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Compaq MV 540 (old dog monitors) DEAD 100% DEAD. OSD dead too. it seems. built in year 2000, its 17 years old, and you fix things that old why> why do that, used LCD can be had for 20 bucks. why slave over any relic CRT like this,,, for a musiem?? using the VGA cable the monitor will go to sleep, lacking any PC sync lines Vert/horz by design per VESA rules on that ! step one , use a PC. set the PC up to do the max resolution on the CRT some PC cant do that, (new PC) im reading your users guide now, 1sec, google , hit. first force the PC to 1024x768 resolution and 60 vert. refresh max. now the CRT can work an not any of above number higher . see? use working monitor to do that FIRST. now plug in the vga,cable last. on the monitor under test. power led means green = power ok amber or yellow are sleep or standby. so that means, there is no sync. or if the OSD works (does it>) turn the silly sleep timer off in the monitor. via OSD . the operators guide, tells you to go to PC safe mode. this mode sets reso real low. 800x600 and all monitors work there. no sleep timer inside monitor i can find., lots of ways for any CRT to fail even the CRT itself (loss of sweep) loss of cathode video drive the VGA card inside, can fail. killing dead all cathod drive. the power supplies or regs inside can fail. the HV can fail. 10,000 volts (dont touch it if long life is good) some survive, or fly back hit head on wall and crush skull, seen it and done it so,,, there you go.(ripped gash in arm once) the 2nd anode is very high voltage, avoid it, and win,. respect it.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Sep 20, 2017

find a dead one (they made millions) and swap out parts. or go buy a cheap microphone.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Jan 02, 2015

If the monitor actually has a built in mic, you will have to connect a cable from it to the "mic in" jack on your sound card/motherboard, there isn't any way a standard VGA cable can carry that signal back to the comp. Look for a plug, or a separate cable coming out of the monitor.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Dec 14, 2014

It's time for a new monitor. Loss of focus is one of the symptoms of a picture tube (CRT) that has reached the end of its life. There is an internal focus adjustment that might make some improvement, but it will never look right again. The only cure is to replace the tube, but that is completely uneconomical. A new LCD monitor will cost less than a replacement CRT, if one can even be found. And setting up the replacement needs special tools and programming software not available. Dispose of this one appropriately (take it to a recycler to keep hazardous materials out of the trash) and treat yourself to a new monitor.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on May 22, 2011

Please somebody give a solution as same is experienced by me tooo.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Nov 15, 2010

Boot through Safe Mode by pressing F8 once you start the system.
and select Safe Mode in the options to boot through it.
On the Desktop right click on the empty area of the desktop and select the properties, click on the Settings tab, on the screen resolution, move the pointer to the lower resolution, Press Apply and OK. Restart the system.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Sep 05, 2010

As far as the cd drive goes, get that replaced cause with the door closing and shuttin on its on, it could broken pieces of debris in there thats causing it to do that or the board inside of the cd drive is broken so either way replacing that would solve that issue.

As far as the USB ports are concerned, try hooking up other USB devices such as a USB keyboard, USB Mouse, flashdrive. Try other things to see if you get the same thing, if you do then that means the motherboard is bad cause all of those ports connect to the motherboard.

As an alternative solution to try, if you don't have anything important to save off of the hard drive, you can restore your computer back to factory defaults and then try the usb ports again and if they still dont' work then you know for sure the motherboard is bad. At that point you can replace the motherboard or find a USB card that plugs into one of the PCI slots. That would give you other usb ports to try.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on May 22, 2010

If still under warranty or if you have no electronic repair experience you should take the set back to the shop or to a repair person. Some of the solutions described below can be dangerous, TV's are very hazardous to service. Even when plugged out, TV's can store very high voltages. May need to check the caps in the G-2 supply circuit. Also you may have a CRT going flakey. Just a slight G2 level adjustment may suffice also. Good luck

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Apr 16, 2010

you need a microphone, unless your computer recognizes your monitor as a mic installed too

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Mar 22, 2010

Yes you can reformat your computer to windows xp, but it will run very very slow, so i don't recommend it.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Oct 26, 2009

you should connect the disk to another pc to check whether another pc can read its data

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Sep 11, 2009

There is a problem with your hard drive. Try taking the hard drive out, remove the battery, push the power button for approx. 10 seconds. Re-install the battery and re-install the hard drive. If the same message comes up again, try to boot the computer off a windows installation disc. If this all fails, you just may have lost your hard drive.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Sep 11, 2009

buy a new one! IT WILL EXPLODE

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Aug 29, 2009

you might have changed the screen resolution or the refresh rate that your monitor might not support. So you better get into the safe mode by clicking the Function key 7and 8 then use the option called safe mode.
After the windows starts log in to the administrator profile, right click the mouse on the desktop then select properties. A display settings window will pop up, in that change the screen resolution to 1024X768 and bring the monitor frequency rating to 60 or 75 Hz. Now apply the settings and restart the system in normal mode.

If still the problem persist then in the monitor control select "auto adjust" to get the things done.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Aug 06, 2009

So the monitor is not bad try to disable the video card from bios if possible and firstly remove all external devices (USB's) and gets the safemode meny and select vga mode and disablem the video drivers and uninstall and reinstall the drivers

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Jul 01, 2009

Your video card or on-board video is kaput. If it worked fine on the other system, but not working on this one ... then you've blow the video.

One note: When the computer is ON, do NOT unplug and re-plug in the monitor. You'll blow the video card.

Luckily, add-on video cards are cheap and readily available ...

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Jun 13, 2009

it could be th epower supply and it could be the monitor.
power ON button should not flash orange regardless what you do. it should stay green. then orange. not orange to green to orange.
try the monitor on another PC if you can fine one.
the other thing is are the 2 monitor similar (CRT to CRT and LCD to LCD), you can't mix the the two, they will work but need different video driver to function correctly.

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on May 20, 2009

Blurry image is usually due to either a bad picture tube or failure of a part in the monitor called the flyback transformer. Both of these parts can go bad with age and use, and this is a pretty old monitor now. It is not worth trying to repair this; a new 17 or 19-inch flat screen is pretty inexpensive these days.

The microphone is wired to a connector on the back of the monitor which has a little symbol of a microphone by it. You connect this to the microphone jack on your computer. You can use the same kind of cable you would use to connect the sound output from the computer to a set of speakers. Once you plug in that cable just make sure the microphone is turned on in Windows and you're set to talk.

If this doesn't answer what you wanted to know, please add a comment with any other questions, and please take a moment to rate tis solution if it's been helpful. Thanks for using Fixya!

Compaq MV 540... • Answered on Feb 03, 2009

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