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I have a smartcom very nice dive computer this issue can ONLY be repaired by scubapro themselves the smartcom is obsolete they will give you trade dollars toward a galleo or luna which are better dive computers

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these are controlled by scubapro due to they need specail testing equipment to repair regulators E..G now IP pressure is 135 psi and there is no adjusting screw shims and springs then the cracking effort test to see if you have pressure flutter or creep. these can not be seen with out testing equipment.

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yes thats all you have to do, just make sure the lock ring is in place correctly. good luck and have a great holiday.

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Oral inflate bcd and place in water watch for bubbles if in bladder send it back to scuba pro for repairs dump valves have seals that can be replaced

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Try to spray the commercial available mist to lower surface tension in order to avoid build-up of condensed water

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get that from <a> here </a>

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Hey Candy,
I am sorry to tell you that NO ONE on fixya can help you,, we have NO WAY to find out any information of that type,, PLEASE contact the carrier AND the company that sent you the package... and your credit card company..(if that's how you paid for it!) ..and from now on - ALWAYS get something sent with SIGNATURE REQUIRED!!

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it depends on the quality of the mask and it depends on how you stored it (if you leaved it at sunlight, if you washed it thoroughly after using it in the sea...)
i have a mid quality mask Mares mask, i have been using about 20 times for snorkeling, then i used it to take diving certifications in pool, then i used it for about other 20 dives in the sea... i always stored it in a dark bag (the mask is now about 8 years old)
you can check if you mask is still in good shape, and the silicone has not worn out, in this simple way: just put the mask on your face without straps.. remove all the air inside the mask by inhaling with your nose.. then look at your feet (keep inhaling): if the mask remains on your face you can keep using it

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the law of buoyancy is the principle that describes why some objects float over water and some others sink: when you put something in water, it receives an upword force equal to the weight of the water it displaces.
this is important in diving in many ways.. and in particular, in diving, you always want to have a neutral buoyancy: this means that if you are standing still in water and you have a neutral buyoancy, you don't sink nor come back to surface

you have a neutral buoyancy if you "displace" always the correct volume of water.. in other words, you always need to occupy about the same volume: if you go in deep water, the water pressure will "reduce" your volume, so to mantain a neutral buoyancy you have to inflate air in your buoyancy compensator jacket to expand its volume.
otherway, if you're coming back to surface, pressure reduces and your body occupies more volume, so you have to deflate your jacket.

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You need to consult with a factory technician. Your life depends on these devices. I am certified in USD Survivair and no one can set those after a rebuild kit without special tools and measuring devices.

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Yes...the octopus does exist.

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how to make schools project's jaws of life

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I noticed another FixYa guru here answered a question on another strand that applies to yours:
Also, please note this person on FB claims to be the Lemax fix-all guru. You can ask them more specific questions:

The Knex website has building help for this problem. There answer is as follows:
Make sure all rods and connectors are fully hooked together, especially the blue and gray connectors. Even one peice not fully hooked together can twist the model just enough to jam the gears. (You may have it hooked together correctly prior to jam problems so it is good to check since I found a loose on holding the motor.) The chain links need to all be attached in the same direction, and fully hooked. The chain also needs to be on the tower with the hooks facing down and in as the chain runs on the outside of the tower. (Chain should be outside on the front and inside in the back with the 5 yellow bar side in the front.) Check that all gears are positioned correctly according to the instructions and the teeth facing the correct way. If you are still unable to get the seat to drop, you may remove the top yellow cross rod that the chain runs over - the model will also work with this piece removed.

I did all of these steps with my son and his still had trouble dropping all the time. It still seems light so the seat didn't have enough weight to drop with gravity during the non-moving cycle of the orange half gear. We decided to tape on 2 marble passengers to see if that helped. It did!!! When searching for other solutions, I noticed a UTube video that added people also so this seems to be a common solution. Try it or some other light weight added and see if it solves your problem.

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Hello, There is one thing on some computers that will restart it like the day you bought it, see if there is a very small symbol that looks like a shooting star taking off from the ground and making a U turn and back down that\'s the best I can do for what it looks like, it will be only about 1/8 th in. tall and 1/16 th in. wide very small, it should be close to the power on button on your comp. this is a Rescue System to start all over from day one, I have a Lenovo G570 Laptop and it has one of these, thank god as my comp. got a very sick and would not even let Windows start up I pushed this button and I was able to clear all the stuff that was stopping it from opening, if your lucy you will have something like this on yours, Look it over real close to find this symbol, sorry I don\'t have a pic. for you, you could also check if there is a Tech. help line for your brand of comp. Well I hope this may help in some way, and get you back on line.

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The two main types of dive computers are wrist dive computers and console dive computers. Wrist dive computers are actually just like wrist-watches (a little bigger) and are worn on the diver's wrist. Right now, they are smallest dive computers available.

Console dive computers are attached to the diver's equipment by a hose. Main difference between console dive and wrist dive computers is that console dive computers include pressure devices in them.

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What I think will solve your problem is dynamite????

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Dive computers display a large variety of information relevant to the diver's needs. Such information includes: Current depth, elapsed dive time, and how much time remaining the diver has before having to make decompression stops.

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Most dry suit manufacturers make patches that can be put over the leaks, you should check with the manufacturer - also your dry suit could be under warranty so check into it.

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