALL, even the slightest. If it does you will need the open-ended spanner which came with the (new) machine........which of course went missing a long time ago?!! An adjustable spanner will suffice.
Adjust the foot under that corner downwards until it is very firmly- almost pushing- against the floor but not so far that the corner lifts up!
If this corner did not rock do the same to the other.
Once you cannot rock the machine the slightest little bit, screw the locking nuts up tight to the underside of the machine so that they will not move. Ideally the rear feet should also be locked.

If this has not cured the problem it is possible that the internal drum suspension is malfunctioning.

Good luck,

John C

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My guess is heating element, if its broke it wont heat water and because the thermostat does not detect hot water the machine does not move onto next step. i suspect you will not be able to do a prewash.
Part cost ££20 to £30
My machine has same problem but im struggling to pull out the eliment.

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When my washer did that, I found that the shocks that hold the tub were bad...

Check out this tip I wrote about the noise and vibration that front load washers can make..

Washer Problems
Washer noise when spinning


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