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You can fix this by turning off bidirectional support:

- Right click your printer, select properties
- go to the ports tab, uncheck Enable bidirectional support.

Your printer has to be turned on before printing.

That fixed the extra page printing S1M problem for me.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Sep 17, 2019

HP does not specify what that error means. It says to contact HP Support. If the unit is in warranty, Hp will repair it, free of charge.
HP and Compaq products
800-HP invent
800-474-6836 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for most products U.S.: English and Spanish for most products.
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HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Aug 01, 2018

Can you ping the i.p. for the printer

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Apr 14, 2017

This sounds to me like the paper inside the tray is a different size than the printer properties is configured to expect as default. To see whether this is the case, right-click on your printer and go to Properties (Printer Properties if you are using Windows 7), then select Preferences... On the next window that appears, click on the Paper tab and look at the Original Size that is selected. Presuming that you have Letter paper in the tray, select the Original Size as Letter and click OK.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on May 27, 2016

how far apart are the spacings? inches or cm would be fine

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Apr 27, 2016

For which operating system. Any version of Windows starting with XP should have a native driver for this printer already installed.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Feb 28, 2016


HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Nov 14, 2015

Have you tried using the VISTA driver? Many VISTA drivers work with Windows 7. Here is the link... http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=57562&lang=en&cc=us

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Oct 17, 2015

I think you need a new cartridge.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Jul 22, 2015

What this means is that the print job you sent to the printer is formatted for and designated as being ready for printing on A4-sized paper, which is a European size that is 210 millimeters wide by 297 millimeters tall. This is close to what Americans will refer to as letter size as that standard is 8.5 inches by 11 inches while A4 is 8.27 by 11.7. If you have standard letter-size paper loaded into the printer and you want to print on such paper, then you need to go into whatever program you are using to write the document (for example, Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, etc.) and set the option in the Print... dialog window to print on Letter rather than A4. You also need to cancel the print job currently in the printer. This is done by holding the Shift key on the top of the printer and pressing the button that says "Reset" underneath it in purplish-red. This will flush the memory of the printer and make it ready for the next print job. As it's been a few years since I last worked on one of these printers, I cannot remember if you also need to hit the Online button first (so that it is offline, indicated by the light being turned off on said button) before you can reset the printer but if so, then just hit that button, reset the printer, and then hit the Online button again to bring it online. This should take care of the problem for you. If you have any other questions about this issue or other concerns about your Laserjet 4 series printer, feel free to drop me an email. You can find me at Best Deal Computers as I am the owner. :-)

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Mar 15, 2015

A4 refers to a paper size, so its asking for that size of paper to be loaded.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Mar 15, 2015

This is a typical error code. Take a flashlight and look closely inside after removing the cartridge. There probably is a speck of paper that may be covering the sensor. Paper pieces are hard to find sometimes but be patient and look closely lifting up the registration cover assembly. Also look in the tray for a paper that may have not gone through correctly. Remove the tray and also look up in the cavity of the printer.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Jan 31, 2015

PC Load Legal means that the printer has been sent a print job formatted for legal size paper and that is not what is currently loaded into the printer's input tray. So, either change the paper to legal or cancel the job in the printer, reconfigure the document on the computer for letter (or whatever is loaded into your printer), and send the job again.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Sep 27, 2014

If the printer is not leaving the 05 Self Test stage of booting up, then there is something wrong with the printer and therefore needs to be taken in for service. More than likely there is a problem with one of the system boards within the unit and that is something that one cannot diagnose in the field. It takes a trained repair technician to resolve that. Having said that, given the age and high cost of the parts for this printer nowadays (due to the scarcity of the parts), you would probably be best served by getting a more modern printer. Good quality brands that I tend to sell to my clients are HP and Samsung. I have seen reliability issues frequently with Brother, Lexmark, and Xerox. I hope this helps!

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Sep 27, 2014

This means that the printer is expecting A4 paper rather than letter size or whatever you are trying to use. Check your "Printer Options" on your computer and make sure that the appropriate paper size is selected. A4 is an international standard paper size that is 210 mm (8.27 inches) x 297 mm (11.7 inches) and therefore is just a bit narrower and longer than the American "letter" paper size. To correct this, cancel the print job currently in the printer's memory, change the computer to the proper paper size, and send the print job again.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Sep 27, 2014

You have said that you tried cleaning your printer with wet tissue paper. I hope that you weren't using water, window cleaner (such as Windex) or something similar. Anytime that cleaning must be done, one should use rubbing alcohol (aka isopropyl alcohol). Using anything else can be damaging because it will linger in the printer longer instead of evaporating away quickly and that can lead to liquid damage to components that should never get wet, especially if you turn the printer on soon after the cleaning. At this point, you could have several issues going on. Presuming that one or more parts got wet and thus shorted out when power was applied, you could have a problem with the high-voltage power supply, formatter board, laser unit, fusing assembly, or more. Since you have said that the paper now comes out blank, that indicates to me that there is either no image being drawn on the drum of the toner cartridge and/or there is no charging of the paper occurring when it passes over the charging roller. To explain, a laser printer operates by charging the drum with the laser. Anywhere that the laser "writes" is positively charged and when the drum spins around, it picks up toner from the inside of the cartridge. While this is happening, the paper passes over that little foam roller (which is the charging roller) and accepts a uniforn negative charge covering the entire surface of the paper. In perfect time, the paper reaches the image drum where the intended image is transferred by the basic physics of electrical attraction. The paper continues through the printer to head to the fusing assembly. This is the hot part of the printer that actually melts the toner (which is nothing more than a very fine plastic powder) and bonds it to the paper. Given this method of operation, if the laser unit is not working, then the image cannot be written to the drum and therefore there will be no transfer of toner to the drum and subsequently to the paper. If the laser is working but the charging roller is not being properly charged, then the same result of no image is most likely. If the problem is only the fusing assembly, then you would see whatever you printed but you would find that the image was easily removed by wiping it as it was not heated and bonded to the page. To check whether the laser is working, you can send a test page to the printer and wait for the printer to start pulling the paper through. Once the paper is about halfway through the printing, open the printer and pull out the toner cartridge. There is a little door on the bottom that exposes the drum. See whether there is any toner on it that looks like what you were just trying to print. If so, the laser unit seems to be operational. If not, then you have a problem that will potentially be expensive to fix. Further, if the image is on the drum but nothing is getting transferred to the paper, that would indicate that something is amiss with the charging roller. This foam roller is very easily compromised by oils from one's skin (let alone any sort of cleaning solution, even rubbing alcohol), so if you tried cleaning this, you probably made your problems worse by making it so that the roller would not hold a charge any longer. Given the age of the Laserjet 4 series of printers, it is becoming harder to find parts, so while you can spend the money to get it repaired if you wish, I would suggest replacing it with a more modern printer. After all, there are other printers that are faster, more simply designed (meaning fewer parts to fail), and that have cartridges that last just as long (if not longer). As an example, when I finally upgraded from my Laserjet 4M Plus a few years ago, I replaced it with a Samsung ML-3312ND. That printer is just black and white like the Laserjet 4 series, has both USB and Ethernet ports for versatile functionality, and has built-in duplex capability (this allows printing on both sides of the page). The 3312 models have the option of using a cartridge that can print 5000 pages while their cousins, the ML-3712 models, can also use an even larger cartridge that can print 10,000 pages. I hope all this helps!

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Sep 27, 2014

Where is the label stuck? If you are lucky and it is stuck on the toner cartridge's image drum, just replace the toner cartridge. Do not, I repeat, do not try to remove the label from the drum and continue to use the toner cartridge. The reason being that there will still be adhesive on the drum that will cause toner to stick to it and cause big bad defects on the printed page. Additionally, if you try to remove the adhesive with lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol, or other substance and a cloth/paper towel, the drum will be scratched and therefore damaged, causing defects in the printing anyway. Just save the trouble and replace the toner cartridge. If the label is stuck elsewhere within the printer, be very careful about removing it, especially pay attention to whether any adhesive stays behind once the label is removed. Depending on where the label is, it might just be better to replace the labelled part. It is highly recommended not to use labels inside laser printer precisely because of this problem. If you elect to do so, however, make sure that you use only laser labels. Inkjet and dot matrix (aka impact printer) labels are unacceptable. The reason being that laser printers generate about 350 Fahrenheit degrees (177 Celsius degrees) of heat which weakens the bond between the wax paper and the adhesive of the label. This causes the label to have a tendency to peel off in the fusing assembly and/or output rollers. Also the printer has a very "curvy" paper path and all that flexing of the paper tends to cause the label to want to leave the wax paper backing as well. All it takes is a loose edge of the label to find even the slightest surface to which to adhere and the deed is done: the label will leave the paper and become a part of your printer, giving you the headaches that you now endure. If you have a future need to print labels, I would suggest doing so with either a dot matrix or inkjet printer.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Aug 21, 2014

There is no downloadable driver for the HP Laserjet 4 series of printers as they are built into Windows starting with Windows XP. The driver that you should select can be either the Laserjet 4 or 4 Plus as they are both the same printer. (What made the 4 into a 4 Plus was the addition of the Jet Direct card that allowed attachment to an Ethernet network.)

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Aug 21, 2014

This can be caused by the toner cartridge being completely empty or the shipping strip not having been removed prior to installation into the printer. Hope that it is one of these problems because if not, then it could be something much more serious/expensive to fix. For example, it could be the laser itself has failed, so the laser unit would need to be replaced. It might also be the charging roller has failed (but usually this would cause a printout with defects rather than a completely blank page). You might also have a problem with the High Voltage Power Supply.

HP LaserJet 4... • Answered on Aug 21, 2014

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