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-Turn off both computer and monitor
-unplug monitor from computer(still plugged into power supply)
-turn on computer and monitor(monitor is still unplugged)
-After computer is on for about 30 sec. plug monitor into computer
-turn off both monitor and computer(now connected together)
-turn on monitor then computer and should be good to go!!!
3/25/2007 7:26:00 PM • Sony CPD E230... • 737 views • 3 helpful votes


Are you sure this is a monitor problem? I have a user with a Mac that occasionally has the same symptoms you describe. For me I generally have to shut the computer down and physically unplug the power cord from the computer (not monitor), reattach it and restart. Let us know if that works for you.
3/25/2007 7:18:31 PM • Sony CPD E230... • 386 views • 1 helpful votes


This is a duplicate post, click on the following link to go to the active posting:
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Sony e230 display cable replacement

You will get similar cable in the component market. Just pull out the cable after removing back cover of the monitor, and fix the new one.
11/23/2006 6:45:22 PM • Sony CPD E230... • 89 views • 0 helpful votes

Sony CPD 200SX 17" CRT Monitor: Upon resuimng

Monitor has gone to monitor heaven. time to do some shopping since repair not cost effective.
4/4/2017 4:06:02 PM • Sony CPD... • 117 views • 0 helpful votes

Need a manual to fic my mini sony CR-120
3/21/2023 11:07:43 PM • Sony Computers &... • 20 views • 0 helpful votes

Sony cfd-s70 Will Not Read CDs

There are a few possible causes for a Sony CFD-S70 CD player not reading CDs. Some possible issues include:
  1. Dirty or damaged CD: Make sure the CD is clean and free of scratches or damage.
  2. Dirty lens: The lens that reads the CD may be dirty or dusty. A cleaning disc can be used to clean the lens, or you can use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe it clean.
  3. Faulty lens: If the lens is faulty, it may need to be replaced.
  4. Faulty CD mechanism: If the CD mechanism is not working properly, it may need to be repaired or replaced.
  5. Power Supply Problem: Make sure the power supply is connected and the power outlet is working.
  6. Firmware issue: A firmware issue could prevent the CD player from reading CDs. You should check the Sony website to see if there are any firmware updates available for your specific model.
If the problem persists after trying these suggestions, it is recommended to take the device to a professional repair service or the nearest Sony Service center.
1/20/2023 5:38:02 PM • Sony Computers &... • 57 views • 0 helpful votes

Sony TRV 740 E Fehlercode C:31:40

Der Fehlercode C:31:40 bei Sony Camcordern deutet auf ein Problem mit dem Motor des Kassettenfachs hin. Es kann sein, dass der Motor blockiert ist oder dass es ein Problem mit den Sensoren gibt, die den Status des Kassettenfachs ?berwachen. Um das Problem zu beheben, k?nnen Sie folgende Schritte ausprobieren:
  1. Entfernen Sie die Batterie und das Netzkabel des Camcorders und lassen Sie das Ger?t f?r einige Minuten ausgeschaltet.
  2. ?berpr?fen Sie das Kassettenfach auf lose Teile oder Fremdk?rper, die m?glicherweise blockieren k?nnten.
  3. Versuchen Sie, das Kassettenfach vorsichtig zu schlie?en und zu ?ffnen, um zu sehen, ob dies das Problem l?st.
  4. Wenn das Problem weiterhin besteht, k?nnen Sie versuchen, das Kassettenfach mit Druckluft zu reinigen, um m?gliche Blockaden zu entfernen.
  5. Wenn alle diese Schritte fehlschlagen, kann es ein mechanisches oder elektronisches Problem sein, das eine Reparatur durch einen qualifizierten Techniker erfordert.
Es ist auch m?glich, dass das Problem durch eine defekte Cassette verursacht wird. Wenn m?glich, versuchen Sie, eine andere Cassette auszuprobieren, um zu sehen, ob dies das Problem l?st. Wenn das Problem weiterhin besteht, liegt es h?chstwahrscheinlich am Camcorder selbst.
3/1/2023 11:05:18 AM • Sony Computers &... • 23 views • 0 helpful votes

Sony Playstation 3. Infamous intro doesn't load

  1. Restart the console: Sometimes, restarting the console can resolve software issues and help the game load properly.
  2. Check for updates: Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your PlayStation 3, which can be done by navigating to the "Settings" menu and then to "System Update".
  3. Check the game disc: Make sure the disc is clean and free of scratches or damage. If the disc is damaged, it may need to be replaced.
  4. Reinstall the game: Try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it from the disc. This can help resolve any corrupt data that may be causing the issue.
  5. Try a different game: If the issue persists, try playing a different game to see if it's specific to Infamous 2 or if it's a general issue with the console.
2/10/2023 1:57:22 PM • Sony Computers &... • 22 views • 0 helpful votes

Have a sony nwz a818 but windows 10 wont recognise it. what windows will it work with ie windows 7/8/vista have a unused windows 10 which i can downgrade to any of these windows operating systems

If your Sony NWZ A818 is not being recognized by Windows 10, it may be an issue with the device driver. The device driver is software that allows the operating system to communicate with the hardware. Here are a few steps you can try to resolve the issue:
  1. Connect the Sony NW on a different USB port on your computer, sometimes it may be a problem with the USB port.
  2. Check for Windows updates and install any updates that are available.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the device driver.
  4. Try connecting the device to another computer to see if it is recognized.
  5. Downgrade your operating system to a version that has been tested and confirmed to work with your device, such as Windows 7, 8 or Vista.
It's important to note that some devices may not be compatible with newer operating systems and may require a downgrade to an older version of the operating system. It is always recommended to check the device's official website or the manual for information on which operating systems are supported and compatible. If you decide to downgrade your operating system, it's important to make sure that you have a backup of your important files and data and that you follow the instructions provided by Microsoft or your computer manufacturer to ensure a successful downgrade.
1/14/2023 1:52:02 PM • Sony Computers &... • 31 views • 1 helpful votes

How can I fix my Sony SDM E96D TFT LCD color computer display goes on and off

There are a few possible reasons why your Sony SDM E96D TFT LCD color computer display might be turning on and off:
  1. The display might be overheating. If the display is in a poorly ventilated area, or if it has been running for an extended period of time, it may shut off to prevent damage. Try moving the display to a well-ventilated area, or allow it to cool down before using it again.
  2. The display might be experiencing a power issue. Check the power cord to make sure it is securely plugged in to both the display and the wall outlet. If the display is plugged in to a surge protector or power strip, try plugging it directly in to the wall outlet to see if this fixes the issue.
  3. There might be a problem with the display's hardware. If the display is still under warranty, you should contact Sony for service. If the display is not under warranty, you may need to take it to a repair shop to have it fixed.
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.
12/31/2022 11:46:57 PM • Sony Computers &... • 29 views • 0 helpful votes

I recently bought a Sony Cybershot DSC P92 and I put in working batteries but when I press the power button, it makes the noise but it gets cut off and it's not turning on. Please help

Why won't my Sony Cyber-shot digital camera turn on? Make sure the batteries are positioned correctly before inserting them. Activate the camera. Try turning on the camera in Playback/Edit mode by switching the mode switch to that position or by pressing the Playback button if the problem persists.
1/21/2023 8:47:25 AM • Sony Computers &... • 19 views • 0 helpful votes

Sony STR-KS360 5.1 Surround Sound System: blinking standby light.

It is a Sony and they normally need repairing at a service centre. You can't repair them at home. Try a Power Reset and there is some other help in this link. ..
12/22/2022 4:03:18 PM • Sony Computers &... • 26 views • 0 helpful votes

Sony DRX-820UL-T; DVD-RW USB2.0 (by Vaio)

It is possible that the Sony DRX-820UL-T DVD-RW drive is no longer supported by the manufacturer and that the necessary drivers are no longer available. This is often the case for older devices that have not been manufactured or supported for a long time. If you are unable to find the drivers on the Sony or Vaio websites, you can try the following options:
  1. Check online forums or communities: There may be online forums or communities where users have shared their own drivers or solutions for this particular DVD-RW drive.
  2. Check third-party driver websites: There are several websites that offer drivers for a wide range of devices, including older ones. You can try searching for the drivers on these websites to see if they are available.
  3. Check with a technical support team: You may be able to get help from a technical support team or a professional repair service that specializes in older or discontinued devices. They may be able to provide you with the necessary drivers or help you find a solution to the problem.
It is worth noting that using third-party drivers or unsupported software can be risky and may cause issues with your device or system. It is recommended to exercise caution and consider the potential risks before proceeding.
12/21/2022 3:14:32 AM • Sony Computers &... • 25 views • 1 helpful votes

I lost the charger cord for the battery charger of my sony camera

Hi, I don't think the change in the charging cable caused the problem, the fact that the battery is old makes it prone to such issues. It's always advised you use the cord that is supplied by the manufacturer or make a like-for-like change this ensures the device will perform optimally, having said that, I am not sure that a change in the charging cable would produce such an issue instantly. That's why I insist that you may need to replace the battery or check if the battery works or behaves in the same manner in a different device before changing it.
12/11/2022 1:34:17 PM • Sony Computers &... • 25 views • 0 helpful votes

Need Sony RM-DC355 Remote Control User Guide

Hi, A good way to quickly get the manual for your Sony remote would be to ask Sony to email it to you. You can reach them to start the process by calling 1-800-944-2904. If that does not work, please make the request to them via twitter. Their handle is @sony. Thank you.
12/26/2022 5:19:14 PM • Sony Computers &... • 19 views • 0 helpful votes

Looking for recovery disk(s) for the Sony Viao PCV-7752

Well, good and bad news. First the good news. The Sony site says to contact Best Buy for OS systems older than Windows 7. Now the bad news about the alternatives. Sony's recovery disks check for model numbers, so they are not interchangeable. If you use a generic XP installation, it will wipe personal data files and definitely not install or recover any Sony software. And Windows own XP Recovery Console demands you put in the recovery CD/DVD. As you finding the recovery disk at Sony, that's a no go. No do I find it at 3rd party sites, not even internet archive for your model. As you are looking for restoration to factory defaults, there is no use pointing to data recovery options. Nor do I find the recovery discs on Ebay. And Microsoft does not offer an ISO of XP and says sites that do may contain malware. The needle in the haystack approach would be to seek the discs on an XP Forum site. There is a site that alleges it is working on a workaround to defeat Sony's check of model numbers but I see no result. Just why Best Buy might could help, I don't know. My stops at Best Buy suggests they ship the computer off to parts unknown and I suppose one such outfit would either have the recovery discs or wipe the computer and put on a generic XP setup minus Sony software and personal data. So, maybe this information will help you in your decisions.
11/14/2022 7:10:59 PM • Sony Computers &... • 33 views • 0 helpful votes

I need a driver for my sony dcr-240e. where can I download driver for my latest computer, an optimex 380 with windows 10

The most reliable place to get the software from is the manufacturers web site, I doubt there will be any software compatible with such a new OS but worth a look.
12/30/2022 12:21:45 PM • Sony Computers &... • 16 views • 0 helpful votes
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