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Blown fuse but appliance still works

There may be a short AROUND the fuse. Kinda rare but it does happen.
11/22/2017 3:35:05 PM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Nov 22, 2017

Put 40 cotton cycle on starts taking water then stops

The leak has to be fixed
1/10/2016 12:53:23 AM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Jan 10, 2016

Forty cycle takes some water in then stops

Beko WM5100W Washing machine wash/spin problem ...

? 3:59 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rih6H1cpu9Q Jun 12, 2012 - Uploaded by ilona ilona problem in washing cycle. fast spin for few seconds and cut off .... I have same machine, it starts up fills half way with water then stops :'.

Washing machine stops mid cycle - White Goods Help

www.whitegoodshelp.co.uk > ... > DIY Washing Machine Repair Help
1/10/2016 12:52:13 AM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Jan 10, 2016

Beko wm5120w starts to spin then stops?

check pump for blockage
4/30/2015 7:31:19 PM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Apr 30, 2015

My washing machine wont spin

Hi if your Beko Wm & Wma Models washing machine wont drain or has a spin problem then you have to check the carbon brushes first. Also check all waste pipes are clear and inspect the pump I have included this video below. At our website I am doing self diagnostic videos on these beko's as we speak so all tutorials will be in this link below How to replace Beko Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes you might find this test video helpful but only do it if you have checked the motor
2/14/2015 6:25:28 PM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Feb 14, 2015

Water leaks out of the washing powder compartment

it might from closing the powder drawer not completely and correctly or having crack in the drawer or having the high water pressure in the Water pipeline network check all above , if not , call service center thank you
11/22/2014 8:01:57 PM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Nov 22, 2014

I have beko 91442 lx and can get it to start. All lights etc on. Thought it might be child lock but can seem to get it on or off. What can I do please

i think it refers to elec-card 1- first unplug the machine for about 10 min 2- plug the machine and start short program if led are on please specifies which led are lighting !! thank you
11/22/2014 7:54:46 PM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Nov 22, 2014


and also this one may help
11/1/2014 10:54:37 AM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Nov 01, 2014

I need beko aa class 1000rpm operating manual

Hi Edwin, good day! For that specific brand and model, you can actually check this link for the file and download it from there: Beko Automatic Washing Machine Installation Operating Instructions...
9/22/2014 7:13:32 PM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Sep 22, 2014

Is there a filter

Usually you can remove the kick strip by putting a small screwdriver in the gap and levering the panel off to find the pump filter behind
7/29/2014 6:02:28 AM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Jul 29, 2014

How to reset beko wm5120w washing machine

You need to get the dial to 90 degree program then push the start and on button together. Keep hold the start button then a light will flash. Then move the dial to spin/drain option and press start to start the reset test mode. Hope this helps.
6/8/2014 7:09:15 PM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Jun 08, 2014

Beko wmb81445lw

Where does it get to before stopping or what is it doing or not
1/10/2014 9:48:03 AM • Beko Wm & Wma... • Answered on Jan 10, 2014

Beko front loader washer dryer WDEX854044Q0G- Display keeps beeping and flashing through the wash settings.

If your Beko front loader washer dryer WDEX854044Q0G display keeps beeping and flashing through the wash settings, it could be due to a few possible causes. Here are some steps you can try to diagnose and fix the problem:
  1. Check for Error Codes: Your washer dryer may be displaying an error code that can help diagnose the problem. Check the user manual for instructions on how to access the error codes and what they mean.
  2. Check the Door: Make sure that the door is properly closed and latched, as this can cause the washer dryer to beep and flash. If the door is not closed correctly, the washer dryer may not operate.
  3. Check the Water Supply: Make sure that the water supply is turned on and that there is adequate water pressure. Low water pressure can cause the washer dryer to beep and flash.
  4. Check the Drain Hose: Make sure that the drain hose is not clogged or kinked, which can prevent the water from draining properly. Try removing any blockages or straightening any kinks in the hose.
  5. Check the Filter: The filter may be clogged with debris, which can prevent the washer dryer from operating correctly. Locate the filter on the bottom of the washer dryer and remove it to check for any blockages. Clean it out and reattach it.
  6. Check the Control Board: The control board is the brain of the washer dryer and controls all the functions. If it is faulty, it can cause the washer dryer to not operate correctly. Try resetting the control board or replacing it if it is faulty.
If none of the above steps work, it may be best to contact a professional technician for further diagnosis and repair. They can inspect the washer dryer thoroughly and ensure that it is working correctly and safely
3/9/2023 2:25:42 PM • Beko Washing... • Answered on Mar 09, 2023

Beko WMB81242LW stuck on spin cycle

If your Beko WMB81242LW washing machine is stuck on the spin cycle and won't change programs, here are a few things you can try:
  1. Check the door: Make sure the door is properly closed and latched, as this can sometimes cause the machine to get stuck in one cycle.
  2. Reset the machine: Unplug the machine from the power source for a few minutes and then plug it back in. This will reset the machine and may clear the issue.
  3. Check the control panel: Make sure the control panel buttons are working properly and not stuck in one position.
  4. Check the control board: The control board could be the cause of the issue, especially if your machine is 6 years old. A malfunctioning control board can prevent the machine from changing cycles.
If these steps don't work, it's best to have a professional repair the machine
3/4/2023 7:25:38 AM • Beko Washing... • Answered on Mar 04, 2023

Why do I get code EOO on Beko machine?

Error code EOO on a Beko washing machine usually indicates a problem with the drying sensor. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:
  1. Check the lint filter: A clogged or dirty lint filter can prevent the dryer from functioning properly. Clean the lint filter and try running the dryer again.
  2. Check the vent hose: A blocked or kinked vent hose can cause the dryer to overheat and trigger the EOO error code. Check the hose for any obstructions or damage and clear them if necessary.
  3. Check the moisture sensor: The moisture sensor detects the level of moisture in the clothes and adjusts the drying time accordingly. If it's faulty, the dryer may not be able to dry the clothes properly. Clean the sensor with a soft cloth and make sure it's not damaged.
  4. Check the heating element: If the heating element is faulty, the dryer won't be able to produce heat and dry the clothes. Use a multimeter to check the element for continuity and replace it if necessary.
If none of these steps resolve the issue, you may need to call a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the problem.
2/28/2023 7:37:05 AM • Beko Washing... • Answered on Feb 28, 2023

I forgot to replace lint filter. Within seconds something has disappeared and blocked what? Managed to fish a sock out but I can’t see or reach whatever else is there but it’s jammed I don’t what ????

If you accidentally forgot to replace the lint filter and something got sucked into the dryer, it's possible that the object got caught in the dryer's blower wheel or the vent hose. The blower wheel is located near the front of the dryer and pulls air into the dryer drum, while the vent hose carries the hot, moist air out of the dryer and into your home's venting system. To access the blower wheel and vent hose, you'll need to disassemble the dryer cabinet. Before doing this, unplug the dryer from the power outlet to ensure your safety. Here are some general steps that may help:
  1. Remove the lint filter and unscrew the screws holding the filter housing to the top of the dryer.
  2. Use a putty knife or flathead screwdriver to release the spring clips holding the top of the dryer to the cabinet. Lift the top panel and rest it against the wall.
  3. Remove the screws holding the control panel to the cabinet, then lift the panel and tilt it forward to release it from the cabinet.
  4. Remove the screws holding the front panel to the cabinet, then lift the panel and tilt it forward to release it from the cabinet.
  5. You should now have access to the blower wheel and vent hose. Inspect the blower wheel and hose for any foreign objects that may be causing the blockage.
  6. Once you've located the object, you can use a pair of pliers or tongs to carefully remove it. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands.
  7. After the blockage has been cleared, reassemble the dryer in the reverse order that you took it apart.
2/16/2023 9:28:45 PM • Beko Washing... • Answered on Feb 16, 2023

Code EA on my beko washing machine? how to fix it

Beko washing machine error code e5 Error E5. This can mean a number of things but usually involves the machine not draining properly and taking too long to go through its cycle or not spinning. There could be blockages or problems with the pump/filter or an issue with the control board. https://www.washingmachinerepairservices.co.uk/beko-washing-machine-error-codes/
2/11/2023 7:17:34 AM • Beko Washing... • Answered on Feb 11, 2023
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