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ok , you bought a GPU card or plan to?, one that sucks tons of power.
6 versions sold 120 -200 watts max. JUST IT.
your PSU is only 300watts, and this Old is is not a gaming PC.
9years old it is 2010 made
if you upgrade the PSU from 300 to 500 watts min, it will work
that assumes it fits and does not hit things inside.
these 1060 cards come in many shaps, long short 1fan 2 fan and with huge ram banks.
best it to ask at dell.com, forum and tell the cards full model number, first, not just 1070, but the full product tag
or use links to one exactly same sold now. URL links.
each card maker has as like 5 or 6 cards with other features.
ok? or "Ti"
and the end. too.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 30, 2019 | 16 views

The error message in the image can't be read clearly.

Just Google whatever that error message says and you will find the answer.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 27, 2019 | 15 views

google this and posted here 10,0-00 times

google HP.com support,

bingo, works every time.
and for dell.com

asus.com, acer.com and Lenovo.com

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 21, 2019 | 18 views

bad ink cartridges , you and millions of others just like you, and me. I have nice HP printers and at any time one need fixing.

ink, ink , ink.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 21, 2019 | 14 views


You can do that using Nvidia Control Panel - in case you have the Nvidia software installed.

Right click on desktop and choose Nvidia Control Panel;
From the Panel, go to Adjust desktop size and position.

Hope it helps.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 21, 2019 | 52 views

HP.com , answered here 1,000,000 times at least. you
must be outside USA<? as ours keyboard use shift 8 to do asterisk. and typewriters here back to year 1878
'A significant innovation was the shift key, introduced with the Remington No. 2 in 1878.'

my computer name is now obsolete
click left windows key next to ALT
see THIS PC (Microsoft likes to change the name to cause pain)
the correct name is local explorer. by any other name.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 20, 2019 | 29 views

no, negative. not that model, the manual is free to read online

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 20, 2019 | 30 views

You'll probably need the original CD that came with the computer to get the drivers for wifi and ethernet devices.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 19, 2019 | 22 views

no pc stated, hp what? guessing laptop.
windows 10

tell what the PC does good and bad both.
boots ok.
logs in ok
desktop works OK?
my guess is you meant Accelerometer dead, or the thing called
drive Guard,

most HP pCs 10 year old fails this if you upgrade it to w10
this is the HP only software that protects the HDD if Laptop is dropped.
if the PC has SSD upgrade this software is useless.
if is real HDD, the w7 version has 50/50 chance of working.
so tell more ,get more.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 16, 2019 | 26 views

please go to hp.com and get your answer.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 15, 2019 | 30 views

either the cooling fan on the mother board, the case or the power supply is not functioning the system will not power on properly or will shut down quickly if the fans are not running. I would guess one of the system board fans are not working and if not replaced the system will not power on or let you into windows

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 15, 2019 | 33 views

BUT is 2007 or never with w10, is it 32bit or 64bit PC and OS?
type winver in the run box to learn what you run.
or is windows dead, (unstated also)
my guess wild , is you forgot to type this.
Error Code 0xc0000001 in Windows
we first run HDD tests, after all if the OS is corrupted (per above)
then repair or fresh installs will fail on all bad or weak HDD.
so if that passes read this


HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 14, 2019 | 30 views

HP.com has all your bios updates and info..

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 13, 2019 | 24 views

this is ProBook know them and elitebooks well, they are my favorite, as for 2 things, last for ever, and rugged.
and HP documents on this are FABULOUS GRADE and DEEP
202 page service manual at hp.com for your PC.
a 2009 PC.
is the FAN DEAD inside>? I BET yES. (This is first thing to know)

that charger is really just a raw DC power pack
120vac (usa) to 19vdc raw DC power.
the charging magic (a chip) is inside the PC. a key fact to know.
forget silly/ lame LED lights. they get confused at drop of hat. ok?

1`: remove the big battery off bottom of PC, (easy no?)
2: run on the 19v battery pack alone, even forever is allowed. hint.
3: does PC run ok now? yes/no......
4: yes, then the RTC coin cell battery is dead, non go 10 years sorry, not going to happen ever, if marginal it FAILS NEXT., ok.
5: new RTC battery, AC only we next go in to bios. page 96 in the manual covers this.
6: does bios work now? power on and hit esc , over and over
page 116 in the service manual covers how to reach BIOS.
ESC then F10 (hammered at power on act)

if the fan is dead BIOS will be too most times.
if he fan is packed in lint as all are this old then the PC overheats.
all do that, this old. everyone not parked for 10 years as a hanger queen.
that is just 1/2 the story fixing ANY laptop really.
we can go to phase II , next , testing the HDD,
or cleaning out the junk here. LINT
see that radiator, oops. big trouble that.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 11, 2019 | 64 views


For your information, I also have an HP Computer and when going into settings, whether it was the computer settings or even chrome settings, it will appear blue only when its function is activated. Basically, if it appears blue, it is on, and if it appears white, it is off.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 10, 2019 | 31 views

ask HP< only they can fix this and not BRICK it dead.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 10, 2019 | 563 views

post a photo of errors
we cant see it.

explaining it in a text box is near impossible
or ask shop to look at it with real live eyes.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 10, 2019 | 28 views

See this page: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03919406

HP Computers &... | Answered on Jun 10, 2019 | 25 views

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