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No HP devices detected. HP Solutions Center will close now. beware spam number 1800-975-0148 below

Hi everyone. Anyone have a solution to the "No HP devices detected. HP solutions Center will close now" problem? I'm still using my HP OJ 7410 All in One via Ad-hoc w/less connection. Been having this prob since like forever and was hoping someone could throw out a few ideas that might help. Much appreciated.

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By this time, I may be an expert on this particular problem(that's a joke because anybody having this problem KNOWS that nobody has a solution, even, and especially HP). Sometimes you put so much time into something that it becomes personal(or stupid). But I did resolve this problem and I have done it 3 times(not by choice) so I feel this will work.

First and foremost, for anybody considering HP. Don't. Their hardware seems OK, but the software and support is awful. Don't even waste your time calling them.

Second, this is a painful process. Some that know better about registry updates may have a better solution, but I did it the hard way. So plan on spending a few hours to get through it.

Third, I don't know if this is important or not but buy a registry cleaner program. I used Registry Mechanic from PC tools. I am certainly not touting that product and I found some issues with it, but it's just what I used.
Fourth, this process works. But I'm going to be somewhat vague because I'm so tired of working on this issue that I don't want to take the time to provide exact detail. However, anybody that knows anything about Windows will understand this.

Here is the magical process(I have a HP 7680, but I think it will be the same for all models)
a) Uninstall the #?!!!$! HP software using the Uninstall from Control Panel.
b) Download the latest HP software for your printer from their site.
c) Run the Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 Uninstall programs in the CCC folder of the software you just downloaded from HP(or, on the HP CD if you cannot download the latest version).
d) Scan your hard drive and delete any and all HP folders, including the "Hewlett Packard" folders. PLEASE NOTE: You probably will not be able to delete some folders because files are in use. You must delete these folders. Either reboot in safe mode to delete them, or shut off all services in msconfig(reboot required).
e) Delete the Twain32 folder in Windows folder
f) Empty the Recycle bin(probably not important, but I was taking no chance)
g) This would now be a good time to run your registry cleaner. This program should remove all registry entries that point to files that don't exist anymore. Registry Mechanic did not do this completely for whatever reason, but this should make the next step
h) backup your registry. The way I did this was "Start", "Run" and type msconfig. Click "Launch System Restore" and "Create a Restore Point". Do this, but be warned that there were a few times I tried to restore to one of these and the Windows process was unsuccesful. Didn't investigate why, but it happened, and more than once.
i) now the time consuming part. You are going to delete at least many hundreds of entries so get comfortable. Open the registry edito(regedit) and start scanning for these values. When you find them, delete the entire key, not just the key value(i.e. delete the folder on the left side of the regedit window). Sometimes you will get access denied. Just right click on the key and click "Permissions". Change the "Everyone" group to have full permission, then delete the key. This doesn't happen often - maybe 10 times? Also, please note that sometimes you will see that where the value was found, it has nothing to do with HP and so I left them alone. I would estimate 99% of what I found, I deleted. Believe me, you'll get good at this and your eyes will quickly identify the fact it's from an HP installation.
During this scan process, you will find reach a point where on the left side of regedit, there are dozens of folders that start with HP, all lined up nicely. Delete ALL of them.
1) Scan for and delete any folder(key) that contains "\hp". This is the hard one. Hundreds of them. (why didn't these get deleted by my registry cleaner program???)
2) Scan for and delete any key that contains "AIO"
3) Scan for and delete any key that contains "hp " (that is hp followed by a space. The search function allows this
4) Scan for and delete any key that contains "digital imaging"
5) Scan for and delete any key that contains "hewl"
j) almost there, and don't mess this part up. Make sure your printer is NOT connected. Reboot.
k) Reinstall using latest version. During installation, choose that you don't want HP software to check for updates and also, check the "custom" installation. When you reach the screen that lets you pick which programs to install, uncheck ALL of them that you can. You only want to install what is required. The rest is JUNK. When you reach the point where it wants to find the printer, do NOT hook the printer up. The software will assume you will hook it up later. Finish the installation and reboot.
l) run the install again. This time the menu will say "Add a device". Go ahead and click on that and hook up your printer(use USB). I did discover on one of my trips through this maze that it found the printer and installed it nicely, BUT, when I started HP Solution Center, it did not display the device. Then I ran Setup again, tried to install it as a network printer(cabled-not wireless). This failed but then, there it was the next time I opened Solution Center!! The process of trying to install network printer fixed something so don't give up once you get this far.
m) Good luck with this. I feel for all the people out there that just can't afford to go buy another printer. Again, I wouldn't touch HP with a mile long stick. The only reason I wouldn't give up is I was PISSED. I actually did this for somebody else, but I work for this person, so felt obligated to solve it. And I have HP printers at home, but, after researching this issue on the Internet and seeing what all of you have written, I will never buy HP again.

Posted on Dec 19, 2008


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printing landscape instead of portrait

This is a new problem -- I've been using this computer and this printer together with this software for more than a year.

When printing from Mail, Firefox and Quickbooks Pro from my Mac Powerbook running OS 10.4.11, the default is coming out as landscape instead of portrait. While I can go into page setup and fix it in Mail and Firefox, QB Pro 2007 Mac doesn't have an option for page setup when printing invoices created in the onboard form designer. My invoice form is set as portrait, but when I print to PDF or to my printer, it comes out landscape, cutting off the bottom of the invoice. It doesn't even print a second page with the rest of the invoice, just cuts it off.

Is there a way to change the default setting so that unless I change it, my printing is automatically set to portrait?

I've had a few other weird printing issues (can't print from InDesign CS2), so I just downloaded the print driver and reinstalled. That didn't fix it. I also deleted the printer and added it back in. Still can't print my invoices.

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this article may explain how to change it

Posted on Mar 05, 2017


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Printer doesnot Power On (no power surges either)

I hav an HP 7410 AIO printer which all of a sudden quit functioning (doesnot power on) It doesnot print,scan,copy or fax can anyone suggest a solution

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In case of Power Failures / Surges.....we should first check if the h/w of the printer has gone Bad... Try the following in the specified order... 1. Unplug the power cable at the back of the printer and replug it and then press the "ON" button on the printer to check if it works else... 2. Unplug the power cable from the surge protector (if you are using one) and replug it and then press "ON" button else just try unplugging from the wall jack and replug the cable (if you are not using a surge). 3. Else , Try a different wall jack 4. You may even try taking the printer to a different room and then check if you get some power. Now if the printer powers up but the "startup cycle" needs a "semi full reset" to do that-> 5. unplug the power at the back of the printer and 6. press # and "6" at the same time on the front panel 7. while holding these two buttons , replug the power at the back and keep holding till you see "semi full reset" on the screen 8. Now release the buttons and let the reset may be prompted to enter the language again etc.... Even if this doesnot work...try a "full reset" 9. Which is done by pressing "#" and "9" simultaneously with the same procedure Else the firmware(program inside the printer) has gone bad and may need replacement I got this valuable information from the engineers of ***

Posted on Jan 23, 2007


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Service Manual for HP OfficeJet 7410

Does anyone has the service manual for the HP OfficeJet 7410 ?

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For parts go here:

Posted on Dec 18, 2008


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ink cartridges stuck on left side of carriage. Won't move. Tried all of the suggestions and still says carriage jam.

At first, the printer said I had a paper jam. Found a mini piece of paper in the rollers which I removed. Then, the carriage jam notice came up. Have been trying to fix it for days and days now, using all of the suggestions of people with the same announcement and also going through all of the HP support site. The ink cartridges are stuck on the left hand side and don't move at all. Appreciate any additional help. Thanks.

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it will be stuck in roller cleaner mode, that is mechanical. the only real way is to push it thether over to the left. with the power off the printer, then close the compartments and turn on the printer it can take 2 o3 goes as it will try to move it right. you have to get it off the clip that is holding it there. the cartridge is held in place to stop it moving while the roller is cleared.

Posted on Jul 03, 2017


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HP 7410 All-in-One

My machine is on, but, the only thing showing on the screen is the HP symbol and a line that keeps going back and forth which makes me think it is warming up. I am unable to perform any functions on the machine.
(It's been warming up for 2 hrs and 45 min.)

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The fix that Maggix sugested worked on my machine. Problem is apparently related to the Wi-Fi card. I unplugged the connector and all is good.

To access the connector remove the rear plastic access panel. To remove take out the two chrome looking screws. Then slide the plastic panel up to release the clips, then pull it out. You may have to play with it a little but it will come off.

The connector is at the very top of the circuit board located at the far LH side of the rear access area. It is the second (2nd) one from the back. It is white and has 5-6 colored wires that then go into a cable loom with heat shrink on the transition. Unplug the connector with pointed nose pliers and tie-wrap it back out of the way so that it cannot accidentilly short to anything.

Now, plug in the printer and see if you get pas the HP splash screen and the scrolling timing bar.

Good luck and thanks to Maggix for the great solution.

Posted on Jun 30, 2008


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HP 7410 Solutions Center software for Vista

My 7410 worked fine with XP, but when I tried to use it with Vista, the Vista software update (Solutions Center (SC) scanning software) would not function. I've spent day-after-day over the last six months on the phone with HP tech support doing the same things over and over with no luck. My real frustration comes because their tech support won't even admit there is a problem. I KNOW they know there's a problem because I've read about many users with the same experience. I've asked to be escalated. The TS rep said he would, but no one ever called me. This trying to get help from HP has been going on since April 2007. Someone at Microsoft helped me with a couple of workarounds using the hpqscnvw.exe file, and of course, I can type the IP address into a Web page and use part of the scanner features. The problem is using the IP address allows me to scan to a .pdf document, but not use the automatic document feeder, and using the hpqscnvw.exe file allows me to use the document feeder, but not scan to a .pdf file. The SC is what I need. I spent days on Chats with HP tech support in the spring without any resolution. Finally, I gave up until today, thinking maybe by now HP had fixed the Solutions Center software glitch. Not so, and tech support is still not admitting that there is a problem. I could understand if they would just admit it and tell me when they expected a fix. I would wait and reinstall the software then, but this refusal to admit there?s even a problem really has destroyed my respect for HP as a company. I was a real HP user until now, even recommending their products to friends, students, etc. NO MORE!!! I'll not buy HP again, nor will I recommend them. I?m soooooooooo frustrated. Has anyone here had this problem or found a fix for this yet?

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I have to agree wholehearted with the first post here.   I too have been totally frustrated by HP's flat denial of a problem here, despite reporting extremely detailed error information, including memory crash dumps.  This is a widespread problem, yet everyone's efforts to get the issue escalated past the level one "support" have proved completely fruitless.

I've been a long time supporter, but I am now totally disillusioned with HP, and vow never to buy one of their products again.

Posted on Oct 21, 2007


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Prints blurry every other line with black color

Our 7410 had a huge amount of black ink leaked underneath the cartridges. It had started printing blurry. We cleaned it out, and after cleaning it now prints blurry every other line with black ink, but red, blue etc print clear. Why??

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Is it the ink cartridge contacts you already cleaned? If so, then you can also clean it using the tools menu from the printer panel:

-press setup menu, then go to tools
-select clean print cartridge and press ok
-it will print a test page. If the printout is good, you can try printing again.

I hope this helps.


Posted on Mar 05, 2009


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HP 7410 All-In-One Driver issues

I tried to scan something to my computer this morning and got a message that said "you need to install or run HP software for this." When I go to "set up", "help" and then "troubleshoot" I get a message that says "Requires installing and running HP software on a connected computer to view help topic." This is the weird part. We bought and installed our first 7410 in my computer about 3 or 4 years ago. Since then, HP has replaced it with a refurbished unit at least twice.
I went into printer properties and tried to reconnect to the 7400 series driver, but I get a message that says "HP7400 series printer driver is not installed in this computer." Why would it suddenly just disappear today when it was there and worked fine yesterday? How do I fix this with out having to go and buy a new? Does anyone know if HP make a reasonably priced All-In-One that isn't garbage?

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1. you can download the hp software and scanning program here

you your exact printer and download the full software drivers, then install it.

2. your printer can have a hardware failure thats why the printer cant scan anymore. or your windows has some virus or some files have disappeared.

3. try solution1

4. I recommend HP printers in front of all other,if you buy a more costly printer you get a better one. thats the "rule". I think the hp is the best product of all in one printers you can get for your money.
if you want a officejet the HP OFFICEJET L7680 ALL-IN-ONE good choice.
I think I got all your questions?
good luck

Posted on Oct 18, 2008


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Scanning from HP OfficeJet 7410 All-In-One to a Mac

I am trying to scan some drawings to my Mac and I keep getting the error message " Sorry, unable to allocate memory or system resource to complete operation".  I get this on both of the Mac's in the house so I assume it relates to the scanner and not the computers. Am desperate to get this work sent so any help gratefully received.

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Had same problem. Make sure you've closed any other apps. Itunes caused mine to fall over.

Posted on Oct 08, 2008

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