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Bushnell fx 5 day forecaster will not reset or display

Great news! The Bushnell Weather FX5 is back in service, starting today - September 07. 2022...
9/7/2022 9:12:17 PM • Bushnell 5 Day... • Answered on Sep 07, 2022

I received a Bushnell 5-day

I have very briefly researched the device and find it isn't really a forecaster but a device that receives weather reports and sorts them but it isn't made clear how it accesses those Accuweather reports that are available by smartphone app or internet. I speculate the device must either use any wireless local area network or it must access the mobile telephone network, which makes little sense as it is supposed to be a free service and mobile internet service providers usually wouldn't give anyone free access. Perhaps the answer will be found in the device instruction manual. If it is supposed to work through free access to the mobile telephone network, perhaps the cause is the service providers are flexing their muscles. There was some feeling a few years ago the Accuweather reports should be removed from the public domain and perhaps this is the beginning of a resurgence of that feeling.
10/23/2017 3:54:48 PM • Bushnell... • Answered on Oct 23, 2017

Bushnell 7 day forecaster. My screen does not

I have a Bushnell 7 day forecaster for about 10 years I love it . Suddenly one morning it lost its signal and no matter where I placed it I would receive a message from the unit no signal found try another location . Loosing my owners manual IN THE BACK OF THE FORECASTER AND THERE IS A SMALL RESET BUTTON ON THE BOTTOM I TOOK A SMALL PIN AND PRESSED THE RESET BUTTON AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY now Hope this can help who ever has this issue , note the smaller five day forecasters do not come with a reset button in the back.
1/16/2017 1:12:17 PM • Bushnell... • Answered on Jan 16, 2017

We have bushnell model 960900C it doesn't work now

Toward the middle or end of March 2014, Bushnell and Accuweather terminated their data sharing contract for the Weather FXi, Hunt FXi and Golf FXi internet-based weather stations. Since the forecast information is freely available on Accuweather's website, all Bushnell would have to do is fix/update the software to grab the data a different way. These were awesome weather stations when they worked and now Bushnell has decided to brick them by refusing to update the software. They have our money and now we have electronic waste paperweights to pollute the landfills. What a great business decision for them! I for one have decided to never buy any Bushnell products again and I hope everyone else who Bushnell screwed over by this decision to brick perfectly good weather stations also decides to boycott Bushnell products.
4/25/2014 10:30:50 PM • Bushnell... • Answered on Apr 25, 2014

The sensor from my weather station is not registering outside temperature

I've had the same problem since I bought this unit 2+ years ago; when the outside temperature moves into the freezing zone, the sensor stops transmitting. I contacted Lacrosse-- all they could suggest was change the batteries. My solution: throw it in the trash!
12/8/2012 7:25:18 PM • Bushnell... • Answered on Dec 08, 2012


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Is it possible to recommend me a on a weather

I can recommend you on Weatherlink Software but the market offers another good programs.'Weatherlink Software for Weather Stations' -Is a good weather monitoring, connect the Perception II, Weather Wizard III or Weather Monitor II to your personal computer. WeatherLink data logger stores data-even when your computer is not running-until it is transferred to your computer. You can use WeatherLink software to create graphs, calculate totals and averages, generate summaries, analyze trends, and more- all with your own weather database. Data may be exported to most popular databases.
8/12/2010 11:41:35 AM • Bushnell... • Answered on Aug 12, 2010

Taylor 1574-21 thermometer instructions please?

Not much online. Contact the maker direct. https://www.google.com/search?q=taylor+1574-21+thermometer ..
3/14/2023 3:15:36 AM • Measuring Tools... • Answered on Mar 14, 2023

Please can I have assistance on the recalibration of my super pro miosture meter. The machine is measuring 2 % higher then it should on maize

Sure, I'd be happy to help you recalibrate your Super Pro moisture meter. Here are the steps you can follow:
  1. Find a reference sample: You will need a sample of maize that has a known moisture content that is different from the current reading on your moisture meter. You can either purchase a certified reference sample or make your own by drying a sample of maize in an oven or using a moisture analyzer.
  2. Adjust the calibration: Turn on your Super Pro moisture meter and press the "calibrate" button. Using the reference sample, adjust the calibration of the moisture meter by adding or subtracting the required percentage points to match the known moisture content of the reference sample. For example, if the reference sample has a moisture content of 14% and your moisture meter is reading 16%, you will need to subtract 2% from the calibration.
  3. Verify the calibration: After adjusting the calibration, test the moisture meter again using the reference sample to verify that the readings match the known moisture content. If the readings do not match, adjust the calibration again until you get an accurate reading.
  4. Document the calibration: Once you have verified the calibration, document the adjustments you made and the reference sample used for future reference.
It's important to note that different types of maize can have different calibration requirements, so it's a good idea to recalibrate your moisture meter regularly and for different types of maize samples. You can also refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific calibration procedures for your Super Pro moisture meter.
3/9/2023 4:06:26 PM • Measuring Tools... • Answered on Mar 09, 2023

My fluke 21 III doesn't read a/c or d/c voltage properly

If your Fluke 21 III multimeter is not reading AC or DC voltage properly and the ohms sign comes on in voltage mode, it may indicate a problem with the internal circuits of the multimeter or the leads. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:
  1. Check the leads: Ensure that the leads are properly connected to the multimeter and the test points. Make sure there are no breaks or cuts in the leads. Try using a different set of leads to see if the issue persists.
  2. Check the batteries: A weak or dead battery can affect the accuracy of your multimeter readings. Check the batteries to ensure they are properly installed and have sufficient charge.
  3. Check the settings: Make sure that you have selected the appropriate range and function on the multimeter for the measurement you are trying to take.
  4. Reset the multimeter: Reset the multimeter to its default settings to see if this resolves the issue.
If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it may indicate a problem with the internal circuits of the multimeter, and it may need to be repaired or replaced.
2/26/2023 5:21:57 AM • Measuring Tools... • Answered on Feb 26, 2023

Wiring diagram for 96 peterbilt 379 volt meter

Here is a possible wiring diagram for the voltmeter on a 1996 Peterbilt 379 with a C15 engine:
  1. The voltmeter gets power from the battery through a 5A fuse (F2) and a 10A circuit breaker (CB7).
  2. The voltmeter is grounded through a ground wire (GND) connected to the chassis.
  3. The voltmeter receives the signal from the alternator through a wire (ALT) connected to the alternator "sense" terminal.
  4. The voltmeter also receives a signal from the ignition switch through a wire (IGN) connected to the ignition switch "ACC" terminal.
Here is a possible wiring diagram based on this description: Battery positive (+) ---[F2]---[CB7]--- Voltmeter (+) ' ' Battery ground (-) -------------[GND]--- Voltmeter (-) ' ' Alternator "sense" terminal ---[ALT]--- Voltmeter signal input ' ' Ignition switch "ACC" terminal ---[IGN]--- Voltmeter signal input Note: This is just a possible wiring diagram and may not reflect the exact wiring configuration in your specific vehicle. It is always recommended to consult the wiring diagram provided in the vehicle's service manual or consult a qualified mechanic or electrician for assistance.
2/26/2023 4:28:58 AM • Measuring Tools... • Answered on Feb 26, 2023

Snap-on Eco plus shows for example that 3.0 lbs transferred during ISV tank fill then immediately shows the tank having 1 lb 9oz what is wrong?

Based on the information provided, it's difficult to determine exactly what is causing the discrepancy between the amount of refrigerant transferred and the amount of refrigerant shown in the tank. However, here are a few potential explanations:
  1. Measurement error: It's possible that there was an error in measuring the amount of refrigerant transferred or the amount of refrigerant in the tank. For example, if the scale used to measure the refrigerant is not calibrated correctly, it could be providing inaccurate readings.
  2. Leaks: If there is a leak in the system, refrigerant could be escaping and not making it into the tank. This could result in a lower amount of refrigerant in the tank than expected.
  3. Temperature changes: The amount of refrigerant in a tank can be affected by temperature changes. If the refrigerant was transferred at a different temperature than the tank, it could result in a discrepancy in the amount of refrigerant shown in the tank.
  4. Software error: It's possible that there is an error in the software used to display the amount of refrigerant in the tank. This could be causing the incorrect reading.
It's important to troubleshoot the system to determine the root cause of the discrepancy and take appropriate action to address the issue.
2/15/2023 6:39:53 AM • Measuring Tools... • Answered on Feb 15, 2023
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