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How do I throttle down Black Max generator?

You adjust the idle speed. The manual is vague, but there should be an adjuster with a visible spring on the carburetor body or throttle linkage. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1189243/Black-Max-Bm903600.html?page=22&term=speed&selected=2#manual The idle speed is dependent on the engine make ..
2/5/2023 6:24:17 AM • Electrical... • Answered Yesterday

Tahoe TI7000 LXR Diesel powers down after 5 minutes

Bonjour. Le fait que le Tahoe TI7000 LXR Diesel s'?teigne apr?s 5 minutes peut ?tre caus? par plusieurs probl?mes potentiels, tels que:
  1. Probl?me de batterie : Si la batterie est faible ou d?fectueuse, elle ne peut pas fournir la quantit? n?cessaire d'?nergie pour maintenir le moteur en marche.
  2. Probl?me de charge alternateur : Si l'alternateur ne fonctionne pas correctement, il ne peut pas recharger la batterie pendant que le moteur tourne.
  3. Probl?me de moteur : Une fuite de liquide de refroidissement, une surchauffe du moteur ou d'autres probl?mes m?caniques peuvent faire tourner le moteur et l'arr?ter.
  4. Probl?me ?lectrique : Une coupure de courant, un mauvais c?blage ou un autre probl?me ?lectrique peut faire d?marrer le moteur et le faire s'arr?ter.
Il est important de faire inspecter votre v?hicule par un m?canicien qualifi? pour d?terminer la cause exacte du probl?me et la r?soudre correctement.
2/3/2023 7:17:01 PM • Electrical... • Answered 2 days ago

My Jetman gg7200cle runs but does not provide any power.

Lorsqu'un g?n?rateur ne parvient pas ? fournir de l'?lectricit?, cela peut ?tre d? ? divers facteurs tels qu'une batterie d?charg?e, une alimentation en carburant vide, des probl?mes de d?marrage, des bougies d'allumage sales ou d?fectueuses, un filtre ? air bouch? ou des probl?mes de pompe ? carburant. Il est conseill? de v?rifier d'abord la batterie, le niveau de carburant et les bougies d'allumage et de consulter un m?canicien si n?cessaire pour une inspection plus approfondie.
1/29/2023 10:15:06 AM • Electrical... • Answered on Jan 29, 2023

My conlog meter is showing the rfcon error please what do I do

No connecting to your utilty company in South Africa. Just FYI, we are a North American site and my not always have the answer, in this case we do Https://www.facebook.com/ConlogSolutions/posts/im-having-a-rf-con-error-cant-do-anything-on-the-gadget-please-help-on-how-to-re/962048393965724/ Quoting from link above: "Conlog Hi Ola-daniels, Please see below steps to assist with RFCON error : * Press the Back arrow on the keypad - this step is to refresh the UIU ( the device) * Type # 75 # - this is to check the signal strength If it does not go back to the normal display *Type # 80 # - this is to refresh the meter Then lastly you can repair the meter and the UIU by # 36 # The above steps will work better if you are outside the house because the meters uses the radio frequency connection The above error will occur in instances of bad weather conditions or if there is load shedding or power failure If the problem persists after trying the above you may contact the municipality or the service provider."

SOLVED: How do I clear up the rf con error on my meter ...

https://www.fixya.com > ... > The
May 7, 2020 - How do I clear up the rf con error on my meter because I want to ... Https://www.facebook.com/ConlogSolutions/posts/im-having-a-rf-con-error- ... Hi Ola-daniels, Please see below steps to assist with RFCON error : ... shut down the energy alimentation for 2 minute ,but if the defect persist error it show again. SOLVED: Pole meter conlog rf con meter keep on freezing ... Jan. 10, 2017 Meter reading shows rF CON instead of units available - Fixya Jun. 24, 2018 SOLVED: Good day my conlog ip54 elecricity meter showd ... Oct. 6, 2018 SOLVED: Rf con error - Fixya Jun. 20, 2020 More results from www.fixya.com

Please Help With My Conlog Prepaid Meter - Technology ...

https://www.nairaland.com > please-conlog-prepaid-meter
Aug. 6, 2020 - ystar: If the conlog meter is showing rf-Con, it means power supply doesn't reach the meter at all its either Loss of phase from the transformer or a loose contact ... How Do I Load The Activation Token On My Conlog Prepaid ... Mar. 17, 2020 I Need A Technician To Fix This... - Nairaland / General - Nigeria Jul. 22, 2019 I Need Number Codes To Reset Memmcol Prepaid Meter ... Jan. 11, 2019 More results from www.nairaland.com
1/18/2023 7:27:18 PM • Electrical... • Answered on Jan 18, 2023

What is the valve clearance on a ryobi rg 7900k generator?

0.15mm +-.02 intake. (.006 in)
0.20mm +-.02 exhaust (.008 in)

engine cold
1/15/2023 1:09:47 AM • Electrical... • Answered on Jan 15, 2023

ECO Throttle switch off no a/c but hi revving

When you switch the ECO switch on your generator to the higher revving setting, the generator's motor should increase its RPMs in order to handle the increased load. However, if the A/C power cuts out and the motor starts revving high, it could be an indication of a problem with the generator's control system or a mechanical issue. It is possible that the control system is not properly adjusting the generator's RPMs in response to the increased load, causing the motor to rev too high and shutting off the A/C power. It's also possible that the generator's governor, which controls the RPMs, is not working properly, and is not able to adjust the RPMs to the correct level. Another possible cause could be the generator's voltage regulator or control circuit, which may not be functioning properly. It's best to have a professional technician diagnose the issue. They will be able to identify the specific cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs. It's also important to make sure that the generator is being operated within the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines to avoid any damage or unsafe operation.
1/13/2023 6:49:10 AM • Electrical... • Answered on Jan 13, 2023

8700 predator no electric start just makes a sound starter won't engauge

harbor FRIGHT(pun) gen. asking the blind this.? and deaf i can not see it fail or hear it fail so any savvy answer is just generic. well did you pin the engine by hand first. flywheel exposed if engine is dry of oil and seized no engine cranks, like that. my gen, has rip cord start and electric start both, so if battery does the generator is not useless, amazing no? useful at all times. answer 2, starter spins (it) and starter spins flywheel and crank fast but will not start. 1: oil level low and spark is cut by it on purpose 2: spark good tested, good. runs on test fuel now but for 3 seconds 3: gas is bad. 4:making filter clogged too. 5:making carb clogged too 6 or bugs built nest in air cleaner and no air for engine to run. now. i think I got them all if switches not set wrong.
1/11/2023 5:18:39 PM • Electrical... • Answered on Jan 11, 2023

My ryobi rg-2600i does not have a reset button. How do i reset the overload

  • Unplug any appliances or devices that are connected to the generator.
  • Turn off the fuel valve, and let the generator cool down for at least 10 minutes.
  • Check the oil level in the generator, and add more oil if necessary.
  • Check the air filter and clean or replace it if it is dirty.
  • Turn the fuel valve back on and start the generator.
  • Check the spark plug to make sure it is in good condition and properly seated. If it is dirty or damaged, clean or replace it.
  • Check the fuel line to make sure it is not clogged or damaged. If it is, replace it.
  • Check the fuel filter to make sure it is not clogged. If it is, clean or replace it.
  • Check the carburetor to make sure it is clean and functioning properly. If it is dirty or damaged, clean or rebuild it.
  • Check the voltage regulator to make sure it is functioning properly. If it is damaged, replace it.
  • Check all of the connections on the generator to make sure they are secure and not damaged.
  • Check the generator's fuel tank to make sure it is full and that the fuel is fresh. If the fuel is old, it may have gone bad and will not burn properly.
  • Check the generator's battery to make sure it is charged and functioning properly. If the battery is dead or damaged, the generator may not start.
  • Check the engine for any visible signs of damage or wear. If you see any cracks, leaks, or other issues, the engine may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • I know it is a basic checklist... I just hope that I might have thought of something that you did not? two minds are better than one... sometimes.
1/8/2023 2:08:52 PM • Electrical... • Answered on Jan 08, 2023

Yardworks 950 watt inverter generator. Where can I find parts for this unit?

Question edited for clarity. You need the model number, '950 watt' is just an output and the parts suppliers go by model number. The manual for this much larger generator has the contact details for spares. Your 'regulator looking' part is probably the carburetor and just needs cleaning. People leave them a couple of years with fuel in and they gum up. First job is always dump all the fuel and clean the carb, then check the spark plug. The add fresh fuel, because fuel goes bad unless you use a stabilizer. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1172193/Yardworks-055-0361-0.html ..
1/8/2023 2:37:07 AM • Electrical... • Answered on Jan 08, 2023

I have a kubota av6500 generator runs great but the output voltage at the 120volt receptacle is 163 volts and at the 120 voltage 20amp plug is 38volts what could be the problem thanks

There could be several reasons why the output voltage of your generator is not within the normal range. Here are a few things you can check:
  1. Make sure the generator is properly grounded.
  2. Check the voltage regulator. It could be malfunctioning and causing the high voltage output.
  3. Check for loose or damaged wiring. Any issues with the wiring could cause the voltage to be incorrect.
  4. Check the engine speed. If the engine speed is too high, it could cause the voltage to be higher than normal.
  5. Check the load on the generator. If the load is too low, it could cause the voltage to be higher than normal.
If you are unable to identify and fix the problem, it is recommended to have a professional technician diagnose and repair the generator.
1/5/2023 1:27:26 PM • Electrical... • Answered on Jan 05, 2023

Predator 3500 AC Generator. Error 5 code. What does it mean?

Error code 5 on a Predator 3500 AC generator typically indicates an issue with the generator's fuel system. The error code may be caused by a problem with the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel hose, or fuel tank. It could also be caused by a problem with the generator's carburetor or fuel injection system. To troubleshoot the error code 5 on your Predator 3500 generator, you can try the following steps:
  1. Check the fuel level in the tank. If the tank is empty or low on fuel, fill it up and see if the error code goes away.
  2. Inspect the fuel hose for any cracks, kinks, or leaks. Make sure the hose is properly connected to the fuel tank and fuel pump.
  3. Replace the fuel filter if it is clogged or damaged.
  4. Check the fuel pump for any issues. The fuel pump may be malfunctioning or damaged, or it may not be getting enough power.
  5. Check the carburetor or fuel injection system for any issues. The carburetor or fuel injectors may be clogged or malfunctioning, or there may be a problem with the fuel pressure.
If these steps do not fix the error code 5 on your Predator 3500 generator, it may be necessary to consult a mechanic or the manufacturer for further assistance.
1/3/2023 6:44:40 AM • Electrical... • Answered on Jan 03, 2023

Power switch discontinued

If you received the single pole switch as an alternative from a Miller dealer/service then it should have came with instructions.

Likely it can be done but the unit will no longer have a complete de-energized state, just merely open circuit which means it will function electrically but not necessarily meet safety standards which may or may not be a problem in your service environment.

I'd suggest a DPST such as;


However, it may or may not be the same physical dimensions. Contact seller.
12/31/2022 10:49:00 AM • Electrical... • Answered on Dec 31, 2022

Garage Door Help

Look in sunday paper insert where folks advertise garage door replacement: These people offer door openers. Probably local home center offers same.http://waterheatertimer.org/pdf/Liftmaster-garage-door-manual.pdfOtherwise I cannot identify brand specific sellers in individual towns If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/gene_9f0ef4df2f9897e7
12/29/2022 5:11:24 AM • Electrical... • Answered on Dec 29, 2022

2004 model Ingersoll Rand G5H generator Idle control not working, generator runs fine, but at full throttle all the time

https://doc.pegamo.es/www/componente/doc/1D04724D51D748EC93112C58CEA2C441.pdf -----------------------http://chibupamaquinaria.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Doosan-Portable-Power-Aftermarket-and-Technical-Manual-2018.pdf
12/28/2022 12:50:40 PM • Electrical... • Answered on Dec 28, 2022

Fuse size for air handler (Carrier 40AQ024300BU)

You should always replace with what was originally installed. The 45 amp fuse protects the unit, the 60 amp breaker protects the wiring by its gauge (thickness) and the unit itself. https://www.google.com/search?q=Fuse+size+for+Carrier+air+handler+40AQ024300BU ..
12/25/2022 10:11:11 PM • Electrical... • Answered on Dec 25, 2022

Honda gx240 no spark

12/21/2022 5:47:20 PM • Electrical... • Answered on Dec 21, 2022
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