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scanner failure hp 6110 - Noise and stuck head

I ran into a problem with the officejet 6110 all-in-one. I got a "scanner failure turn off and on" message on the printer screen, and it made an annoying stuck draging noise off and on, ticks. Actually the scanner head didn't return to its place, remained stuck and made noises.

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Thanks to Silly Girl, I've got my HP6110 working again! Though to be honest, I almost gave up after trying out her suggestion by cleaning the glass and it did not work. I then removed the slider unit from the belt and realized that two of the mirrors were foggy. Again I cleaned them with a swab & windex, hooked them back up and... still the same problem. Luckily, I didn't give up. I took the whole thing apart again and this timecleaned the camera lens with a swab and it finally worked!!! So with Silly Girl's permission... if I may paraphrase her steps and add a couple to it in case people followed her steps and still did not work. 1. Disconnect the printer from all cables. 2. Remove all the screws that hold the glass panel (you do not need to remove the one screw that's on the left hand side, in the middle). 3. Remove the plastic panel that's over the buttons just by popping it up using a knife or something similar. 4. Extract the keyboard from the inside by unhooking the lock that's on the bottom right of the keyboard (close to the center)and slide the whole board to the left.
5. Then lift the upper unit with the glass panel and place it in the back standing up. 6. You can now reach the inside of the glass and clean it with a window cleaner using a dry clean cloth. 7. While you're at it, push that slider unit to the left and lift it out; the left side of the metal rod is not screwed in. 8. Remove the black slider unit by unhooking the belt from the slider unit and gently pull out the electrical harnest cable (you might want to mark one side with a permanent marker to remember which side when you re-attached the cable). 9. Gently and carefully pop open the cap on the bottom side. 10. Once it's opened, you'll see about 4 mirrors inside and a camera lens. Dip a couple of swabs in windex and GENTLY clean and dry all mirrors and camera lens. 11. Carefully re-install everything by retracing your steps. 12. Reset unit by pressing the # and the 6 keys together while plugging in the power. If you follow all the 12 steps, I guarantee the problem will be fixed and be just like new. Thanks again Silly Girl for the wonderful tip.

Posted on Jun 12, 2008


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"Clear carriage jam" persistent error...

Greetings. We're trying to service a client's similar model. After disassembling it, we found a worn composite gear located at the ink cartrigde cleaner moving plattform (located at the front right corner of the product; it has 2 rubber cushions inside that protects the cartridge's nozzles), and a little "L" shaped plastic piece with a hooked end, located near the paper out tray (we suppose it's used in pair with a similar one for pushing the printed paper out in its tray). We substituted the gear, glued back the plastic hooked piece, and reconnect all wire harnesses, leaving clear the sides of the equipment to see it working. We observed the motor assy. located at the cartrigde cleaner unit overturning and causing the rubber cushions plattform to get stuck (therefore causing gear damage). Then, because of this failure, the cartridge carriage returned violenty to the left corner, causing breaking of the little plastic hooks (they get out during the equipment startup, but only after the cartridge carriage returns to the right corner). To isolate the problem, we removed the ribbon cable of the cleaner box motor during startup; that eliminated the violent carriage left return, but the error still flashes on the product's LCD. We have concluded the main board (PWB), Q1636-20261A, is the culprit. Can anyone agree with us, or have another view to the right solution? Thanks in advance.

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I got the error message about clearing the carriage and no matter how many times I turned it off, unpluged, turned in on again, checked for paper jams, etc, the printer could not get reset. But after much trial en error, the following procedure did the trick: Unplug the power cord and open the door. To the right side, you'll see the ink tray. Carefully pull it to the center and unistall the ink cartriges. Close the door, plug in the power cord and turn the printer on. It should ask you to install the left ink cartrige first. Do it and close the door again. Then it'll ask you to install the right cartrige. Do it as well and turn the printer off again. Turn it back on, let it initialized, and your printer should be ready to work again. I hope this work for you as it did for me. Good luck.

Posted on Apr 10, 2007


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Mac OS 10.5 Leopard

Since upgrading OS to Leopard the HP Scan Pro software crashed. I reinstalled and not get message that it can not find the scanner. It prints fine.

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I was able to get my 6110 to scan by downloading HP_Installer_PSC7100_v9.7beta.dmg .  I saw this on XLR8YourMac for another HP multi-function and on a lark I decided to try it.  During the installer it won't detect the 6110, but you are able to "Skip" to the next step until it's installed.  Then, launch "HP All-in-One Device Chooser" and you will see the 6110 listed.  After I choose it there, I was able to use "HP Scan Pro" with the 6110.  I've not really tested the rest of the applications.

Posted on Feb 02, 2008


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Error 345 a communication error occured when

Error 345 a communication error occured when ending a Fax .what is this and why does it happen?

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I changed the fax resolution from "fine" to "standard" using the button on the keyboard.
After this, the page who was not faxable have been transmitted without problem.

Posted on May 25, 2009


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all in one printer won't scan

Hi - I have windows XP home edition and use Mozilla Firefox - when I click on the HP Director icon on my desktop (it pulls up a menu to use different services from the all in one printer ) the software won't even start - nothing happens. The printer itself works fine, as far as printing documents, so I know it's connected properly. But that's all I can do with it. ON the front control panel on the printer, there is also a button for SCAN, and when I press that, the scanner won't turn on. I just un-installed the printer software and re-installed it. Still the same problem. I have 1 gig of memory. Thanks for your help.

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Found this after a LONG search. It worked for me, with my Dell All in One 922. Good luck.[My additions in brackets.]

I got it working, and here is what I did:
1. Go into [Start/ControlPanel]SYSTEM[Hardware/DeviceManager, look for "Imaging Devices" or "Scanner"], and uninstall the scanner.
2. Unplug your scanner
3. Search [Start/Search] all files and folders, and [search "twain"] remove all references to twain [then search .ds and remove files. I wouldn't remove anything other than exactly ".ds" or files that have to do with non-scan-printing tasks]
and .ds. Windows may ask you to put in your Windows CD to copy new
file...just do it. [Windows did not ask me for this.]

[Note: you may find twain and/or .ds files in System32/I1380...something like this. Apologies for forgetting the exact name of the folder, it is a capital eye -I-and starts with 3, 3 or four digits - this may or may not be on your hard drive; these files act as backup for rebuilding or replacing corrupted files. I say leave any twain or .ds in this folder alone.]

[If you use a USB keyboard/mouse you might want to plug in a different type mouse-keyboard at this point.]

4. Re-boot
5. Go into your SYSTEM, and remove USB Root Hub (if you have any USB
devices, they will stop functioning..that's OK...they will work once
you re-boot). If you have a USB mouse, push the "windows" button (on
the left between CTRL and ALT, and use you tab key to highlight the
RESTART button. [My USB mouse/keyboard were out of commission and I had to just power off.]
6. Once re-booted, the PC will find all your USB devices, and state
all has been installed. [I was so happy that this presented no problems for me!]
7. Plug in your will put in the software.

[My PC asked where a specific file was as the machine couldn't find it. "dlvtmcro" in my case. Just pointing the window to "D:\" wasn't good enough. I did a Search for the file, then right click on it to open in containing folder. Thus finding its location I could pinpoint where to point the installer. That went smoothly.]

8. Check you graphics program (SELECT SOURCE etc) and your scanner
should be there!

[And it was there. Hurrah!]

It's from here:
at the end as of 2/3/08, scroll down to #5 for a laugh: an even tempered tech guru.

Posted on Feb 04, 2008


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my hp officejet j4580 says incompatible black ink cartridge

the same cartridge i've used since receiving machine
less than 50 pages have been printed 
waaaaaay less

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I've been in print cartridge hell since I bought a J4580.

I spent an hour on chat with HP customer service and was able to resolve the problem by partially resetting the printer. Here's how:

  • Make sure your print cartridges are installed.
  • Unplug the machine, wait 20 seconds
  • Press and hold the # and 3 keys
  • Plug the machine back in
  • You'll see a reset message on the machine, release the # and 3 keys
  • Follow the prompts to set the language and location
Cross your fingers, hopefully your printer will print now!

Posted on Jun 22, 2009


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HP OfficeJet 6110 All-In-One scanner problem

I got a new computer also a HP. now I can not get the scanner to work.... HELP.....

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Fiend your solution direct from hp. Here is your solution...

Posted on Feb 28, 2009


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HP Officejet 4500 Incompatible Black

HP Officejet 4500 Incompatible Black Cartridge

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I have an HP officejet 4500. When I replace cartridge the printer reported Incompatible print cartridge. How can I get the printer to accept the cartridge and start printing again? The color cartridge is original to the printer and the black cartridge is the "new" one.

Posted on May 06, 2011


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my Hp Deskjet F4200 series printer will not scan

my Hp Deskjet F4200 series printer will not scan anything to my computer, but it will copy just fine. How can I get it to scan? I have already uninstalled the printer driver & reinstalled it. It says everything is working just fine. I can't get the alignment page to reprint. I had to send my computer to HP awhile back for a keyboard issue & when I got it back I had to reinstall everything. Well I got the test alignment page & didn't think anything of it & threw it away. I didn't know I had to redo the whole scan alignment page thing. Am I doing something wrong??? Do I need to call HP???

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Check to see that your Scanner drivers have been installed. Click on Start, then Printers and Faxes and see if a Scanner is listed. If not, you need to install the drivers.

Also, when you uninstall the printer drivers, you first need to disconnect the printer from the computer, and unplug the printer from the power source. Leave the printer unplugged for at least 15 minutes to clear the printer's cache memory.

Next, go to Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel and uninstall the printer software. Then, turn off your computer.

Next, reboot your computer. Place the Deskjet cd in the drive and follow instructions for reinstalling the printer software and drivers.

Posted on Oct 08, 2009

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