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Check the pipe inside the machine made with plastic and flexible could be damage!

Hotpoint WMM65... | Answered on Nov 06, 2017

Your bearings are faulty and the water is leaking out through them. You can get a bearing kit for it but would recommend having a professional fit them as it is a tough and time consuming job, about 2 hours labour. Hope this helps.

Hotpoint WMM65... | Answered on Feb 28, 2011

This is a generic solution, so there may be very slight differences for your machine, but it should still work.

Rule 1: BEFORE YOU START Turn off the mains, unplug at the wall, turn off the water supply.

The gasket is held in place on the drum by a large sprung wire ring with a screw tighten/release. To access this (Depending on the model), you will either have to go in from the top or the bottom of the machine. Usually the top.

Pull the machine out, go to the back and unscrew, usually 2 screws that hold the "Work top surface" top on the machine at the back. There are usually clips at the front of the top, so by lifting the rear clear and either pulling the top back, or giving it a tap forward, depending on the design, the top should now lift off.

You should now be able to look down at the drum and you should clearly see the rubber gasket fitted over the edge of the drum with the clip in place. Locate the screw in tensioner and undo it until ot is possible to slip it forward and clear of the drum. You should now be able to simply pull the gasket away from the drum. Most machines rely on the door being closed to hold the gasket in place where it meets the chassis, it should just pull off if the door is open, but while you are lookiing inside, just check anyway. The assembly is simply a reverse of what is described above.

Stuff to consider: You may not be able to see the screw clip from the top, if so, tip the machine back and look from underneath. If you have to do this: Never tip the machine all the way onto its back, you may cause a water leak inside the machine. ALWAYS tip BACKWARDS, so the control panel for the machine is pointing up to avoid water getting to the control panel. I would recommend putting a chair behind the machine as you tip it, so the top back of the machine comes to rest on the seat and the machine is at about 45 degrees. this will give you access to underneath without a leak and make is a lot easier to tip it back on to its feet again afterwards.

Hotpoint WMM65... | Answered on Dec 27, 2009

Remove lower rear cover from washer.
Remove large black hose onto bottom of drum.
Remove and clean plastic filter inside hose.
Remove hose onto pump, and check for obstruction here and in the pump.
This should helpo solve your problem.

Hotpoint WMM65... | Answered on Nov 29, 2009

If there is no filter to be found at the front lower right of washer, then you need to remove the lower rear panel of washer.
Locate and remove the large black hose fastened to bottom of drum.
Remove and clean plastic filter inside hose.
Remove hose onto pump, and checkjfor obstruction here and in the pump itself.
Please rate my solution.

Hotpoint WMM65... | Answered on Nov 22, 2009

I believe that the hotpoint part number is 1603290, the price in the UK is about £25 (About $35?). the pump is fairly easy to replace as far as I can see (I don't know the exact machine, but I have looked at the part. The pump is held to the chassis by 2 philips screws. pipes in and out of the pump will be held on by either a screw up clamp or a spring clamp, both of which are easy to remove. Power is via a 2 wire plug in connector. If you are a ressonably practical person, you should have no problems.

A few things before you start:
  • TURN THE POWER OFF (And this means pull the plug out of the wall!)
  • Drain the machine as best as you can.
  • Have towels to mop up when you discover your best wasn't good enough.
  • Once you have removed the pump, dry up properly before you start work with the replacement
  • Always tip the machine BACKWARDS and away from the control panel so leaks don't wreck your electrics and change a $35 repair into a $200 repair.
  • Have a look before you buy the part. Decide if you are happy to go ahead and understand what you are doing.
Finally, just consider the question is it actually the pump? If you can hear the pump running, its probably not the pump. If you can see water coming out of the waste pipe when you put it in the sink, its certainly not the pump. Take a look at the information I wrote for someone else about clearing a blocked pump before you go to replace the pump (I have reprinted the whole article below). I would strongly advise you to carry out the checks below anyway, because they may have contributed to the pump's failure if you have got a dead pump. Doing the following will help preserve the new one.

The empty pump cycle is a timed operation, the fact that there is still water in the drum after the time allowed for the pump to drain it has run out means that the water isn't clearing out fast enough.

In order of probability, the problem is usually caused by:
1. A blocked filter
2. An obstruction in the empty pipe or drain
3. A Faulty pump

1 Blocked Filter: Many machines have a small door in the bottom of the chassis. Behind this door (Usually about 5 inches square) is a filter, which will usually unscrew. In this filter you will find fluff, string, coins, the odd small sock and all sorts of nasty stuff if you haven't had the filter out before. If the filter is blocked then the pump is having to draw water through all that gunk and it will run out of time and leave water in the drum. Clean the filter in the sink, pocket the coins you find and make a note to clean it regularly in the future Most manufactures will suggest you check it every 2 months or so, depends how often you are using the machine of course.
Unfortunately, other machines do not have filters so easily accessible. If there is no door or obvious access to the filter, some manufacturers put a trap in the rubber hose that feeds the pump. The pain here is that the access to these traps is gained by dragging the bachine out of its place under the work surface and tipping it on to its back. Track the waste pipe back to locate the pump. On the other side of the pump will be a thicker (usually black rubber) pipe and built into this pipe is usually a little bucket that stuff can fall into before it gets to the pump. You can usually squeeze the pipe and feel if there is stuff in it. If there is, then depending on the machine again, some of these traps will have a plug in the bottom that is held in place by a spring clip (Pliers to compress the spring to get it off) or a screw clip (Unscrew with a screwdriver). Enev if there is no trap as such, squeeze the rubber delivery pipe and feel for obstructions (Often a sock!), if necessary, disconnect the pipe from the pump to gain access to the blockage. WARNING!: Never tip the machine all the way onto its back, you may cause a water leak inside the machine. ALWAYS tip BACKWARDS, to the control panel for the machine is pointing up to avoid water getting to the control panel. I would recommend butting a chair behind the machine as you tip it, so the top back of the machine comes to rest on the seat and the machine is at about 45 degrees. this will give you access to underneath without a leak and make is a lot easier to tip it back on to its feet again afterwards.
2. An obstruction in the empty pipe or drain: Start at the point that the pipe enters the household drain pipe, pull out the empty pipe and check that water will flow freely into the drain (Stuffing the garden hose down there and turning it on (but not TOO FAST) will usually demonstrate if there is a blockage. If this is free, check the pipe that runs from the pump to the drain (This will need the machine tipping as described above, and possibly the pipe removing from the pump to check it.
3. A Faulty Pump:If you have done everything described so far, then you have checked for obstructions in the pipe leading to the pump, the pipe leading away and you have cleaned out any filters or traps... If you still have a problem, you have a faulty pump. This is highly unlikely. These pumps have induction motors (no brushes to fail) and in my experience, they either work, or they don't. They very seldom "work a bit". If SOME water is being pumped (check by putting the empty hose in the sink and watching) then you really need to double check your work before replacing the pump. Good news is, if you do have to they are usually reasonably priced.

Hotpoint WMM65... | Answered on Feb 15, 2009

this is a common faulton this model of machine, and is easily replaced by yourself. theres two types of these blue fins used in the machine so be sure you know which one it is,, there is a version 1 and a version 2.. if your in the uk you can purchase these from a company called connect distributions type it into google to get further details....

Hotpoint WMM65... | Answered on Aug 20, 2008

First tilt the machine backwards and fix where the leak is.

Remove the water inlet hoses at the rear of the machine and clean the gauze filters. Turn the water on with the hose in a sink or a bucket. The water should FLY out.

Next, put the machine to do a load with the detergent drawer removed. There should be a good force of water coming from above. If there isn't, the problem is the water inlet valve needs replacing as it isn't opening fully.

Hotpoint Washing... | Answered on May 08, 2020

Hello. If the problem happens every time you wash and is not an intermittent phenomenon, my first guess is your main control board has gotten corrupted somehow(there is a small computer program stored on the board which tells the machine how to operate dependent on which wash options you choose). I had to check extensively for the parts diagram to your unit--there is only one board that controls EVERYTHING...you will need to get the actual model number from the barcode sticker when trying to get this board. It will be located near or on the door. I hope I helped you!

Hotpoint Washing... | Answered on Mar 08, 2020


Hotpoint Washing... | Answered on Feb 16, 2020


Hotpoint Washing... | Answered on Jan 14, 2020

f-05 usually relates to either the pump being blocked or the sump of this particular model being full of coins, color catchers etc.

first keep it simple, ensure outlet hose is not blocked or kinked....but if not follow these steps

  • To sort this isolate from mains
  • take off back inspection panel.
  • tilt machine forward- get sum1 to hold it for u.
  • The sump is the black hose attached to drum.
  • place a basin under this and loosen jublie clamp using star head screw driver/ 8mm socket,
  • pull sump downwards and remove any blockage.
  • note the plastic ball is part of the sump assembley.
  • refitt the sump again and tighten clamp, pull down firmly on sump to ensure fitted correctly
if there was nothing in the sump it is sumthing jamming the pump, hairgrip, nail, etc.

tilt machine forward as above with a basin ensuring isolated from mains power
  • pump is attached to other end of sump hose, right side of machine as you look in the back.
  • using flat screwdriver lift plastic tag up and slide pump assembley to the left releasing it from base of machine
  • clip of plastic cover from top of pump
  • remove wires from pump
  • u should now be able to turn pump around so u can see 3 hex head screws
  • remove screws taking note of the position of pump
  • remove pump and clear blockage
  • reverse steps to reassemble
if this does not sort it poss a new pump needed

Hotpoint Washing... | Answered on Jan 05, 2020

The User Manual for this model was of no help ... other than to suggest unplugging the unit which you already did ...
I could not find specific error codes for your model ... but F06 on Hotpoint washers in general have two definitions for F06:

F06 - Door lock fault
Issue: Washing Machines door cannot be opened or closed / when the door is closed the machine the programme will not start.

F06 - Program selector dial

Since you are having door issues ... then I would say the door lock is indeed the problem.
Check to make sure there is not any debris in the door lock insert, but my guess is that is not your problem.
It could be the latch on the door or the lock switch mechanism in the machine housing. Odds are it is the locking mechanism

Here is a Hotpoint You Tube on how to replace ... but it is not for your specific model


Good luck with your troubleshooting!

Hotpoint Washing... | Answered on Oct 31, 2019

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