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HP Product Registration pop-up

I can't seem to get rid of the HP Product registration pop-up. It pops on my screen dozens of times whem I an on the internet. I've tried clicking on register, and it closes. If I click cancel, I can choose when I want to see it. But even if I click to now show it to me again, it keeps coming back over and over. I just want to eliminate it.

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This is caused by an entry in the Task Scheduler. To get rid of it, you need to be logged on with Administrator priveleges, then do the following:
1. Click Start, type the following in the search field and press enter: Task Scheduler
2. Cllick Continue to confirm permission.
3. Click Task Scheduler Library in the Left column.
4. Click on any of the following in the center column:
a. InternetService Offers (If your pop-up is regarding the internet)
b. Registration (If your pop-up is regarding registering your PC)
c. Service Plan (If your pop-up is regarding warrenty)
d. Extended Service (If your pop-up is regarding extended service plans)

BTW, notice that the idiot that programed these entries set them to trigger every 30 minutes, indefinatly.

Hope this helps.


Posted on Sep 16, 2008


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How can I tell if an ink cartridge is empty?

I have an HP 2210 that has worked perfectly. I replaced the black # 56 cartridge. The "align cartridge" message comes up, which is normal. I am sorry to admit that I cannot find where to check for a low or empty color cartridge. I have cleaned the color and black with alcohol and Q tip to no avail. I am now wondering if the color cartridge is empty. Thanks for any help you can give.


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You didn't mention your operating system so I'll assume that it's Windows. If this is not the case please post additional info...

Many times the ink levels can be checked through the print driver properties and/or the maintenance tab within the printer properties.

Open the printer folder + right click on the printer icon + properties. See if there is a maintenance tab, this will contain the alignment and cleaning utilities also.

Posted on Feb 21, 2009


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Error: right cartridge incorrect

right cartridge incorrect

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Left Cartridge Incorrect / Right Cartridge Incorrect

  1. Remove the indicated print cartridge.
  2. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  3. Reconnect the power cord to the electrical outlet.
  4. If the button_power_0.jpg button is not lit, press button_power_0.jpg.
  5. Reinsert the print cartridge.
  6. If the error:
    • Does not reappear, the problem has been corrected.
    • Reappears, replace the print cartridge with a new one.

Posted on Jul 19, 2010


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HP 6110 check cartridge error won't clear with new

HP 6110 check cartridge error won't clear with new cartridges. Anyone know how to fix this?

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You could try this way first as its a lot quicker and easier than the official steps from HP:

Just hold down the ENTER button and then press the MENU button. There will be a series of 3 fast, high beeps. Then everything resists and is a-okay. Both problems go away.

OR The HP way as listed below:

The ink cartridge-related error messages may occur due to one
of the following reasons:

* The ink cartridge does not make a proper electrical contact
* The cartridge is bad or wrong
* The cartridge is remanufactured or refilled

To resolve the error, follow these steps:

Step one: Check the print cartridges and clean the cartridge contacts

Even if the cartridge is new, follow these steps to clean the print
cartridge contacts. Print cartridges have a substance on the contacts
to keep them from corroding during storage that may cause poor
electrical contact between the print carriage and the print cartridge.

1. Verify that the product is turned on.

NOTE: If the HP product is not turned on, you will not be able to
remove the print cartridges.

2. Open the top cover or the cartridge access door in one of the
following ways:

* Pull the control panel forward and then lift the top section
toward the back.
* Open the access door on the left or right of the unit. This door
may be located under the scanner glass lid on some flatbed
* On many flatbed products, you raise the front center section of
the unit to access the print cartridges.
* Raise the cartridge access door on the front of the product.

3. After the print carriage stops moving, unplug the power cord. You
must unplug the power cord to prevent the print carriage from

4. Remove both print cartridges.

5. Verify that the part number on the cartridge is the correct part
number for the all-in-one and that the carriage is not blocked
preventing the cartridges from moving. Visit the following HP Web
site for a cartridge compatibility chart.

6. The electrical contacts of the print cartridge are coated with a
thin layer of grease to protect them from oxidation. This grease
may inhibit the electrical connection and should be removed. Using
a cotton swab or cloth lightly moistened with distilled, filtered,
or bottled water, clean the electrical contacts of the cartridge.
This usually occurs with a new ink cartridge, but may also occur
with an older cartridge.

NOTE: When an all-in-one is used frequently for black and white
printing but infrequently for color printing (for example,
an all-in-one that is used primarily as a fax machine), the
color cartridge will still eventually fail and need to be
replaced. The pins in the print carriage can cause dents
on the contact points of the color cartridge over time
(usually between six and twelve months).

7. Wipe the contacts with a dry, cotton cloth.
8. Reinsert the cartridges and lock them in place.
9. Close the top cover or access door and plug in the power cord.
10. If the error persists, repeat these steps. If further cleaning
fails to resolve the error, proceed to "Step two: Clean the
print carriage contacts" section.

Step two: Clean the print carriage contacts

Have the following materials available to clean the print carriage

* Cotton swabs or any soft material that will not come apart or leave
fibers (for example, a scrap piece of clean cotton cloth).
* Distilled, filtered, or bottled water (tap water may contain
contaminants that can damage the print cartridges).

CAUTION: Be careful not to get ink on hands or clothing.

To clean the cartridge contacts inside the product, follow these steps:

1. Turn on the unit.
2. Open the top cover or cartridge access door.
3. After the print carriage stops moving, unplug the power cord.
4. Remove both print cartridges.
5. Using a cotton swab or cloth lightly moistened with distilled,
filtered, or bottled water, clean the electrical contacts of the
print carriage.
6. On models equipped with locking latches, lower the latches.
7. Wait five to ten minutes for the contacts to dry and then plug in
the power cord. The unit will begin to reinitialize. Wait until
the process is complete before proceeding.
8. Reinsert the print cartridges when prompted and then close the top
cover or access door.
9. If the message recurs, replace the print cartridge indicated by the

* If you are using refilled or remanufactured cartridges or non-HP
cartridges, replace them with new HP cartridges. HP cannot
guarantee that refilled or non-HP cartridges will function
correctly in HP products.

10. If the problem still exists, replace both print cartridges. Since
the cartridges are electronically connected through the printed
circuit board, the cartridge not indicated in the message might be
the causing the failure.

If the issue still persists, please click on the link below and install
the firmware update:

NOTE: Clicking the link may give an error indicating it is
invalid. If this occurs, copy the portion of the address
on the remaining line(s) and paste it at the end of the
address showing in your browser until the complete address
is displayed in the Address box.

1. Download the file "HpAiOFWUpdate2_2.exe" to a local hard drive. Make
note where (in which folder) the file gets copied.
2. The hp all-in-one software for the OfficeJet 6100 series must be
installed on your PC before installing this firmware update. The
OfficeJet 6100 series must also be connected to your PC and turned on
before proceeding.
3. Locate the file "HpAiOFWUpdate2_2" on your hard drive and
double-click the file to install the firmware update.

This should resolve the issue. If you need further assistance, please
reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.

You may receive an e-mail survey regarding your e-mail support
experience. We would appreciate your feedback.

Please visit our Owner Services Web site for details on keeping your HP
and Compaq products up and running.

I hope this helps


Posted on Jun 14, 2009


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My HP deskjet 2050 all-in-one

My HP deskjet 2050 all-in-one printer only shoots out blank paper and won't print. It used to say there was no paper in it, which there was. It scans & prints just fine - just won't print anything anymore. The ink is fine.

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Any error messages on the printer digital screen or the desktop? I take it the "The ink is fine" means that there is ink in the cartridges!

Try a test print via the Control Panel> Printers and Faxes> properties > Print test page.

Posted on May 31, 2011


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Lexmark 5400 series

I am having a problem with my scanner. The display is reading CANNOT RETRIEVE APPLICATION LIST. I have made my setup, refer to trouble shooting and not getting any results. What am I doing wrong?

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Problem: Lexmark cannot retrieve applications list

I have the Lexmark X3550 with the WiFi option board installed (makes it same as the model X4550) and get the “cannot retrieve applications list” message on one of the five computers connected to my router (Linlsys WRT54G V8) and using wireless printing and scanning. Just like everyone else with a similar Lexmark WiFi printer/scanner, I can print wireless, but cannot get the wireless scanner to work on one of my PCs.

The fix, in my case, was to change the Lexmark network name as follows.

1. Launch Lexmark Imaging Studio.
2. Right-Click on “View or change network settings”.
3. Enter a new network name in the first box shown. (This box contained the correct network name for my PC, but another name was needed to make the scanner work. I simply added “-lex” at the end of the current network name.)
4. Right-Click OK. You should return to the Imaging Studio screen.
5. Close the Lexmark Imaging Studio window. (The tray icon should remain at the screen lower right.)
6. On the printer, press the Scan Mode button.
7. On the printer’s display screen, select the Computer Name that you entered for the new network name. Just use the arrow buttons until the exact name is shown.
8. Press the Check button. The display screen should show “Downloading Applications List”. Within about 10 seconds the message should change to “ *Scan to Computer ”. Wireless scanning should now work.
9.. Press the Start Color or Start Black button. “Requesting Scan” will be shown. After a few seconds scanning will start. The process is a bit slow.
10. After a while you may see an empty small Lexmark window onscreen. Later, the Lexmark Imaging Studio will appear onscreen, then change to show many options and features. An image of the scanned item will appear in a Lexmark window. Save and/or edit the image. Another scan can be done by pressing the printer’s Check button again. Be sure the correct computer name is shown on the printer’s display.

That’s it. A new computer name was the solution. Your PC and printer may require a restart (power off) after changing the “computer name”.

Regards, Fbyrd

Posted on Jul 26, 2008


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hp scanning. sorry, could not find required user interface files

got this damn error message and i get with Dell for my computer fix but they told me that its my printer software issue w/c is HP. I called HP and they been trying to help me but it end up that its an OS problem. i dont know what to do because if i call again DELL they will be referring me again to HP. Is there anyone who can help me fix my problem?

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Sorry could not find reqd user
interface file.

Posted on Sep 17, 2008


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Printer keeps saying Press Enter to align cartridges

Once you press enter, it goes right back to doing the same thing. I have taken the ink cartridges out and cleaned the cartridges. I have turned unit off and unpluggd it for about 3 minutes. Nothing seems to be working for me. The printer is printing but it prints sqiggly and sometimes quit printing the middle of the page.

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Well you have landed at the right place.All you have to do is:

  • Press and hold down the Setup button, then
  • Press the Options button
This should bypass the print alignment function and allow you to print.

If it still dosn't fix then :

Then follow the steps on this link :


Fame !

Posted on Apr 07, 2009


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Press Enter to Align Cartridges

I'm getting this error everytime power up my psC 2210XI PRINTER and eventually can not use it anymore i.e. printing, sending fax. copying and all its function. Press enter as what it say on the display and printer did as what it supposed to do, prints test allignment but keeps on sending same message over and over again. Called up HP tech support from India and said this is a mechanical problem and advise me to switch and buy onother model and junk my printer(unlikely for a tech support to advise. My printer is only 3 years old, looks new and this is the first time problem.. don't want to junk it. Any good advise please

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Press and hold " setup" button then press " option "  will skiip alignment

Posted on Oct 29, 2007


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lexmark 5400 series printer

display showing "clear the carrier jam{" what is solution for this

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Just today, our Lexmark 5400 began having paper jam issues. We'd try to print, and the paper would initially feed into the back and then wouldn't go any further. Then it gave printer jam error messages. After peering and poking into various areas of the unit I wound up disconnecting the printer from power, phone line, and USB connection, I took it to a better lit room.

Peering carefully into the back paper feed area, I discovered a pencil!! After excising the pencil, the printer worked fine. One of my precious children must have accidentally dropped a pencil into the back, or a pencil was resting on top of the unit and rolled into the back paper feed area.
Lesson learned, don't put pens or pencils on top of the printer.

Posted on Jan 17, 2008

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