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whoo hoo.. got to the end of COMPAQ. 2012.

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Jun 27, 2017

Responsibly recycle that "dead" computer, and buy a new computer with Windows 8.

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Dec 28, 2014

Either the motherboard is "dead" or the power-supply is "dead". It's easiest to FIRST try a different power-supply.

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Dec 28, 2014

From another computer, Google-search for "Nordahl password". There is a CD-ROM that lets you boot from that disk, and then "blank-out" the password for the account. Then, restart Windows, and leave the password field "blank". Then, when Windows is running, set a new password, and create a new password-disk.

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Dec 28, 2014

When you boot up to the log in screen type in administrator as user to log in if you cant log in

Restart your computer during the boot up process you will see on the screen for a short amount of time press a certain key to enter set up press and hold that key during the boot up process to enter BIOS scroll down to set user password or supervisor password you can change or remove your password from there

if this fails to remove your password

The most common way that we know on how to reset or clear the BIOS password is to physically remove the power from the computer by disconnecting the power plug and then removing the Cmos battery for 30 minutes from the motherboard.

Another way is to reset the clear CMOS jumper on the motherboard itself.

Both of the 2 methods mentioned works because most motherboards use a battery to sustain the BIOS/CMOS settings for the motherboards PROM chip. So by cutting off cmos the battery power, the BIOS/CMOS settings will be erased.

click start control panel Open User Accounts in Control Panel. On the Users tab, click the name of the user whose password you want to change, and then click Reset Password. In New password and Confirm new password, type the new password, and then click OK. Notes You can change passwords only for local computer accounts, such as guest, administrator, or accounts you create for your computer. You cannot change your network logon password in User Accounts. To change your own password, press CTRL ALT DELETE and then click Change Password also if you are not the computer administrator and have not assigned a bios password during the boot up process you will see on the screen for a short amount of time press a certain key to enter set up Press and hold that key during the boot up process to enter BIOS scroll down to set user password or supervisor password you can change or remove your password from there also click start control panel user accounts on the users tab,click the name of the computer administrator you must have full control can change the password there

hope this helps

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Jun 21, 2012

You reset the password to laptop with Smartkey Windows Password Recovery, and you can see it detail direction from http://www.recoverlostpassword.com/products/windowspasswordrecovery.html

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Jun 12, 2012

Try turning it on without the battery, the fault is the same as what happens when the battery has an internal short or a failure in the charging circuit.

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Mar 11, 2012

you want to say with battery you can use your laptop not more then 5 min. that means you battery is now weak, replace with new battery & charge it for recommended time & then use your laptop. i think you problem will be solved.

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Oct 13, 2011

go into control panel administrive tools computer management then select event viewer depending on what operating sytem you have this may vary extend the events there you will see errors in red you will no what exactly what the error was and at what time it occured you might be able to uninstall then reinstall some of these files/software hope this helps

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Jan 16, 2011

Restart and keep pressing f8. Select safe mode and see if you can login to safe mode. If that is not possible then keep pressing F10 key to start recovery tools. Just follow instructions on the screen in recovery tool to recover your Notebook back to factory settings.
If there is any important data on the notebook, then use data backup tool in REcovery utility.

Please leave your feedback if issue was recolved

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Jan 04, 2011

remove battery ,remove power,plug hold power button for about ten seconds , plug power in press start seeif tht fixxes it

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Dec 14, 2010

Under the right hand hinge, the plastic hinge cover has cut into one or more wires

Unplug the battery, unplug the mains, carefully undo the 2 screws immediately under the laptop AT THE TOP in the middle undet usb / VGA socket roughly (on the base)

the plastic panel around the power on button (and volume buttons) will pop out carefully

take off the hinge covers carefully

examine the wires... solder them, insulate ... you will see the problem

the laptop "strecthed" out with the screen open strecthes the nicked wire and it disconnects... when you shut it, it reconnects

that ok mate?

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Dec 07, 2010

Base from the description of your problem this really needs a clean installation of XP.
In order for us to do that we need a XP installation not your recovery disc, If you have a XP installation disc , just put it to your CD ROM drive and then restart the computer and check if that will load the XP installation wizard and if it did you can now format the hard drive and install XP fresh to it.

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Sep 27, 2010


There are quite a few reasons the DVD tray in your laptop might fail to open when you hit the eject button. About the worst thing it can be is if the motor or gear train failed, which would mean replacing the drive. If the disc in the drive plays OK, you know that the power and the connector are fine.

To open your DVD drive, there is a tiny hole on the draw in which to insert a paperclip to manually eject the draw, you will see a small hole by the side of your dvd drive, insert a tiny paper clip or pin inside the hole to manually eject your DVD. Once the This is done, the dvd drive will be open and you can remove your dvd.

Take care.

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Aug 09, 2010

1) is the fan still working?
2) Turn the computer off, remove the bottom cover and clean up the inside by blowing compressed air into it. Be sure to remove all the dust and lint you see. Check the fan moves easily.
3) replace the bootom cover and try again
4) DO NOT use your laptop on top of a soft surface. That means no pillows and no blankets or any other type of fabric under your laptop. Do not use it on top of your bed either. Only on top of HARD surfaces.
5) Avoid playing any intense 3D GAMES. Most laptops are NOT designed for game playing

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Mar 26, 2010

probably itz either minor case of software corruption/improper ground/cpu fan..
or major case of faulty or defective main board/ram/daughter or addon card(s)..

..plz do check the following as in order:..
the Hardware part:..
1)a) in power-on mode, open/unplug the data/vga cable of the monitor from cabinet..see if raster or 'osd' is appearing on the monitor screen..if so monitor is ok..else replace the monitor and see..[not applicable in case of laptop]..
b) in case of laptop try to get output from external display unit/monitor using vga port..if there's proper display in there..the problem is probably with either the 'lcd' or 'ccfl' or 'inverter circuit'..

2) if u hv a graphics card, replace with a standby or onboard and see..[not applicable in case of laptop]..

3) unplug mains supply..pick open/remove the cmos battery..check (above +3v)..resit..

4) see if the ram(s) is loose/faulty..open clean/remove carbon & or oxide formed on the teeth with an eraser n resit it..or replace with a standby n see..

5) a) see if ur hdd is noisy or emitting any 'ticking' noise (like 'tuk tuk' or 'kirr kirr')..
b) or if the system is not supporting either the newly installed device or itz software/driver /firmware
if so, u need either a fresh os installation or ur hdd is likely to b replaced..

6)remove/clean dust neatly..dust is non-uniform in nature n may cause jam/short circuitry/excess resistance n many more..resulting an increase in heat..

7)open the CPU Heat-Sink with fan out of the socket..put some "Heat Sink Compound" (available in local electronics chip level spare market)between the cpu/processor and the CPU Heat Sink *** fan..resit/fit it tightly in position..

8) on main/mother board..see with a debug card for mb error..may b short..look for defective capacitors(espabove1000mfd)/mosfets..go through the mb's south bridge n the circuit lie around atx connector..the crystal clock generator (if cpu isn't heating up)..

9) [in case of desktop] the smps itself may b defective/faulty..check the outputs of smps viz. 0v (black~ground); +12v(yellow); +5v (red, green~ps-on, violet~pg& grey~sb); -12v (blue);-5v(white); +3.3v(orange)..the 'oscillator and error amplifier ic',or pwm switching regulator circuit..look for defective protector-transformer/resistance (esp 4.7k)/mosfet..
check the battery n adapter [main power], in case of laptops..

if u r not a professional, always better to seek advise from ur system admin/vendor....

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Nov 23, 2009

Do you do your own dentistry, and do your own exploratory surgery?
Probably not, because you would need to ask "how" to do it. :-)

If you need to ask "how" to fix your laptop, you should STOP, because the risk of damaging your laptop while disassembling it, is too great.

Pay a qualified technician for less than one hour of their labour, and get it done correctly.

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Nov 19, 2009

where can i find the CD to format my compaq computer?

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Oct 11, 2009

just uninstall your display driver..

please vote for me...im sure this will solve your problem...

Compaq Presario... • Answered on Sep 29, 2009

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