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with pump off try turning shaft on back try to break loose then try if no luck bad pump motor replace

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You may have to fabricate your own.

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see if voltage from transformer if yes see if voltage from main board to display also check for cut wire to display

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Google doesn't seem to know anything about Tull heaters.

Electric heaters can usually be tested and seen working before parting with cash but that isn't often the case with gas heaters or other gas appliances that mostly need a service before use and possibly a repair.
It is best to be wary when buying secondhand anything. This is especially important with private contract sales and "caveat emptor" or "let the buyer beware" applies. That is the legal maxim that means there is no automatic right to a refund and a court action would be needed.

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There are lights on the unit to assist with diagnosing a problem. What lights are flashing

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Press either warm or cold, then press mode. This shift settings between standard, economy, or sleep. You can find this on page 31 of the manual designated below. If there are other questions, the support page suggests you contact the dealer.



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possible bad temp sensor if using a controller make sure heater all the way up and let controller dictate temp

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I have absolutely no experience with pools but I have seen online video of the absolute disaster of rushing the job, skipping details, ignoring important instructions and not taking advice.

A pool holds a lot of water and it is important to remember every Imperial gallon weighs 10 pounds - an Imperial gallon is slightly more than a US gallon.
All that weight is pushing down and so level firm ground is a must and all that weight is pushing outwards so attention to the smallest detail is essential and don't forget how the shockwave from somebody belly-flopping into the pool will create huge unpredictable forces on the side...

Sighting it well away from trees will be good and not over drains close to the surface or over inspection or maintenance hatches and don't forget to cover the pool when it isn't being used.

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I suggest you check the intake for something that falls away when the pump is off but gets drawn in a short time after switching on.

It is a not uncommon cause of pumping ills in many scenarios with plastic bags a popular culprit...

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Spaguts.com sells a shell repair kit that will work.you could also try an acrylic repair kit like plast-aid.

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If this is an outdoor spa near trees, its almost a guarantee that the impeller is blocked with debris (pine needles can cause this in a hurry)

If the impeller is clean of debris and this is still happening, replace you pressure/flow switch.

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This may prove helpful:

Rome Solarium 125 Service Mode:
Entering Service Mode
1. Hold the Hand button for 10 seconds until "Loc" is displayed
2. Press and hold the up arrow button until the numbers starting counting upward rapidly, stop at 50
3. Press the Hand button to enter Service Mode

Calibrating the Water Temperature
1. Enter service mode as per above instructions
2. Scroll to "tSC" (temperature sensor calibration) using up or down arrow buttons
3. Press the Hand button to calibrate the sensor, the current calibrated temperature will be displayed
4. Adjust the current displayed temperature reading to match the actual desired temperature using the up and down arrow buttons (leaving a few seconds between adjustments for sensor to use new setting)
For example, if tSC display reads 88 but the pool temperature is actually 86, press the down arrow twice
4. Once the selection is made, wait 10 seconds for the display to timeout and go back to the normal display

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Yes absolutely! Make sure the salt is fully dissolved. Soak your hands for 12 minutes.

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we had the E1 error on our mspa after a water change. solution was a reset for us. plug in power, briefly press test and wait 10 seconds. unplug the power and wait for 10 seconds. plug in the power again and wait 10 seconds after which the reset button is pressed. then press the temperature button on the controller and briefly switch the air button on and off. after this the thermostat did it again. we were relieved that this worked, we had already searched the whole internet. this solution was copied from a model of lay-z

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You must have a pressure gauge that measures vacuum. The scale is usually in inches of mercury.

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Pump is working but no power to heater may be caused by
the two circuit breakers that protect the electrical circuits providing power to the air handler and heat pump condenser may have tripped Check both the main electrical panel and any sub panels that supply power to the unit. If a circuit breaker has tripped, reset it by flipping it to OFF and then to ON.
If the circuit breaker trips again, there is probably a short in the electrical system providing power to the furnace. Call an electrical contractor

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You may have a vapor lock which is a bubble of air that is stopping the pool pump from priming. Is there anyway to bleed off the air

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The E1 Error Code has been implemented to indicate when the Portable Control Unit (PCU) senses a fault with the temperature sensors. This fault may be a worn sensor, corroded connection or wiring.

Check wiring and any other sensors!

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