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F01 - Short circuit motor triac - Book a washing machine repair. F02 - Motor jammed tacho detached - Book a washing machine repair. F03 - Wash thermistor open/short circuit - Book a washing machine repair. F04 - Pressure switch jammed on empty - Book a washing machine repair. F05 - Pressure switch jammed on full - Book a washing machine repair. F06 - Program selector error - Book a washing machine repair. F07 - Heater relay stuck - Book a washing machine repair.  F08 - Heater relay cannot be activated - Book a washing machine repair.  F09 - Incompatible eeprom - Book a washing machine repair.  F10 - Pressure switch not sensing correctly - Book a washing machine repair.  F11 - Pump cannot be activated - Book a washing machine repair.  F12 - Communication error - Book a washing machine repair.  F13 - Dryer fan or dryer thermisotor faulty - Book a washing machine repair.  F14 - Dryer element faulty - Book a washing machine repair. F15 - Dryer element relay faulty - Book a washing machine repair.  H20 - Not fillings. Check tap, hose and inlet valves LOCKED - Check interlock - Book a washing machine repair.  Here is a list of fault codes. I hope this helps !

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F6 error is apparently a motor fault. The
motor could be jammed, open circuit ,
burnt out. It may just be a broken wire
or connection come off. Check the motor.

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Check all thermostats , check to be sure you have 220 volts coming into the machine. Use ohm meter & check from heater element to the heater case or cabinet to see if the element is grounded. Positive to element & Negative to case should show no ohms if it does it is shorted. Also heater circuit runs through a centrifical switch on the motor
so if the motor quits the heater shuts down so you don't have a fire. When the motor is not running the fan stops.
You could check this switch but it don't happen very often. check this switch last. Hope this will help you

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go to the parts website for Hotpoint for price or Google the part number and someone will post it for sale.
Try going to You-Tube for instruction video on replacing.

If it is still under warranty, call mfg or warranty company.

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i can try to help you with this problem. if you pop the cap off the top of the agitator you will see a nut, once you take the nut off you should be able to jiggle the agitator in an upward motion to remove it then retrieve your wire and gently slide agitator back on so as not to ruin the splines if there are any. good luck

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you could have a broken pipe on the filler or the seal has gone on the drum you would need to have a look, either way they are easy to fix or replace. drain pipe can leak if the pipe has come off the pump also check this but you will need to remove the case to get to look, always unplug the washer before touching any screws, remove case and look at the pipes and make sure they are seated in the right place.

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You will need to replace the entire control panel assembly to cure this problem

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Martha, Try running another cycle, for some reason I think machine is sensing it still has water in it. If after running another cycle dose'nt do it, check links below to see (2nd link) how to open door manually with out damaging machine. press the helpful button

How to fix washing machine door lock in Hotpoint washing machine

Opening locked washing machine door

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Hotpoint red led flashes Washing Machines Questions ... > Forum > Tags > red led flashes > Washing Machines
Hotpoint washing machines red led flashes related questions and answers. ... then off When i turn on the washing machine - Hotpoint wf640p - the LED display flashes all the 8s (so ... Question about Aquarius WD640 Front Load Washer/Dryer.

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You can't "Reset it" as such, you need to fix the fault. Is this the F11 issue you reported before, or another problem?

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F11 is a pump fault. Probably a blockage in the sump. From what I recall, there is no access to the pump at the front of the machine on this model, but if you go to the back nd remove the panal at the bottom, you will see the rubber sump that hangs from the bottom of the drum. It is usually held on by either a large jobilee clip or a squeeze clip. Undo this and pull off the sump. Inside you will find what looks like a basketball hoop woth a ping pong ball in it (It's a water save device)> Chances are that this is blocked with debris. Clean it out and reassemble and all will be well.

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Hi Maire,
The door cannot open when the lock symbol is showing. Check your owner's manual for fault finding tips.

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Your washer smells moldy because there is mold growing in it somewhere. To kill the mold and clean the inside of your washer do a hot water wash using no clothes but adding two cups of bleach to the machine. It will also smell better then.

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If the fan in the aluminium bit on top sticks then the thermal fuse at the front blows

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should have a fluff filter surely

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As you know, the door is locked while the machine is working.
The most likely cause of your problem is that the 'interlock' has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.
The problem is to get the door open.
Try to remember which way the latch hooks into the interlock.
It may be that a flexible kitchen knife slid behind the door can release the doorlock, or a length of thin strong string passed around the door and pulled towards the hinge side will release the latch.
N.B. Be careful not to damage the seal....!
If these actions don't work it would be best to call a technician to release the interlock from the inside of the machine and replace the interlock, which can be a slightly complicated job..
Good luck.


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That error code is filter / pump/ waste pipe blocked.

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check hose under soap dispenser drawer ie large black one

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Brushes are mounted on the motor at the opposite to the belt pulley. A bit fiddly to get at but can be removed without removing the motor itself. Brushes are not the only reason for no spin of course. An easy way to check brushes is to use a simple multimeter and check continuity between the brush connector and the commutatir

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