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There is an electrically controlled lock on the door that prevents opening while the machine is in operation, and sometimes for a short period after a cycle has finished.

Sometimes this lock can get stuck and requires some persuasion to release.

This may sound odd but try it:

Make a fist with your hand and bang the door, near the latch, with the side of your fist. Do this firmly, but obviously not so hard that you will damage the door or, more importantly, your hand. This can often release the latch that should have released automatically.

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use multi grip pliers and squeeze the ends of the clip together and pull it back up the hose at the same time
Then pull the hose off

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watch this video
this should help you

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A solution from the internet: Make a boil wash (with no clothes and detergents) put into the powder drawer a cup of bicarbonate of soda. It should clean the machine and move out the bad smell. Another: I have a front loading machine also and am not willing to have to constantly clean out the machine; the soap and fabric softeners you use are building up between the inner and outer drums (and on the drum itself sometimes). Because the machines door is so tightly sealed (to prevent water leakage) the smell from this buildup is awful. I finally found the solution. MAGGIE'S SOAP NUTS -- they are all natural (grow on trees) and will remove the grime from your drum and also clean your clothes (you won't even need fabric softener anymore). Stop using commercial detergents and fabric softeners and start using Maggie's Soap Nuts. They are not very cheap but they work great -- I have found that making a liquid out of the soap nuts and storing it in a bottle works better than putting them in the sack cloth they come with (because front loaders do not agitate constantly like regular machines, the cloth bag sits on the clothes and sometimes leaves a stain -- the liquid will not leave a stain. YOU WILL SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM AND HAVE SOFTER CLOTHES TO BOOT (without fabric softener so you save some money there). They are also better for septic tanks, the environment and your health! I believe Whole Foods sells them and they are also on the internet at Note: Also go to -- they are going to buy these in bulk to cut the cost in half but don't have them yet. You should be able to buy them there soon. Note: Forgot to tell you to run some of this thru your machine with hot water before washing your clothing to clean out the buildup that is already in the machine.

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We have made a few videos on these dryers and there are some very good repair guides on these.
How replace the bearing kit

And if you have the type with a fixed Riveted Drum shaft then you will need this video

In our repair guides you will find help on all the tumble dryer problems

How to Repair

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my hot point ultima wd860 does not dry any more the dryer only puts out cold air not hot why

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You have been ill advised, there is a filter that you can clean.
Remove rear panel of washer.
Remove large black hose fastened to bottom of drum.
Remove and clean filter inside hose.
Remove top cover., check the hose from dispenser to drum is not blocked with powder..
If the dispenser drawer still fills up, then it is possible that the condenser is blocked with fluff.
This a major job to put right, you would be well advised to call an engineer if this is the case.
Hope this helps.

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don't think using quick wash should make a difference as water intake is the same take drawer out and wash thoroughly especially the rinse compartment. if gunged up the water overflows the compartment and leaks down the front. otherwise, you may have a blockage in the hose from the drawer to the tub. take top off, remove this hose and clean disconnect from mains when you do this

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Check the drain where the wash machine is plumbed into it should have the blung to stop the smell comming out of the drain,also check the filter but it is very rare that the smell will come out of the washer it will be a drain issue that is backing up through the washer,if you havent got a u bend trap on the drain it will allow the drain gases to come back into the house.
hope that helps a little bit.

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on some hotpoint models you can remove the front kickplate and on there will be a yellow or green plastic pull toggle, pull this and it will bypass your door lock, if your appliance does not have this then you will need to unplug and leave unplugged for 10-15 mins to reset the door lock, you will however more than likely need a new door lock

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Your circuit breaker is bad,can't tell by looking,remove and take to lowes and match up and install and see if it trips again.

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have you cleaned the filter
if you have
change the motor brushes

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check the machine washes ok if it does not turn the drum on wash check the motor brushes if drum action is ok on wash check the drain pump for blockages

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hi if you are getting no power at all and fuse in plug good i would check interlock that is were door locks in next is control panel usually interlock is cause

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hi posible faulty progammer

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The cold water is to cool and dry the air in the condensor.

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On most hotpoint wash machines you cant replace or grease the bearing you have to replace the whole drum which cost around 100 pounds from hotpoint and a couple of hours labour its a common problem on hotpoint machines.
hope this helps.

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Some washers have an electrical anti interference devise fitted, in some cases this blows out.

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